Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yesterday Was The Day That Was.

Well, yesterday was ....... interesting.

I say interesting because fat burning sack of elephant shit isn't quite as genteel as I would like to sound. Let me regale you with the events of yesterday.

I fought the ants and caulked the bathroom. I used a whole tube of standard grade bathroom caulk. I was feeling like I had won when I suddenly see them streaming out from under the sink. The little bastards had just changed directions and started coming in on the pipes leading under the sink! I caulked that one too! Ha ha! I will win I say. When I got up this morning, I didn't have a huge graveyard on the floor, so I must have done something right.

I was a little disappointed that the neighbors I made the cake for Saturday didn't hurry to pay me yesterday. They were a little strapped for cash when she was asking about making the cake for her and I said that it wasn't a problem if she paid me on Tuesday. I usually get at least the materials money up front when I do a cake, but I let it slide this time since they are nice people and we are neighbors. Well, I eventually had to send HHH over there to collect for me. It was 7pm by the time they paid up. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but since I didn't get any up front money, I had to take part of my weekly grocery budget and use it to buy what I needed for the cake, subsequently, we had nothing for dinner last night until I got paid. I kind of made me a little annoyed. We go grocery shopping today, but I had to feed my kids last night, ya know?

The nurse would not stop calling me yesterday!!!! Junior had woken up at a blood sugar level of 59, which is a low number for his sugar level, but he was coherent and talking so I just gave him his breakfast and started dressing him. I didn't want to give him his full load of insulin and have him possibly crash on the bus to school so I only gave him a partial dose. Well, at lunch he had skyrocketed, and the calls began. She called me about the initially high reading she got, then she called me to say she was going to give him insulin and send him to lunch, then she called me to say I should call the doctor and ask if Junior needed to be taken to the emergency room, then she called me to say SHE had called the doctor and that he was waiting for my call. UGH! I thought to myself, "When he gets home, I'll have him drink a bottle of water and go outside to play for two hours." Junior gets home and I call the doctor since the nurse had set him up for my call already and what do you think he tells me to do?? Give Junior some water and send him outside to play and check him in two hours and call back to tell the office Juniors sugar number. Ha ha! I was right! Junior ended up coming in in an hour and a half, checked his blood sugar, and it was 130. Right where it should be.

The story of just why Junior came in was a good one too. Our neighborhood is very rural. Not a lot out here, so I feel comfortable letting the kids go out and play alone. It means I can get crap done, like dinner, with a minimum of interruptions. Yesterday, the girls had come in to do something and Junior was outside still playing on the Dr. Apu's orders. My Mom senses start to tingle, letting me know something is up. Suddenly I hear a loud crying sound. it gets louder as it approaches the door. It's Junior. He has somehow hurt himself. I keep asking "What did you do?" over the screaming, but all I get is, "I was walking in the front yard and fell and hurt my butt!" I think about the physics of it all. How does one hurt their butt if they are walking with a forward momentum? You would fall on your face, not your butt. Then I inspect the damage. Sure enough, he has a nice gouge taken out of his left lower back, and a big, scraped spot right where the sun don't shine. There is no way he got that from just "falling down". I put two and two together and figure out he had been swinging on a tree in the yard and fell out of it. This was a forbidden tree. Why, you ask? Because it has a stump underneath it with some sharp roots sticking up. I forbade anyone climbing up that particular tree because I could just see someone falling out and impaling themselves on one of the sharp roots. Well, Junior didn't impale himself, but he knows now why I said not to climb there! Funny how my big, grown up man, my kindergarten graduate, suddenly became mommy's little boy who needed his boo-boo's washed and band-aids put on and cuddling love to make it all better. I didn't kiss the butt boo-boo though.

The poll is closed now. I had asked everyone what they were going to do for summer. I got the most votes for "Work". Then "Vacation and Travel" and "Stay-cation" came in second. "Summer and Sport Camps", "Home Improvement", and "Nothing" all tied for last place. I figured "Working" would win out in this economy. We're all behind the 8 ball right now what with gas being so high, food prices going up, and bills still rolling in. Next bit of cash I get, I am going to plant some container gardens with herbs, tomatoes, and bell peppers. I am NOT paying $2.99 a piece for a bell pepper!

So, that was yesterday. Didn't it look like I had fun??? No??? Well, yeah, it was OK as far as days go, I just hope today is better!


Putz said...

i am not sure you knew i was a type 2 diabetic and my blood sugar went to 950 when i went into my coma, and it has been as low as 24 when i laid down sipping orange juice and stooped me from goin the other way, and i'll be damed if i am going to work this summer,, i am through working,,,catch me not driving any where either,,,my birds in the back, my dogs fish cat and spiders

Blondefabulous said...

Oooohhhh Putz! That wasn't good for you. Yeah, diabetes 1 & 2 are really hard to control. I know people who have tight control over their regimine's who will still have a big high or low even though they are doing everything right. You be careful, ok?

Anonymous said...

Gee, my darling blondeliciousness, you're only his mother, why the hell would you know anything about managing his condition? Ugh-people are stupid but I call it job security :) I went and got some gorgeous tomatoes but I've really gotta plant 'em before they croak on my porch! I went ahead and got squash, too, and when the cash flow is up a bit I want some zucchini, radishes, carrots, bell peppers, pumpkins, cukes....the list goes on! Mmm mm mm I love a vine ripened tomato! Tastes like summer, doesn't it?