Monday, June 30, 2008

The Doctor's Office....Part II

Well, we got to the doctor's office in the CMS building in Lakeland with minimal delay. We had a little problem with the fact that HHH and I Mapquested the WRONG ADDRESS! Yep, we went to the main offices in Lakeland proper instead of to the specialty clinic in Lakeland Hills. Luckily for me, I always build in a 30 minute cushion for any kind of doctor's visit.

After we finally got there, it was a short wait and we were back in the rooms giving blood samples, taking height and weight measurements, and giving the family histories. That took up the majority of the time spent in the back. We saw the doctor for about 15 minutes tops! I gave her everything we had from the school and from the other doctors, and she just looked it over, and said put Junior on Morgans regimen, and up Morgan's Lantus to 12 instead of 10. OK no problem. Then the Dr. and the nurse wrote out 6 scripts for each child, (total of twelve) and we were out the door. After a stop at Burger King for a little lunch.....(the McDonald's was just awful and we walked out.), we headed home by a more direct route.

The last picture is the cat on my new rug. I got it because there is an iron hole where the former tenant burned through it and the landlord didn't replace it. Fluffy decided it was his rug and has been sprawled out on it ever since. I got cat hair all over it! Dorky cat!

D Day! Doctor Day!

Sorry kiddies. This isn't going to be too involved just yet. I am up getting everything ready got us to go to the doctor in Lakeland this morning. I woke up at 6:45am even though I had the alarm set for 7:30am. Of course I did! Who needs to be rested for a visit to the endocrinologist's office? Not me!

Yeah, so last night was interesting. We ordered Wrestling on PPV, (I don't want to hear it!) and HHH invited his brother over to watch it. I had made a huge dinner and HHH also invited BIL's wife and kids over too. Funny how even though I am nice as can be to her after all that happened, she still won't even speak to me. And I never even did anything to her. She and her mom kicked us out!! They didn't come though. BIL got over here and I got him some dinner, drinks, dessert and popcorn. Yeah, when I entertain, I go all out! We watched the PPV in the living room....all of us, including my daughter, who is a rabid John Cena Fan. The match he was in was the last one of the night.....aaaaaand they think he tore his pectoral muscle again. I don't care who you are, it takes some major skills to do what those guys do, fake or not!

Ok, I gotta go get a shower and get ready for the drive up to Lakeland. I have all my letters at the ready and all my paperwork for the school sitting on the shelf by the door under my purse. I just gotta get the kids up and going, the HHH up and going, and we'll be on our way! See you later.....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning In The Country.

Here we are, at the last day of our Yard Sale, and the cool morning breeze is keeping the humid summer day at bay. Luckily for me, the weather man says it isn't going to rain until early evening, so I won't have to pack up in a hurry, like last Sunday. The yard needs mowing again. All the rain has really put this conglomeration of grass into high gear. It seems to be a mixture of crab grass, weeds, and field grass. It doesn't grow in any particular style or fashion,.... just seems to meander around the yard, growing willy nilly in clumps and patches. HHH got the shed cleaned out yesterday. He put everything we aren't using in the house out there. We bombed the heck out of it with bug bombs before doing so. Not that it will help. This is Florida, and huge bugs are part of the territory.

Tomorrow we are going to the endocrinologist. This appointment hasn't been cancelled so we are going. I am also bringing both my cancellation of the first appointment letter, and my rescheduling letter. I'm doing this so they can't say that I missed the first appointment and try to screw us over. I've had that happen before. In fact, just three days ago, the school nurse called us the other day to check on the kids and tried to tell me I MISSED our first appointment. I was like..."NONONONONONO! I did not miss any appointments, they CANCELLED my appointment!" That really chapped my butt when she said that! I had called the other nurse at the kids school to tell them that my appointment had been cancelled the day I got the cancellation letter and that I was getting in touch with the care coordinator of CMS to get a new appointment. You know, keeping them in the loop right? Well, that lady told the Head School Nurse that I missed the appointment, and then the Head School Nurse told our pediatrician I missed the appointment, and so on and so forth! STUPID!!!! I missed nothing! See, this is why I keep the letters! To prove I am not the idiot....they are the idiots.

So, I am waiting for someone to stop on by and purchase all of the worldly goods I have for sale. If it doesn't go today, It's getting packed off to the thrift store. I have no room.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I Have Noticed....

