Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning In The Country.

Here we are, at the last day of our Yard Sale, and the cool morning breeze is keeping the humid summer day at bay. Luckily for me, the weather man says it isn't going to rain until early evening, so I won't have to pack up in a hurry, like last Sunday. The yard needs mowing again. All the rain has really put this conglomeration of grass into high gear. It seems to be a mixture of crab grass, weeds, and field grass. It doesn't grow in any particular style or fashion,.... just seems to meander around the yard, growing willy nilly in clumps and patches. HHH got the shed cleaned out yesterday. He put everything we aren't using in the house out there. We bombed the heck out of it with bug bombs before doing so. Not that it will help. This is Florida, and huge bugs are part of the territory.

Tomorrow we are going to the endocrinologist. This appointment hasn't been cancelled so we are going. I am also bringing both my cancellation of the first appointment letter, and my rescheduling letter. I'm doing this so they can't say that I missed the first appointment and try to screw us over. I've had that happen before. In fact, just three days ago, the school nurse called us the other day to check on the kids and tried to tell me I MISSED our first appointment. I was like..."NONONONONONO! I did not miss any appointments, they CANCELLED my appointment!" That really chapped my butt when she said that! I had called the other nurse at the kids school to tell them that my appointment had been cancelled the day I got the cancellation letter and that I was getting in touch with the care coordinator of CMS to get a new appointment. You know, keeping them in the loop right? Well, that lady told the Head School Nurse that I missed the appointment, and then the Head School Nurse told our pediatrician I missed the appointment, and so on and so forth! STUPID!!!! I missed nothing! See, this is why I keep the letters! To prove I am not the idiot....they are the idiots.

So, I am waiting for someone to stop on by and purchase all of the worldly goods I have for sale. If it doesn't go today, It's getting packed off to the thrift store. I have no room.


metalmom said...

*note to self: save ...all ...letters...from...the...idiots...*

Why didn't I ever think of that? I hate when they try to charge me for that kind of shit.Or when they make me out to be a shitty mom for not caring enough about my kids to keep appointments.

Putz said...

wave a magic wand and have all your health problems disappear and spend all the money you save on a trip to the bahamas with your sweet kids and hot sexy hubby worry free

Christina LMT said...

Hope you sold all your stuff!!

Sheer brilliance at keeping the letters. You be sure to set those idiots straight.

IRISHKAT said...

I too save everything! You never know when some yahoo is going to be a pain in your butt. BTW - you Kadoo comment totally cracked me up. Does it work for hubby's too??