Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Ants Came Marching One By One.....

Ugh! Summer has it's draw backs. I can take the heat. I can take the humidity. The violent summer thunderstorms are just fine. I am a Florida girl, born and raised. As George Lopez would say......Ah got dis! One thing I never got was the bugs. {shiver} I am not a buggy sort of person. I take it upon myself to exterminate every one I see, unless it is outside.... then they are on their own turf and more power to'em. Right now...I got ants.

And not just any ants. I have those damn Crazy Rasbery Ants. You've seen them on CNN and other various news outlets. They eat fire ants, and run around like nuts! Hell, they are nuts! They also don't bite, but they are taking over my bathroom. The one I just painted! They are driving me nuts! It seems my bathroom is the way to nirvana for these little guys, because they come up here and die by the thousands! Hundreds of thousands! When I get up in the morning, I have to vacuum up the entire floor. Yuck. I just caulked the whole thing, including the bolts at the bottom of the toilet. I count my blessings that they aren't the biting kind seeing as how I am allergic. I still don't want them thinking my bathroom is the promised land though.

We're still enjoying the satellite TV we had installed this past Sunday. The kids, however, don't understand about how when it rains really hard, the TV will go out because the satellite loses signal. Since we had TV for the kids to watch, HHH and I snuck off to ......ahem...... be alone. Sure enough, a thunderstorm blows in as they are wont to do in the summer and the latest episode of SpongeBob goes pfttt from the screen. So what does my 6 year old son, my kindergarten graduate, do??


"Mom? Dad? The TV's out."

"Yes, son. We heard the sound cut off."

"What do we do now?"

"Wait for it to come back on."

"When will that be?"

"We don't know son."

"Oh. OK then."

Yeah. That was awkward. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. Funny how we haven't had any rain in months, but when we put up a satellite to get TV, suddenly the summer rainy season starts in full swing! Can we say Irony??

The poll is almost closed. Today is the last day to vote. All you lurkers get going and vote for me. I wanna know what you are doing for the summer.

I gotta go see if nirvana needs vacuuming again...........


Putz said...

if you want to see sme real ants go to the new indy movie, those sucker could really go through some human types

Anonymous said...

Yeah, dammit, and the poison oak too. * scratch scratch scratch*

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Aw man! I am minding my business, reading along and them BAM! This photo is like a horror flick to me. I hate insects and if a hoard of ants ever marched up onto my body like that I'd probably keel over on the spot. Ugh...