Monday, June 2, 2008


Whew! It was a long time coming, but we finally got some rain last night. And not just a sprinkle, nooooo. We got a full blown thunderstorm loud enough to send the dog cowering into my bed! When I looked out the door this morning, it was soaked outside! Whoo-hoo! My putting off of watering the orange tree and rose bush paid off. Now maybe it won't be as dusty and dirty out there. I had been keeping the kids inside because the dust was just awful! I usually make them go outside and play for at least 2 or more hours a day after school, but they were coming back inside SO filthy! Now with this rain, maybe the dust and dirt will stay on the ground!

I got some feed back on the cake I made for last Saturday. HHH had gone over there while the Dish guy was installing the dish on top of the house and he said they told him that the cake was awesome! I am very happy to hear that. I have to deliver the bill either today or tomorrow. It cost me $34 for supplies, and I am only charging $16 for labor. $50 for a cake that will feed 125 people is pretty good. A cake shop usually charges by the person, and it is usually $1.25 to $1.75 a person! That's anywhere from $156.25 to $218.75 for the cake I did! Before tax! Talk about a discount!! The Mom of the girl I made it for is going to pay me on Tuesday. No worries.

On a different tangent, Did you see the fire at Universal Studios Hollywood??? OMG! The things that they said had gotten destroyed, like the NY Brownstone set, the town square for Back To The Future, and the King Kong ride were things that I had gone on when I had visited out there. It was weird! I can remember riding the escalators down to the bottom level of the park,( It was built into the California hillsides.), and waiting in line for that ride. Now it's gone. There was even some live footage being shown on where you could see all these people rushing around with these film canister cases, running to try and save them from the fire. No one is saying what started it yet, just that it started in a building where there was some filming going on. Sounds like either an electrical short, or Pyro gone horribly wrong! Either way....... they are out an entire portion of their back lot. This morning, the news said that arson investigators are sifting through the rubble and trying to find out what really happened. Hope they can find out.

Don't forget to go over to and enter the photo contest Dutchy has going on over there. She has graciously chosen to pimp me on her blog for the week, and I am going to return the favor by pimping her contest! There are fabulous prizes! There are international judges! There are only 8 more days to enter!!! Get off your ass and send in some photos!

Ahhhh...... CNN. I am so happy. I did find it funny that just when we get some form of TV put into the house, a huge storm comes and knocks out the satellite reception. Ha! Irony, ain't it a bitch!


Putz said...

hey it can't rain here...if it does i will shrink, and scream i am shrinking, i am shrinking, please help me i am shrinking...i know you are not interestedin this little tibit of info but it rained today at the french tennis open, and yhat is where i'm going to be all week

Anonymous said...

*sigh* and your yummy goodies do make my tummy growl! Hopefully the sat will distract the kids a little more-ahem-often when it's not raining..... ;D