Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prepare For Lift Off!

I am going through all our crap and singling out what I want to bring with us on our trip. This is always a week long process for me, not just because I am going to go through all my clothes and try to find the perfect outfit to meet Brendan in, but because I travel with two medically needy children.

The medically needy part takes up a whole lot of time and effort to ensure that my kids have fun. We have the insulin bottles, the back up bottles, the needles, the back up needles, the emergency glucagon kits, (one for each child), snacks like fruit gummies for quick boosts, the blood sugar test kits,(one for each child), extra test strips, (two bottles for each child), and water bottles for thirsty kids. And not only do we lug this to the hotel, but we pack up a small, insulated lunch bag and tote it around the park as well. One of the bonuses of having medically needy children is we get free Express Passes from customer service. We discovered this during our first visit to Universal with the munchkins. It was hot, the lines were looooooooong, and we waited for an hour for the Jimmy Neutron ride. After getting out of there, HHH went to customer service and this wonderful, beautiful woman said, "Oh! You can get special needs passes for the Express Pass line. Your children shouldn't have to wait and possibly pass out in line!" SCORE!!! I was OK with it! Now we are in the Universal system and as soon as we enter the park, we head over to the Guest Services and get our Express Passes and start having fun! This will be especially helpful since this is the first time we have hit the parks since the doctor had changed the kids insulin's. I am anticipating a dip in blood sugar around 11am. That seems to be the going thing ever since we have been running the new schedule.

During all this, we are saving the universe on Men In Black, doing the chicken dance on Jimmy Neutron, and battling Sideshow Bob on the Simpson's Ride! They have such fun and get so excited, running around, yelling "Mom, look at this! Dad, look at that!" It makes me feel good about hauling a huge bag of stuff with me to everywhere! I also get great photos! Expect lots of them. LOTS OF THEM!!!

Till then..... I have to separate the colors from the whites and find an outfit that says Kiss me Brenden!


Putz said...

owwwoooowwww, kiss me breden, ooohhhoooeeeeook

Blondefabulous said...

I need to add him to my list of celebs I have met!

Finn said...

W00t! Have a great time; you deserve it!

Tell Brendan I said "Hi" and ask him if he knows Colin Farrell and if so, could he mail him to me? :D

Lady Jaye said...

Where something that shows off the goods!

I hope you and your family has a wonderful time!

And since Finn is taking Colin Farrell I'd like Johnny Depp, please.

Russ said...

How would HHH handle Brendan smooching you? Part of me would give the cold shoulder, the other part it says "I don't care where you get your appetite, so long as you come home for dinner".

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Have a great trip!

My friends always hooks me up with VIP passes at Universal where they take you through secret doors to get to the front of the line. That might be the same thing you get. Those things are the only way to go!

Blondefabulous said...

Ours are just regular express passes, but it sure helps when you have two diabetics who need medicating or constantly have to use the bathroom.

Christina LMT said...


Have lots of fun, and yes, please take plenty of pictures!