As 36 is fast approaching, and seeing how I have classified 36 as being the gateway to my backslide into old age, I have been really looking at a few things in my life and around me and here are a few things I have noticed.....

I am a ravenous news junky.

Yep, I am subscribed to CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc..... I am a member of Morning Express With Robin Meade and I get the newsletter via email before the show even starts. I constantly check the news wires for new information and am constantly updating HHH, who could, literally, care less. I was a rabid newspaper subscriber when we lived in the big city, but have had to put that on the back burner now that I live in podunk nowheresville. I have no idea why I became this way. As a child, I only read the comic section and avidly protested newspapers as a form of tree genocide. As a member of the new generation, I firmly believed that anything you truly needed to know, you could get from TV and radio. Ha ha ha was I wrong! Now I am aware that everyone had an angle, everyone has an agenda. It pains me to not be able to find out every last minute detail of some story that has caught my attention from the wires. I want to be the insider in the story, to know what is really happening, not just what the government wants me to know. And I am really disappointed that celebrity meltdowns now qualify as "news". That isn't news, that's just sad. News is democracy for a dictated nation, survivors showing courage in the face of death and despair, rebirth after Mother Nature has shaken our belief in what is and isn't real. Oh hang on a minute, CNN is breaking something about oil reserves in the Gulf....

I can morph.

I can be whoever or whatever I need to be at that moment. Need a super mom who can pull a science project out of her ass the night before it is due? I got that! Need a wedding cake baker at the last minute because the person who promised you they'd make it as a gift now says pony up $100 or you won't get it?? I got that! Need a hot sex kitten who will make you forget your name with her tounge and fingers??? I got that too! I have found that I can be anyone or anything you need me to be, as long as I have access to the internet should a little research need to be done. I have always been this way, and because of this, I have never known who I really am. The funny thing is, I'm OK with that. I really don't mind being the go to girl when you need something really badly. I like to know I can save the day when it needs saving, and can make your day even when it doesn't!

I am obsessed with taking photos.

This isn't a recent realization either. I loved taking photos since I was a child. When I was 13 or 14, a beloved Godfather gave me a 35mm camera (this was a while ago people), and a few other goodies to use to take pictures with. I studied with 4-H and began to take some really great pictures. It continued into college where I took some really good picture with the Band and by myself. Then I got married to my first husband and my photo taking stopped. My first husband literally sapped the life from me, and when we were broke and hungry, I sold my camera and all the memories it held for a mere $100 so I could feed my husband and myself. (I was also 6 months pregnant at the time.) I never was able to take the beautiful photos I used too, not until I met HHH. He gave me my eye back. He gave me my inspiration back. He gave me a digital camera to start taking more photos! Now, I am the family photographer. I chronical EVERYTHING, and if you follow me on Flickr, you know this for a fact. I have multiple family jaunts to Universal and Busch Gardens, school events, yard sales, funny crap I see when in town, just about everything.

I have discovered blogging to be totally awesome!

When I began blogging a scant two years ago, I wasn't sure what I'd write about, when I'd write it, or what to even call my blog. I started out small, as an addendum to my Yahoo 360 page. I'd put up pictures of the kids, what we were doing for the weekend, yadda yadda yadda...... but as I moved on and began to blog more regularly, I found I had a voice that every once in a while, someone actually heard! This was coolio to me. Someone actually heard what I had to say, even if it was about my kids catching their first fish, or my laughter at Brittney's nervous break down. I am now unable to go a day with out reading and writing all that is Blog. I have a network of people I read EVERY DAY! I almost feel like I am going into withdrawl if I can't read the blogs I read all the time and I like to comment to everyone. HHH even reads my blog, he doesn't understand why I do it, but he reads it anyway. Support like that just can't be beat. One of the bloggers I read is currently in NYC at an event of her own design called "BrittCon". Several bloggers are there with her, taking in the sights, touring the Museum of SEX, going to the Statue of Liberty. It all sounds so chic and blogworthy.....

I have more. Just little things I have seen over time and are finally starting to filter through to the brain. I'll get to them sooner or later. Right now, I'll just leave it at these four and wait a few days before I continue on......

Friday Photo Fun Fest!

This is my blogging buddy, Fluffawuffagus, or Fluffy for short. Now that we have the desk back, be climbs up and settles down next to me, ready for a pet or a chin scratch. Good Kitty!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Ugh. I didn't sleep very well last night.I tried to go to bed early with HHH, but I just ended up playing Mario Party DS for an hour and eventually nodding off, but I kept waking back up quite a bit. It's just crappy that I have to take Tylenol PM or something to that effect to get a decent night's sleep! Then add on the chickens that start crowing at 5am and I am just beat. Yawn! I need the weekend to hurry up and get here.

