Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Sex..... But Fuzzier This Time.

You have all met my cat, Fluffawuffagus, right? The giant hairball that thinks he's a dog? Yeah, him. Well, last night I was watching TV and keeping up with Twitter and the damn cat just will not leave me alone! I figure he was pissed that I left him with the dog all weekend, but no..... the damn thing is horny! There has been a female cat prancing around the the front yard for about a week now and I think she has caught the attention of good ole Fluffy.

So, last night I am just nonchalantly watching TV, HHH was IM-ing his brother on the computer, and then suddenly Fluffy jumps up on the back of the couch. OK, no biggie. Then he decides he wants to be a lap kitty. Still OK. The he decides to bite me and try to get it on! WTF??? Cat got tossed across the room! I guess he was trying to tell me he wants to go outside and make nookie with his new fan, but man, find a different way to do it! Ewwwwww! Funny thing is, he's fixed. Been fixed since he was less than a year old. He has no ideas what sex is, but he just KNOWS he has to go outside and meet this girl cat! I bet she'll kick his ass if I do let him go out..... hmmmmm...... maybe I will let him out when it stops raining!
As for sex in the human world, I didn't get any last night. HHH and I were just a little off. I wanted a nooner, and he waited till 11:37pm to get in the mood. Didn't make for a night of sweaty passion, but everyone needs a night off once in a while, I guess. He was entertained with what I had written yesterday. After reading it, he said, "But you still didn't talk about our sex life! You just talked about why you don't talk about our sex life!". Ha ha, sorry honey.... like I said, no one needs to know just how much of a freak I am! I'll just leave it at I have a very active love life and that's that!
On the non-sexual front, I have been seriously enjoying the Woopra that I finally got installed on here. I finally can see how many hits/visits I get and can talk to the people who go to Blondefabulocity. Funny thing is, not many people want to chat. They just want to remain shadowy lurkers, reading posts in relative anonymity. C'mon people! Tell me what you like or dislike! I need feed back to make my site better, more enjoyable. You know you want to talk to me! TALK TO ME!!!!!!
OK, desperation over. Man I have got to get out more often. Human interaction is good! I hope to be getting out of the house soon. I applied for a few jobs in Orlando online and maybe I'll hear back soon. If HHH is having no luck, I have to start trying. He can stay home and be Mr. Mom, no matter how much he hates it!
I just hope he can cook like me!


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

That is so cool how the chat box pops up!!! I tried to talk to you on woopra but it said "could not connect." Maybe that's why people aren't talkig back to you?

Blondefabulous said...

Well crap...... it looks like everything is a go on this end. I may have to go to the help box on that one.

Finn said...

Good luck with the jobs! And the horndog cat...

Mary said...

I've only just begun to read you, and I like you a lot!!