Monday, June 9, 2008

What The Heck Am I Blogging About?

Monday has arrived, and we were supposed to be traveling to the CMS office for a doctor's appointment as we speak, instead, I am waiting for a phone call to come that will explain why our appointment was cancelled and when they are going to get us a new one. This just smacks of the Doctor in Stuart who quit right before my kids were suppose to get their appointment so they could start school. Why can't these people get their crap straight? Don't they realize that these are children who need a doctors care? If I don't hear from the care coordinator by 11:30am, I am going to start lighting up their switchboard.

Other than that, I don't have much on the schedule for today. HHH and I had cleared the whole day because of these appointments. They usually take at least 3 hours for each child. Add 6 hours in a doctor's office to and hour and a half of travel each way and the day is done. As it is, I have to call Dr. Apu and tell him what is going on, and ask him if he'll renew Morgan's scripts that went out of date. He will not be happy. Neither will the school nurse, Beth. She was adamant that we get to this appointment so that we could get paperwork for the next school year filled out and filled so the kids could start on time and ready to go. I'm not seeing that as being a good phone call.

{sigh} I have to get up and start getting the kids rolling on the house cleaning. I give them the weekends off, but during the week, we are going to keep to the daily schedule of cleaning up in the morning, then playing in the afternoon.

I need a swing set.....
UPDATE: Finally got a hold of the coordinator at CMS. Seems the doctor had to cancel the clinic because of an out of town emergency. They could have at least set a new appointment date for us and mailed that, but as it is, I am going to have the coordinator call me back in about 30 minutes and see when the new appointment is going to be. It better be before August 8th when school starts!!


Russ said...

I see CMS and think "Charlotte/Mecklenberg Schools" (the school system the kids, tentatively, will be attending, and wonder why your kids are going there for medical treatment. But that is just me sleep addled brain.

Blondefabulous said...

Ahhh Russ! You made it through the brag and drag! Good for you.
CMS means Children's Medical Services down here. It is the entity that over sees the medicaid for chronic illness.