Friday, July 18, 2008

Sometimes The World Can Just Freakin' SUCK!

Yeah, it can really be a bitch sometimes. A freakin' PMS bitch on 'roids! If you have kept up with my blog, you know that I and my family am no strangers to life having the option to put teethmarks in your ass. We have had devastating job loss, homelessness, shut offs, you name it. Hell, even family has been a bitch to us even when we needed help the most! Here are a few examples I have found from yesterday..... There was a single engine airplane crash at the airport yesterday. 6 Minutes after requesting clearance to take off, the plane clipped a tower and crashed into a fiery ball on the grass. No one survived. What really gets me is that this was an Angel Flight. The pilot was an 81 year old man who donated his time, plane, and the gas(that must cost alot!) to fly sick people to the doctors they so desperately need! The passengers were a woman in her 40's and a 15 year old boy. The woman had just endured a gruelling round of chemotherapy at a local hospital and she and the teen were on their way back home to their family.
Or how about this? Abby Wambach, soccer star and Olympic athlete, had her dreams of a gold medal in China completely dashed yesterday when, during a game with Brazil, she violently collided with another player and totally broke her leg! She broke both the tibia and fibula. Snapped. Clean through. The medical staff for Team USA are saying it will take 12 weeks to heal, and the Olympics are in 3 weeks. How much of a bitch is it to break your leg during the final tune up game before you go to represent your nation? Apparently a huge one. Abby was the leading scorer for Team USA too. The other players will have to step it up to make up for the loss to the team, but no one can make up for the loss of the chance to compete for Abby.
Or how about this..... One of the bloggers I very much admire has a crushing blow dealt to her yesterday. Lisa from Clusterfook has cancer. And not just your run of the mill cancer....noooooooooo she has fuck you, it has come back 3 times, nobody knows what the hell this shit is cancer. At the beginning of this week, we from the blogosphere were sending all our good thoughts and Karma her way because she was having a CT scan done and going in for a 3rd round of chemo. It didn't work. The cancer has gotten worse. The doctor stopped treatment. Fuckity fuck! This is a woman who has already been through the wringer twice before, and now this shit? Like I said, it sucks. She has 2 beautiful children who are in danger of losing their mother, a husband who is in danger of losing his wife, family who is in danger of losing someone special. I want to do something, to be able to say something besides,"I'm sorry.", but I don't have any words that can make it better, no magic pill that will cure everything. I just have hopes and wishes and my Karma that I am currently trying to send her way along with the rest of the bloggers who know her. I just discovered this wonderful person, and it isn't fair that she is having this happen to her. Ahhhhh, but there in lies the rub. The world is not fair. The world is one big bitch that will get you if you aren't looking. so make sure you keep an eye out for her.

If you have a few minutes, check out Clusterfook. Read back a little like I did. You'll see a wonderful person, a great mom,.... a human being. Then, if you can, there is a link on the left for donations. Let's help out someone who needs it. Lets show the world that we can be there for each other, no matter how much of a bitch she can be!


Finn said...

I'm praying hard for Lisa and her family. What is happening to her is unimaginable to me.

Oh, and I saw your "Hi," but couldn't a window to open to reply!

Putz said...

i don't know how to twitter, or my space or fluster buk, or dododle, or twit, or crash, or any of those fancy blogs, i get on them and the computer says, no no dave bowman... i don't think so...i still don't know how to put a picture of my self on, but on my side bar my three sons, biker, buzz, and blaze of glory all have MW highlighted in a pictre with a dingo ate my baby on my face