Friday, July 4, 2008

Whoo-Hoo At The Liberry!

Hi all! I am at the library here in the thriving metropolis of Wauchula. Bowling Green doesn't have a library, so I gotta run up here every once in a while.
The birthday sucked. No ones fault on that one. Thank you to all who wished me a happy happy. I appreciate it. No cake no gifts, but I had my family with me and that is all I really need. That's why it didn't bother me too much. HHH is still hell bent on getting me to Universal next weekend, so I guess that is still on. He's even working today, The 4th of July, to make up for us being behind in bills..... so we'll see.

As for you all........


I'll be on here occasionally. When ever I get up to the library. HHH is going to get some money on Tuesday or Wednesday, (someone paying back a loan.), and we'll have the Internet turned back on. Till then, I leave you all having a cold one on me.....Hell, it is a holiday after all!


Putz said...

we must read each other minds, sympatico, read my blog , very first one, i had to go to the library, cause my boy wouldn't let me on the computer...he says i wear it out, so i might be at the end of my blogging days just like thisismylife

Putz said...

now it is number 2 blog, you are so slow, that i had to v isit and say you ar4 slow