Thursday, July 24, 2008

Man What A Day At The Emepgenc y Depa tment >.

I am sitting here, vegging out on the couch, watching Last Comic Standing, and reflecting on the days events. It was a complete pisser today. HHH helped me out with the post, but after he left for work I started having a downhill run. Junior was slowly getting sicker and sicker as the day progressed. First he started off with a slight cough, then he started sniffeling, then he was running a fever! ACK!! Then right as lunch was being served, (PBJ's) He said he wasn't hungry. WTF?? My kid who eats everything that isn't moving isn't hungry? Oh yeah, he is sick! I try to put him in a hot shower to break his fever and then the puking started! Oh yeah, my kid looked like he was in a exorcist movie. I KNOW I didn't feed him anything green. And why does it look like he is barfing up raisins? I don't even have raisins in the house!!!!! So I decide it would be a good time to see where Juniors blood sugar was at. Wouldn't you know it..... he was 86. Under 100 is not good for him, and after the intense puking session, Junior didn't want to eat or drink anything that would help raise his sugar level. Super Mommy decides this would be a good time to call the pediatrician! So, I get Dr. Apu's office on the phone and the nurse that answered said for me to bring him immediately I hang up, call HHH to tell him what's going on and start dressing Junior to head out. The phone rings again, I answer, and it's the doctor's office again. They are saying for me to take Junior directly to the ER. This was in case they had to sink a line and give him fluids intravenously.. I was figuring they would have to do that anyway since he wasn't eating or drinking.
(OK, if this seems a little messed up in the sentance structure or such, like I said before, I'm watching Last Comic Standing....and the Girls Next Door are on it!)
Back to Junior. HHH gets home and we all jump in the car and I speed off to the hospital. We get to the ER and there are no clear signs pointing to where we need to go. There is a sign that says emergency entrance.....but only for ambulances! WTF people!?! I finally Drop HHH and Junior off at the main entrance and go park the car and come in after him with the girls. The lady at the desk says, "Oh we're just doing a little construction. Go through the doors and hang a right. OK. Got it. We were looking for a sign. ANY SIGN, and the above picture was what we got. EMEPGENC Y DEPA TMENT >. That was the ONLY SIGN in the entire frickin' place. What the hell, people? HHH presses a little doorbell looking thingy and a disembodied voice asks what we want and we say we have our son who needs to be seen. The voice says go wait in the waiting room. OK. There was no one else there so we figure it won't be long, but after 5 minutes of nothing, I check Junior's sugar again and he is now 77! I go back to the doorbell looking thing, press it again, and tell the disembodied voice that my son is diabetic, rapidly dropping in blood sugar, and is running a high fever and puking! That got their attention! I got a nurse out there in 5 seconds! They immediatly took Junior and HHH back, and the girls and I waited. And Waited,....... and waited. Then, we got one of the triage nurses popped out of the door and asked me some questions about Junior's insulin intake for the day, what he ate, when onset of symptoms was, yadda yadda yadda..... And then we waited and waited some more. Then triage nurse comes back and says that Junior is doing better and his sugar is coming back up with the adminstering of apple juice. It also seems like Junior has a small ear infection,...... which may have been caused by 4 consecutive rides on the bilgerat barges. (Super Mommy feels a little guilty right about then.) Anyway, long story short, HHH and Junior emerge from the ER with graham crackers, stickers, and a script for antibiotics. We go to Wall to Wall Mart, put it in for filling, and head back to the house. I get Junior comfy on the couch, turn on some freaky cartoon called "Chowder", and start on dinner. Now for the rest of the night, it's sugar checks, Tylenol, and antibiotics! No sleep for us, Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
If I feel light headed,......I'll just go to the Emepgenc y Depa tment >.


Putz said...

oh my god, can't i just get on your blog and get some amusement park fun or some sex, or a report on the birds nesting in the rafters, so i have to get this diabetis crap with your kids, oh weell i guess all this stuff comes with the territory, huh/???????

Anonymous said...

YAY SuperMommy!! Way to save the day! Hope Junior feels better! May as well go to the ER, everyone else does. (note: why I am a retired paramedic after only a decade of ER and EMS....besides, I have weapons now....YEAH!!!)

Finn said...

How were you supposed to know that he was gonna get water in the ear?

Lisa said... terrifying that must have been. I know that anytime I've had to take my kids to the ER I've been a wreck. I'm glad to hear that he's doing O.K.

If it's an consolation I'm getting over an ear infection myself. One that was caused by going down the slide of the pool at our resort in Disney. Except we went to Disney in May. I just waited a really long time to get it checked.

kapgar said...

I'm sorry all that happened to you. That sucks. It really does. I'm not a parent, but situations like this make me scared to become one.

But the sign? That's just too funny.