Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Has Some Big Shoes To Fill.

Ahhhhh...... First, let me say thank you to all who wished HHH and I a happy anniversary. It was well appreciated. Secondly, it was a great day.

Now, being that it was a Monday, HHH had to go in for work for a few hours. It could not be helped, because even though we consider our anniversary a national holiday..... um, the rest of the world does not. (stupid world) So as he was earning a wage, I was cleaning up with the help of my mini minions. During this little cleaning foray, there was a knock at the kitchen door. It was one of the Redneck Construction Crew. He was asking if it would be OK if he could bring a boat through my yard since his was fenced in. I said no problem, and tried really hard not to crack up in front of him. I sooooo wanted to tell him that he and his friend were Internet sensations,(they have more hits on my flickr than my regular shots!), but I didn't. I just nodded to his "Thanks, ma'am.", and went back to cleaning.
HHH came home at 1:30 and we got ready to go out. The BIL said he was still OK to babysit for us, which I STILL think is a rip off seeing as how we got him,his eldest daughter,and his wife year long passes to Universal Studios! We even had to provide dinner for our kids, though we were dropping them off at 3:30pm. So we drop off the kids, give BIL $5 to go get a pizza for ours as he had mentioned he was getting that for his kids as well, and left to go over to the metropolis of Sebring, Florida to have dinner and see a movie.
We get over there and find the movie theater. It's a little place that has matinees. We wanted to go see a movie first and then go out to dinner. We went to see "You Don't Mess With The Zohan". Yeah, I know...... I read it over at Avitable's place.... everyone has been panning this and Adam Sandler, but I liked it! That's putting it mildly. I LAUGHED MY FRIGGIN ASS OFF AT IT!!!!!!! I would much rather watch a movie and laugh at a dorky sight gag than one where I have to put my University education to work just to understand the punchline. Must be my retarded sense of humor. Well, we are in the theater, and the lights go down, the projector starts, and ......

I AM WATCHING COMMERCIALS FOR CARS, THE NATIONAL GUARD, AND OTHER CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I counted 4 commercials before the PREVIEWS even started! What the frick is that?? And then, just to make the movie even more enjoyable, the picture was slightly crooked, and someone was doing roof construction during the first half of it! I still laughed hard enough to disturb the other patrons of the movie! Now I want some Fizzy Bubbbula, and I want it now!
After the movie, we headed over to a local eatery. It's a chain place that has revamped it's image, so we thought we'd give it a shot. It was pretty dead for 6:30 on a Monday so we were seated quickly and our waiter shuffled over for our drink order. I got a nice pinot grigio and HHH ordered a coke. We ordered a spinach artichoke dip, and two featured entrees, Then we sat and just talked. It is so rare that we get to talk, no TV's, no kids, no interruptions. We talked about the last 8 years together and how things would have been wildly different for both of us had we not met and gotten together. The whole while we were kind of wondering where our appetizer was, but the conversation was so good, we didn't really miss it. So, we see some movement out of the corner of our eyes, and it's our dinner showing up. Hmmm..... what happened to the spin-art dip? We ask the guy bringing the dinners out to check on where it had gotten to and we dug into our entrees. I got the grilled chicken portobella, HHH got the Shrimp pasta. It was good. I could tell the mushrooms weren't portobella mushrooms, but it was cooked well, tasted great, and was presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. As we were enjoying our yummy goodies our waiter came over and apologized for our appetizer never getting rung in. He owned the mistake, which I found refreshing since a lot of times people like to play pass the buck when something like that happens. He offered his apologies and we said not to worry that since it was our wedding anniversary, we enjoyed the time talking to each other. He congratulated us and said he would send out a free dessert as a way of saying he was sorry for the appetizer mix up. It was a chocolate cake with ice cream. Mmmmm... nummy! Finally, we figured up an 18% gratuity and left to go back to the BIL's to pick up the kids. BIL called while we were driving and we decided to meet at Wall to Wall Mart. The BIL's whole family was there and I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that the SIL still will not look me in the eye after all that crap that happened back in March. Such a hypocrite. I am nice, I am a better person. I still exchange pleasantries and purchase her kids ice cream. I take her daughters to the bathroom so she can think for a moment with out all the "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!" she gets on a daily basis. So we get a cart, shop around a bit and my kids are hollaring that they are hungry. I think this is unusual since HHH gave the BIL $$$ to buy them their own pizza. HHH goes to the deli and buys them a chicken strips meal and as we are getting in the truck and they are diving in to it I ask them if they ate pizza like HHH and I planned, they said yes, all of the kids did. I say, "You mean, you guys had a pizza and their kids had a pizza, right?". "No mom, Uncle M only bought 1 pizza for all six of us kids." WTF?? He used the money that we gave him for pizza for our kids and never bought a pizza for his own kids, and made them all share! What a cheap ass! I was not very happy. No wonder my kids were hungry when we got back. {sigh} Next year, all they get for their anniversary is a card and a McDonalds Arch Card for $5.

So I had a good time. HHH had a good time. We got to spend some quality time together and after the kids went to bed....... we had a VERY good time! Sorry this was so long, but it was a good day. Once more, thank you for all the good wishes and such. It was touching.

I still say Zohan was funny!


Putz said...

you are the only pople i know who have sexy, well mannered rednecks floating boats throuugh your yard, since their yard does not have enough water{i guess}...remember my dementia makes it hard to visualize what u are talking about blondefab

Finn said...

You should have left your kids with Karl in Sebring. ;)

You went to Ruby Tuesday's, didn't you? I like what they've done with it.

Glad you had a happy day!

Putz said...

i have to comment again since your post is so long, i remember that march fiasco where we thought {me and caffene free} you were hungry and homeless and hurting because of those cheapos, and now this pizza shit, it kind of makes me angry, especially for the worry you were to all of us two

Bec said...

Free chocolate cake? I'll accept them never bringing me an appetiser for life for free chocolate cake... actually I'll take a hell of a lot more than that!

Happy belated anniversary!

pinktomato said...

holy crapola on the pizza RIP-OFF!! I just cant believe you didnt call them on it. Thats just about the cheapest low down dirty crap on top of it ALL!


i would just stop at the card. no McD's card - not even 5.00


pinktomato said...

were they bringing the boat INto the yard or OUT of the yard?

pinktomato said...

and did you get pictures? I saw those flickr pics - LMAO!!

Avitable said...

They've been doing commercials in front of movies for years - you don't get out much, do you? :)

Lady Jaye said...

I had commericials before movies. But when I took my dad to Indiana Jones on Sunday they were running TBS commercials and it was just maddening. As if regular commercials aren't enough but to show the ones that I see on a daily basis was even worse. I'm glad you had a great anniversary though!!