Monday, June 30, 2008

The Doctor's Office....Part II

Well, we got to the doctor's office in the CMS building in Lakeland with minimal delay. We had a little problem with the fact that HHH and I Mapquested the WRONG ADDRESS! Yep, we went to the main offices in Lakeland proper instead of to the specialty clinic in Lakeland Hills. Luckily for me, I always build in a 30 minute cushion for any kind of doctor's visit.

After we finally got there, it was a short wait and we were back in the rooms giving blood samples, taking height and weight measurements, and giving the family histories. That took up the majority of the time spent in the back. We saw the doctor for about 15 minutes tops! I gave her everything we had from the school and from the other doctors, and she just looked it over, and said put Junior on Morgans regimen, and up Morgan's Lantus to 12 instead of 10. OK no problem. Then the Dr. and the nurse wrote out 6 scripts for each child, (total of twelve) and we were out the door. After a stop at Burger King for a little lunch.....(the McDonald's was just awful and we walked out.), we headed home by a more direct route.

The last picture is the cat on my new rug. I got it because there is an iron hole where the former tenant burned through it and the landlord didn't replace it. Fluffy decided it was his rug and has been sprawled out on it ever since. I got cat hair all over it! Dorky cat!


Russ said...

Hey at least you were smart enough to build in that time buffer. Me, I live by the seat of my pants.

When I saw that you mapquested directions, I figured you were going to have the, "and then mapquest had me turing left into a lake".

Christina LMT said...

Glad you got all your doctor stuff taken care of, I bet that's a relief!

Silly kitty!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Doc visits are just lovely (sarcasm) My kid has all her visits this month. Luckily two are just follow ups. And I two give us extra time, never know when traffic will hit:(

Putz said...

i have decided to boycott all doctors and dentists, who am i hurting , only myself...i can't standsthem...i will die with or without them

Lady Jaye said...

I'm glad that your kids seem to be doing well! I totally would have googled the wrong directions but unlike you I am permanently late!

Putz said...

like russ, i kind of expect you, your car, and your kids to be in the middle of a lake with mapquest telling you, a right turn at the cottonwoodtree