Friday, June 6, 2008

Mmmmmm...... Caramel French Toast!

To celebrate my little winners first day of summer vacation, I have made a yummy treat! Oven Baked Caramel French Toast!
Yes, that is home made caramel sauce poured over it! I was sounding like Homer Simpson while this was cooking. "Mmmmmm.... french toast! drool, smack, slurp, drool. The kids got extra insulin just so they could partake in the yummyness!

I partook in it too!
Now to figure out what to make for dinner...
Chicken Parmesan, perhaps?


Putz said...

that really does look fattenening, in fact to a diabetic like me even with extra insulin, it doesn't look tha t favorites would be cashew nuts, chocolate milkshake, rare steqak,

Blondefabulous said...

Well, it is a sugary goodie, and I did take that into effect when I made it and when I gave the kids their medicine. Funny, they didn't finish more than 1/2 of it anyway. It did taste good though.... VERY GOOD!

pinktomato said...

jes' popping in - i havent fully caught up with your blog - got down about 3 posts -

congrats to the kids on all the ribbons!

hey - you gotta stop all this baking & cooking! youre making me drool and covet.


put jr in peewee baseball (if he isnt already) - fast runners are always good for the team!

catching up more later ;-)