Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When Will I Learn???

OK, so the kids and I headed back to Universal today, sans HHH. Some may say that that would be the formula for disaster, but in fact, the day went rather well.
I got everyone up at 6:30am, mostly because I had topped out on my sleeping allowance. (I had been asleep since 6:30 pm the day before.) I told the kids that they needed to get up early because Mommy had checked the weather online and that it had said there would be late afternoon thunderstorms.(Not really a lie. I did check the weather online.) After gathering up everything we needed, (more on what all that was later...), we headed out the door and on to the road. It takes us about an hour, maybe an hour and a half to get to Universal and the traffic gods were with us again this morning. Only bump in the road was a recycling truck whose bales of flat cans had broken open and was scattering cans all over the road. Made for an interesting ride on I-4. We arrived at 8:45am and got decent parking this time. We get everything together, lock up, and go to enjoy the parks.
We started out at IOA. Of course we hit up Seuss Landing first, and that early in the day meant the place was deserted. We were bebopping through there and went on to the Trolley, then we ditched the rhyming town for Marvel Island and SPIDERMAN! W00t! I love the Spiderman ride. I can't wear the 3-d glasses that they give you for the ride without feeling like tossing my cookies, so I end up watching the other riders in my car. Some of the reactions are comical at least, hilarious as hell at best! This one lady almost peed her pants! My kids can't get enough of it! That was another ride that was almost deserted....well, deserted for those of us with Express Passes. OMG I love those little things! So we do the Marvel thing and then back track back to Jurassic Park. On Sunday, I promised all of my kids we would go back to the rock wall climb and they could all take a turn. It's just $5 each, right? No big whoop. Well, my little monkey man gets up there and goes to town. He waited and took on the Difficult path for the climb and after a few sputtering attempts, goes right up there and rings the bell. Morgan does well too. Rebecca....well, she had a bit of trouble. She kept going sideways and not staying on her path. After multiple tries, she finally gets up to the top and rings the bell........and then she looks down! She almost freaked out! The guy was telling her to let go, but she was trying to climb down. It was funny, but does that make me a craptastical mom for laughing at my child? If it does.....I'm in some real trouble!
So then we moved on from Jurassic Park to Toon Lagoon. It was getting hot and we figured it was time to cool off. We got a locker and put away all our valuables and then hit Express line. It was hard to get to, what with all the tourists and tour groups trying to squeeze in, but we got in. And here is where I have to talk about something I hold near and dear to me. My PERSONAL SPACE! It seemed like none of the foreigners that were at the park had any concept of it! Whereas Sunday was Latin American Tour Group Day........Tuesday was European Day. While we were in line for the Bilge Rat Barges there were these Swedish guys behind us. Ugly Swedish guys. CLOSE, ugly, Swedish guys! Eeeeek! They were all up on me like white on rice, and not to cop a feel, or be gross, or whatever...... but they just didn't have any concept of what was MY personal space and what was THEIR personal space. And to top all this off, they were enchanted with the wet women getting off the ride. (The water was VERY cold!) How do you not bust out laughing when you hear 5 guys who sound like the Swedish Chef saying " Boornde, schwornde, schwedesh yurnden... TITS!!!!" Yep. Seems like the only word in English they knew was tits. Glad they got put on a different boat than us, cause I wouldn't want them to have a complete infarction when my rack got wet!! Ha ha ha ha!
We rode the the barges 4 times. We got completely soaked. It was fun! Now what do you do with a dripping wet family of four? Why, you go and change into the dry clothes that SUPER MOMMY packed into the bag!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am the bomb diggity! This morning I had packed dry goods for everyone, right down to the undies! We trotted off to the Comic Book Cafe and changed in the bathroom there. Now that we were dry, we had some lunch and decided to head over to Universal Studios and hit a few of the rides there. Man, that might have been a mistake. Universal was twice as crowded as IOA. We hit Jimmy Neutron, then caught a Beetlejuice show. While we were in there, it started to cloud up. It was then decided that we were going to hit MIB, Simpsons, and ET and call it a day. MIB was another experience in personal space issues. This time it was German Teens. I was waiting at the free lockers to rent one out, and the girls in front of me started having trouble. The touch screen stopped responding. This was apparently the German teens signal to start pushing forward and smacking their gum in my ear! R-U-D-E! I waited through them rubbing all up on me and chewing gum like a damn cow for about 10 minutes, then I gave up! I wrapped our bag up and put in in the stroller we had rented at the beginning of the day, and in we went. Cut to more German teens behaving badly,(Line cutting, screaming at each other, more gum smacking....), and we get on the ride. Cut to end of the ride and OMG the sky looked like shit. It was black and there was lightning, so we called it a day. We made our way to the exit, confident that we had spent the day immersed in family love, fun, and more love.
Of course the drive home was annoying because I-4 is always clogs up at the least sign of rain! I ended up following a flat bed semi loaded with Bees. Yes, Bees. Hives upon hives of Bees! Don't know where they were going, but the truck made a great blocker for me to follow through the traffic. Eventually we arrived home safe and sound and our day of family fun was ended. It was good to get out with the kids. We hit a lot of the playgrounds in the parks that we usually skip since they are always too crowded on the weekends. Everyone had a great time. I am finally posting at 11:30 at night!
I am having images of the "Close Talker" Sienfeld episode running through my head. Can't figure out why.......


Christina LMT said...

You are awesome! Dry clothes for the win!
Nothing worse than soaked undies...wait, that came out wrong...;)

Anyway, glad to hear you all had fun, despite the pervy Swedes and the rude German kids (boy, have things changed since I was a German kid!)

Lady Jaye said...

Packing dry clothes. Holy crap. If I ever become a mother I'm going to be calling you for help! I would never think of that.

Anonymous said...

Swedish.... BORK! BORK! BORK!

Finn said...

I'm a total bitch about personal space. Stay out of mine or I will cut you!

Putz said...


Blondefabulous said...

CHRISTINA LMT: I imagine they are no worse than our typical American Bratz, but when you are representing your countrymen while traveling, it just seems like a good idea to not be a nasty jerk!

LADY JAYE: Yes I was very proud of that little tidbit! Only took us going to the parks since March for that idea to gel in my noggin.

ANON: I LOVED the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show! he was one of my favorites.... not so with those guys in line.

FINN: My first instinct was to scream bloody murder and slap the shit outta them, but I was with my children and didn't want to send the message that violence is good.(I still thought about it though...)

PUTZ: So sorry about you Dad again. It sucks when family act like total crapheads! Just remember, everyone gets theirs in the end.... heh heh heh,.....