Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ok, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

Alright. Now that we have all decided the idiot from Okeechobee is just lucky that he has the rest of him intact, let's get on with what I was going to write about yesterday.

The poll has been closed for a couple of days, and the results were as follows:






I'll admit, I was one of the theme park votes. We purchased yearly passes to Universal in Orlando. The kids are at an age where they can ride almost all the rides and we like to go to the shows. If I were a camping kinds gal, I might go for the great outdoors, but I just don't rough it that well. I need my memory foam mattress, my hot showers, and my food cooked to perfection, not over a campfire! What can I say, I'm a wimp! Now the big city would be nice to...... if I was married to someone who liked museums, arts, and sightseeing. HHH isn't exactly the artsy type. He is an adrenaline junky. So is our son, and stuffy museums just wouldn't satisfy their hunger for excitement.

I was also going to talk about the new vehicle we just purchased. It's a 96 Ford Explorer. Yeah I know.....SUV's are becoming fossils in this gas conscious age, but we test drove it over the weekend and it didn't do too bad. As long as HHH changes the oil regularly, and we don't treat it crappy, it should last for a while. The picture above is it. It is in really good shape in the inside. It has a CD changer, direction and temperature trip meter, and the storage bin in back has a cover that keeps people from seeing what's in back. It's neato bandito! I haven't owned a car in forever!

I was also going to talk about baking more bread, but I didn't bake any more. I need to try and bake some regular bread. The rosemary olive oil turned out great, and HHH had the ides to make a grilled cheese on it with Colby and mozzarella. That sounded awesome. I might try some rolls for tonight's roast chicken dinner.

So, that was what I was going to talk about yesterday, before I saw the idiot and the alligator. He keeps showing up on TV news programs and I am just sick with every one I see. The fact that he credits God with his survival is nice, but where was his brain when he decided to go swimming? Who was the idiot that bought this kid alcohol? They should be held responsible as well. I don't know, I just really don't want to tell people where my hometown is, because now instead of them saying "Where is that?", they're gonna be "Oh yeah! The place where that guy got his arm eaten off."

Yep. I am from the town where that guy got his arm eaten off.


Putz said...

oh my favorite of all is meat loaf, did i ever propose marriage to you blonde???new car , bread, scones, beet loaf,

pinktomato said...

dont be so hard on yourself! central florida is god's country - just like all the corn fields I am surrounded by.

we all have those ding dongs that help give us a bad name. i wish they'd all move to their own island somehwre off the coast of - oh - i dont know---antarctica

Nicole said...

yay!! new vehicle!! we got one too - an SUV also - couldn't beat the price and it's in fantastic shape. And speaking of theme parks - we're headed to Orlando for Disney this weekend!! yay!!

Bec said...

Being " from the town where that guy got his arm eaten off." is far better than being from the town where 'that guy got kicked to death'...

I love my town. Sometimes.

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Lady Jaye said...

When I finally move you'll have to go on vacation with me and we'll go to big cities to look at all the museums and etc!