Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can I Put My Birthday On Hold For A Week?


Can I???

I need to. Not because of any kind of age-phobias, but for scheduling reasons. Let me explain.....

See, we had this grand plan for this week. Namely, we weren't going to be here, in Bowling Green. We had a week at Universal planned. It was to coincide with my birthday being on the second, and wrapping up with the fireworks at Universal on the 4th. Right after we got out of the doctors appointments on Monday, we were going to leave Lakeland, hop on I-4, and go directly to Orlando, check in to our hotel, and go directly to Universal to start a week of fun and frolic! Sounds great, right? We were going to ride rides, visit Krispy Kreme, I was going to overdose on Starbucks......Well, we had a little snag. We bought year long tickets in February. We not only bought tickets for us at that time, but as an anniversary gift for the BIL and SIL and one for their daughter. Eight yearly passes cost a lot, so we bought the less expensive tickets ($99). If we hadn't had to purchase tickets for the BIL and his family, we could have afforded the regular yearly passes that include everything and parking too! One thing we didn't look at was if these less expensive tickets had any special caveats. Well they have one great BIG one..... there are black out dates. Namely, a blacked out week that starts June 28th and goes until July 6th! Hmm.... that's exactly when we had planned to go to Orlando! As Manuel would say..."Fuckity Fuck!" So we had to change our hotel dates, change all our travel plans, change HHH's days off with his job, ugh, just basically change EVERYTHING! Crap-wich! So I have just decided to put my birthday on hold until next week, when we will be having a great family vacay like we planned all along! Oh, I'm going to bake some cupcakes, and the kids are giving me the wonderful, home made gifty gifts that I love and cherish,....but all the hoopla, parties, and other stuff I had planned is going to be a week later.

Oh the stuff I had planned too! HHH didn't know this, but I was going to invite any and all of you who are within driving distance to show up today and we were going to tear the parks UP! I can't go on the roller coasters because of a fluid imbalance in my middle ear,( Can we say BARF??), but I could totally see us bloggers on Men in Black, saving the universe, or on Spiderman:The Ride. That would be soooo cool. Then there would be the Saturday Night Cruise in Old Town..... you know, the place where they sell those vodka shooter syringes?!? Oh Yeah....... that would be the coolest. But, alas..... it is not to be. Unless you guys would like to come on next Saturday? Hmmm...?? maybe??? Do I sound desperate???? Ha ha! I'm not desperate! No not me! OK, maybe a little!

So..... I am going to spend today like any other day. I'm going to clean my house, cook a yummy breakfast for my family, have Taco's for dinner, wash the dog,.... etc. All the things I would normally do on a Wednesday. I have officially moved my birthday to next Saturday.... and your welcome to meet me and my family at Universal on Saturday morning to go tearing around the park!

Happy Birthday to ME!


Finn said...

Now you get to celebrate it twice, right?

I wish I could hop up to Universal next weekend, but finances will not permit.

Putz said...

for the forth i am going to put my head under a pillow and hide, hide hide, and not ride, drive, drive at 5$ a gallon gas prices

Putz said...

oh, i just thought of something, you are going to be 36, oh my crap, that is so old, how can you be 36 when you want to act loike a 20 year old, that is going to be kind of har isn't it????

Russ said...

Happy B-day! Orlando isn't going anywhere and will wait for you!

memory_lucky12 said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late, but since my twins are visiting, I don't get much time on the computer!