Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Blues.

OK for now, this is going to be short. My nieces are coming over at 9 ans I have to get the house kid proofed. Where my kids know what to and not to touch, my BIL's kids are allowed to run free and do as they please, so I need to put anything that can be used to throw, hurt, or break, up out of the way.

One thing I have to mention, is George Carlin passed away yesterday! AAaaaaauuuggghhhhh! I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know who George Carlin was! Even my kids are familiar with George Carlin through Thomas the Tank Engine and more recently, Cars. He was the VW Bus with the hippie flare. I can't recall the name at the moment. He was most remembered for his stand up comedy, including the famous "7 Words" routine that eventually resulted in a Supreme Court case! I wasn't old enough to enjoy his stand up the first time around, but when I went to college I was able to listen to him and see DVD's of his performances. He was a man who did his own thing and everyone else could either enjoy it or get the hell out of the way, and I will miss him.

UPDATE: Well, the BIL decided to stay home. He apparently was going to go to Universal,(on the tix that HHH and I bought him and his wife), but was discouraged by the weather report of rain in the afternoon. I told him, "What do you expect? This is Florida!" It is humid in the mornings and rainy in the afternoons. Well, at least I don't have to watch the nieces. I don't mind watching them, but they do not have the best of manners. They like to break stuff just to see if you'll get angry, then say, "I'll tell my gramma if you punish me, and then you'll go to jail!" Yeah. Greeeeeeeat kids there. I can't wait till the oldest starts kindergarten next year. A teacher that'll just kick her out of class instead of dealing with a rude, insufferable child is just the wake up call the BIL and SIL need to realize they have a problem!


Putz said...

i loved carlin, but my wife thought he was too dirty in his speech likethat girl comedian who caters to all the gays??????

Evil Lunch Lady said...

As for those kids (brats) The parents are in for a rude awakening when they hit their teens. Hope they have good lawyers;)