Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does....

OK kids. I was going to blog about my new vehicle and the poll results and my making more bread and all kinds of things today, but as I was watching CNN I saw this and thought I had to do a PSA about swimming in Lake Okeechobee.

Basically, YOU JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

See this genius? He and his friends decided to go swimming in a canal/lock area called Nubbin's Slough. Yeah, sounds innocuous right? Well, it's not. These Mensa candidates also decided to go swimming at NIGHT! Any idiot will tell you that you just don't do that either.

So dumb ass and his friends are swimming and splashing around........ at night.......in Lake Okeechobee....... which is known for having TONS of alligators.( You know, we have that little alligator hunt every year. The one that brings in 2000 or so alligators?) The inevitable happened. A gator came by and clamped on his arm and tried to drag his ass under. Lucky for Mr. Happy there, he was near the buoys and nets that cordon off the locks from boaters. He was able to keep a hold of that and keep the gator from dragging him down for a death roll. Unluckily, he lost his arm in the battle at about 4 inches above the elbow. He did do something intelligent that I have always heard about. With his one good arm, he found the head of the beast and gouged it's eyes. Then, alligator let go and his friends pulled him to shore and kept him from bleeding to death.


As a child, I lived on a canal that directly accessed Lake Okeechobee. We knew there were gators in there. From the very beginning, my mom and dad warned me about the gators, snakes, and such. We had a retaining wall put in to keep gators from perching on our canal bank and sunning. I have never in my life wanted to go swimming at night in it. That's the gator's hunting time. That's when the lake ceases to be a family playground of boating fun, and becomes a swirling deathtrap for anything, (or anyone), that comes near it.
The trappers were able to find and capture the alligator that bit off this kids arm, but it was too chewed up to be able to be reattached. So now, at the ripe old age of 18, this kid has to learn how to function as a productive member of society again. I bet he and his friends had just graduated OHS too. How can anyone in this day and age not know their lake and gator safety??? I would drive out to Nubbin's Slough as a teen and park in the lot and go climb the rocks to observe the alligators. They might have seemed lethargic, dinosaurs from an era that forgot to bring them along into the past, but don't let the sleeping giants fool you. They can turn on a dime and rip you to shreds.

Good ole' Kasey found that out the hard way.

UPDATE: OK. I found this story after my first publishing of this blog installment. In it, the kid who got his arm torn off by the alligator blames the attack on the over population of gators in Lake Okeechobee, saying..."They're not protected creatures, they're nusiance animals." WTF??? The story also mentions that this kid, who is 18, had been drinking alcohol when he decided to make this "swim" in alligator infested waters. Oh yeah, do something stupid and blame everyone but yourself for what results! What a complete dumbass! Anyway, here's that story too.



UPDATE #2: OK, now this idiot is on TV talking about how he has hunted gators, knew they were there and still he decided to go swimming, and yadda yadda yadda.......ENOUGH ALREADY!

Quit making this idiot sound like a courageous survivor. He's just a lucky fool, and it's good for him the Lord looks out for fools, drunks, and children. He qualified for 2 out of 3 of those at the time he met good ole Al E. Gator. Here's the CNN news video snippet.


Putz said...

my philosophy of life{ and it is just because of idiots like this that i have such a philospy) is this.....put your head under a pillow and don't move...what can happen if your head is under a pillow???that is why i blog because what can happen to you while you blog????maybe you could romance someone and get in trouble with your wife, but nothing srious like lose an arm to an alligator

Blondefabulous said...

Just the collossal stupidity of this kid made me sorry to say he is from the same town I called home for the first 18 years of my life. If he truly wanted to blame someone, he had only to look in a mirror and see who was to blame for his missing left arm!

Avitable said...

Swimming in an area with alligators is usually okay during the day, but at night, when they feed, you have to be very careful and usually the louder and more obvious you are, the safer you'll be. There was an episode of Wildboyz where they went swimming at night in an alligator-infested area in the Everglades and even lifted gators out of the water by their chins without any problems. I bet this guy just thought he was hot shit and got what he deserved.

Blondefabulous said...

I lived in Okeechobee, hell I grew up there, and it was never advisable to go swimming in Nubbin's Slough. The alligators there were always agressive. Like I said before....

18 + alcohol + swimming at night x alligators = amputated left arm!

Russ said...

A former co-worker of mine always said that God watches out for children and idiots. This may be proof positive.

pinktomato said...

good grief