Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yard Sale.....Day 2!

OK, so here I am, day 2 and it is deader than a doornail right now. I am expecting more traffic after church gets out. It is very nice outside today. Yesterday's thunderstorms have given way to a beautiful morning. Boy did it rain yesterday! Whew, I could not believe how much we got. In between bands of thunderstorms, HHH grilled burgers on the front porch. He is so happy he has his grill back. I got it for him for last Father's Day, and it's been a year. It has held up well. Go Wall to Wall Mart for finally making something that didn't fall apart in the first month of ownership!
The girls have been helping me, perhaps too much. They get a little pushy, and most people don't like pushy. Most people don't want to buy a barbie for $5 either. Still, they are good at keeping an eye on the stuff so I don't have the same thing happen to me as what happened to a fellow blogger....who had theft at her yard sale!

Still, it has been a pretty good weekend. I can't complain after making over $100 yesterday. I hope today is just as good! Tonight, we are going to BBQ again, only this time I am BBQ-ing chicken with mac-n-cheese, and grilled veggies! Mmmmmmm....


Putz said...

that was good ole rebecca there in thhat last picture looking like she was going to pounch on some one to make a sale

IRISHKAT said...

We had that dinner last night except with fries. Hope you get more traffic today!