Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, we got to see Brendan Fraser .......Finally! Whew! The traffic Gods were with me as we zoomed down the interstate towards Universal! And after killing time becoming Galaxy Defenders twice in a row, we went over to watch the Beetlejuice show and then it was time for the show to start. First, they did a little preview of how the movie was made on a big jumbotron screen and then a guy came out and started throwing t-shirts to the crowd. He also was doing a trivia quiz and when people answered correctly, they got a prize pack!
Then........BRENDAN CAME OUT!!! Whoo hoo! He looked soooo fine!! he was all joking and funny. He really seemed to be excited about plugging the movie! He even slipped in a plug for the "Journey To The Center Of The Earth", although I don't think he was supposed to!
This was the guy who won the trip for two to the movie premier in Hollywood! HHH and I entered for it, but didn't win.
Isn't he such the hottie. He even had a Q & A with the audience. So nice!
And here we have the chair. The chair that became a BIG problem for me after Brendan left the stage. See, after he left, there was that guy again who was throwing t-shirts. The t-shirt guy got on stage and threw out more shirts. Then he left the stage and everyone started to leave. No big. I wanted to go up to the front before we left and take a picture of this chair for my blog, right. Well, Rebecca and I got up there and I took the picture...... and then the t-shirt guy's minions came back with a whole case of t-shirts!! Everyone who had turned to leave now turned BACK around and trampled/crushed us! I was blocking for my daughter and ended up losing my breath and couldn't breathe!

I went down on one knee, and tried to take some deep breaths, but I was getting woozy and Rebecca was trying to fan me.... Finally, the people started to back off, but I still couldn't breathe and still felt dizzy, so a REALLY nice guy from the promotions department came over and helped me to my unsteady feet and over to where they were staging a med station, and got me a bottle of water and somewhere to sit that was air conditioned. And the best part of it was.........BRENDAN WAS BACK THERE!!!! Yeah...he was back there but I didn't get to see/talk to him. He had "people" surrounding him. I wonder if he got to go have fun in the park? Probably not. He'd get mobbed.
This is me driving to the park!
This is the Mummy Car they had out by the stage area.Here is some of the pre-show clips they were showing.
That's Brendan and t-shirt guy on the jumbotron. Brendan was just yummy!!!

Once again,.......yummy! It was a good time. Eventually, I started feeling better and I met up with HHH in the gift shop(he had taken the two little ones to the arcade while Rebecca and I were out in the crowd.), and we went about our merry way and went to ride the Simpsons(which totally was banging into the wall of the ride.) Then there was a HUGE lightning storm and we decided to leave. Unfortunately..... so did everyone else, and seeing as how it was 5pm in Orlando, I-4 was a complete parking the rain....... and the lightning. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Still, I had a great time, and we have two more days to enjoy! More later!


Bec said...

Ooo, the yumminess is leaking through my screen and all over the keyboard. Nom nom nom nom...

Glad someone noticed you and looked after you. General mob people - boo! Promotions guy - Yay!

Lady Jaye said...

Great pictures and he really is a hottie!! I'm glad you had such a good time!

Karl said...

Very cool. Glad you had a great time. Can't wait for the new Mummy movie to come out. I heard mixed reviews about "Journey to the Center of the Earth," though.

metalmom said...

It sounds like a great time was had by all.

BTW...Did you see Brendan???


Putz said...

your hubby is writhing in pain andd all you can say is i saw brendo

Ali said...

Hoorah for Brendan Fraser!

And at least the hubby survived his brush with death.

Though, worst case scenario, Brendan would make a good back up :)