Monday, July 21, 2008

My Feet HURT!!!

Oh yeah! I am feelin' the foot pain this morning! We walked from 9:30 am till 10:40pm. We met up with the BIL and his family around 4:30pm. He didn't get his crew there until late,( because he has a small army!). I was very nice and even offered to take care of my baby niece while the SIL went and enjoyed a ride or two with her husband and kids. That's Junior and I on 1 Fish 2 Fish. He delights in getting me wet on that ride! HHH just runs away saying, "I'm going to hold our bag." and leaves me with three kids who are chomping at the bit to ride! Thanks hon.
The kids love Seuss Landing. We always go there first to start out our day.
Now here is my resident little monkey man, Junior, doing the rock climb. He was absolutely awesome! he made it to the top TWICE! There were a few times he lost his footing, but he had mad arm strength and pulled himself up until he found a foot hold again. He did so well the first time, the guy running the rock climb let him go again for free!
I mean, look at this kid! He is ringing the bell! Other kids that got on the wall after him were having problems keeping a hold of it, but not my boy, no sir! he kicked major butt. Hmmmm.... maybe my kid can be Spiderman after all!
So, all in all, it was a great day. The kids had tons of fun, the fireworks were awesome, and traffic wasn't too bad. One thing I was not happy with was the amount of foreign tour groups that were clogging the parks. I mean, it's ok that these people are trying to have a nice vacation, but the people who run these groups pack as many customers in a tour as possible. These groups were averaging 45 to 70 people at a pop and when they all would go on a ride, or go see a show, the thing would be clogged up for almost an hour trying to get them all in and they didn't understand the concept of no bags/backpacks on some of the rides, and they smelled like they NEVER TOOK A BATH IN THE LAST MONTH!!! What the hell is that all about? I can understand if they don't have a good source of running water where they live in their home country, but here even the crappiest of motels have hot and cold H2O for showers! Use it people!

Oh, and deoderant is not optional either!!!!


Putz said...

i noticed you lurking arond my post todeay, and dropped in for a visit, are you going to have hhh celburty blog very often...he is a hoot, so you posh people finaally got to go to the theme park...onece you have seen pareee it is hard to keeep them down on the farm and you definately live on a farm

Finn said...

Glad you had fun! Except for the smelly part...

Lady Jaye said...

Soundsl ike you've been having loads of fun lately! Enjoy it!!