Monday, June 23, 2008


Mmmmmmm..... is there anything better than the smell of fresh bread baking? No? Yeah I feel that way too. I was experimenting here to see is I could make some home made bread. This was a farmhouse loaf that I augmented with rosemary and olive oil.

It probably could have baked a little longer for a more golden brown appearance, but it still tasted awesome. If it proves to be more cost effective to make my own bread vs. buying it in the store, I may just have to start making my own bread from now on.

The kids decided it was good, and I guess in the scope of things, that's the best endorsement I could get!


Putz said...

will you marry me, oh wait a minute that only works for the fdlds in texas and the other way around, shhooot...i rememer hot scone from my auntt 30 years ago, no 40 years ago, no 50 years ago

Blondefabulous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry Putz! I don't think Hubby will let me cook far anyone else but him. He's too fat and happy!

IRISHKAT said...

Looks yummy!!

Lady Jaye said...

Share the recipe. I'm always up for a good bread recipe!