Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nirvana Is Getting A Little Crowded!


I am beginning to dislike our house. Not because of the house itself, but for what I find with the dawning of each new day.
This is the view out of my kitchen window. Yep, tubby redneck construction. The neighbors to the right of us keep burning god knows what in the burn pit behind their house, and are trying to reconstruct this old shed.
Nothing tastier than a chubby redneck with no shirt and a farmers tan nailing boards up above his head so his butt crack is showing.
Sorry, I had to vomit for a moment. OK, all better. So, I'm trying to make dinner last night and the window by the stove directly faces Laurel and Hardy here. I kept losing my appetite. Ugh.... then, after dinner we found...


Yep. Seems the termites have been chewing on this house too. They were coming from the sill in front of the living room window. not a lot, but you know, for every one you see, there are thousands you don't see. HHH was asking what we could do to kill them and I said the house would have to be tented. He doesn't think the land lord will go for that though. I don't see why not since it is his investment he'd be saving from the termite smorgasbord. So we have the ants in the bathroom, and termites in the living room, and neighbors who should really keep their shirts on while doing possibly illegal construction.


I miss the big city. I miss Starbucks, restaurants, shopping, people, entertainment, medical care, etc.... I grew up in a small town, and even though I was glad to return for a while, I found I had gotten used to having goods and services at my fingertips. I liked only having to drive 5 minutes to get to the mall, not an hour and a half! It is inconvenient to have to drive to the next town for a Whopper! No ice cream shops, no nail salons, no Pilate's studio, nothing!! There is 1 Dollar General and a Mexican Tienda/grocery and that's it. The one stop light we have here only flashes. The side walk ends before you get to our house.....


I miss the city.


pinktomato said...

LMAO!! love the redneck ATM machines!

Lady Jaye said...

Ewww and the redneck has Moobs too. Yuck!!

Putz said...

another good laugh, i am sure that is why i blog to get laughs and to give laughs....maybe those rednecks who are so sexy shirtless, smell nice, have good manners, never burp, turn all the ladies on when they are wearing their shirts...and are real romeos in bed taking theri time...i must have been looney to blog today, it must be an overload from my missionary much sprituality has made me an air head