My birthday trip to Universal has been crapped up. We were going to go during the week of July 4th, mainly because my birthday is on July 2nd and we were just going to party on through the fourth and watch the fire works at Universal. No go. The tickets we got have that whoooooooole week blacked out, and we didn't notice it when we made that purchase. CRAP! So now we are planning a shorter stay the week after and I am just going to ignore my birthday until then! Heck I could take another week before turning 36. Nooooo problem. I didn't want to turn 36 anyway. This birthday is what I considered the midpoint in my life.(insert mid-life crisis here!) Most women in my family croaked around 70, maybe 71. So, in keeping with the family time line, that makes 36 the start of the backslide into old age. I'm not worried about it. I have people tell me every day that I don't look like I am close to 36. I still get carded occasionally. (w00t) I think that I need to start taking care of me better from here on out, though. You know, eat better, sleep better, all that jazz. We'll see.

I'm going to try and yard sale again this weekend. There's a 50% chance of rain though, so I may get rained out by the afternoon. I made over $100 last week, so here's hoping I have the same luck. If I don't sell it all this week, I'm just going to donate it to the local thrift store. I gotta get all this stuff situated and put away. Good news! I got my washer working in here! Now I can wash and hang it out on the line, or as I call it, my solar powered clothes dryer! Ha ha! The kids love that one.

Time to go and hang a few sheets out on the line. Sigh.......Summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ok, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

Alright. Now that we have all decided the idiot from Okeechobee is just lucky that he has the rest of him intact, let's get on with what I was going to write about yesterday.

The poll has been closed for a couple of days, and the results were as follows:






I'll admit, I was one of the theme park votes. We purchased yearly passes to Universal in Orlando. The kids are at an age where they can ride almost all the rides and we like to go to the shows. If I were a camping kinds gal, I might go for the great outdoors, but I just don't rough it that well. I need my memory foam mattress, my hot showers, and my food cooked to perfection, not over a campfire! What can I say, I'm a wimp! Now the big city would be nice to...... if I was married to someone who liked museums, arts, and sightseeing. HHH isn't exactly the artsy type. He is an adrenaline junky. So is our son, and stuffy museums just wouldn't satisfy their hunger for excitement.

I was also going to talk about the new vehicle we just purchased. It's a 96 Ford Explorer. Yeah I know.....SUV's are becoming fossils in this gas conscious age, but we test drove it over the weekend and it didn't do too bad. As long as HHH changes the oil regularly, and we don't treat it crappy, it should last for a while. The picture above is it. It is in really good shape in the inside. It has a CD changer, direction and temperature trip meter, and the storage bin in back has a cover that keeps people from seeing what's in back. It's neato bandito! I haven't owned a car in forever!

I was also going to talk about baking more bread, but I didn't bake any more. I need to try and bake some regular bread. The rosemary olive oil turned out great, and HHH had the ides to make a grilled cheese on it with Colby and mozzarella. That sounded awesome. I might try some rolls for tonight's roast chicken dinner.

So, that was what I was going to talk about yesterday, before I saw the idiot and the alligator. He keeps showing up on TV news programs and I am just sick with every one I see. The fact that he credits God with his survival is nice, but where was his brain when he decided to go swimming? Who was the idiot that bought this kid alcohol? They should be held responsible as well. I don't know, I just really don't want to tell people where my hometown is, because now instead of them saying "Where is that?", they're gonna be "Oh yeah! The place where that guy got his arm eaten off."

Yep. I am from the town where that guy got his arm eaten off.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stupid Is As Stupid Does....

OK kids. I was going to blog about my new vehicle and the poll results and my making more bread and all kinds of things today, but as I was watching CNN I saw this and thought I had to do a PSA about swimming in Lake Okeechobee.

Basically, YOU JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

See this genius? He and his friends decided to go swimming in a canal/lock area called Nubbin's Slough. Yeah, sounds innocuous right? Well, it's not. These Mensa candidates also decided to go swimming at NIGHT! Any idiot will tell you that you just don't do that either.

So dumb ass and his friends are swimming and splashing around........ at Lake Okeechobee....... which is known for having TONS of alligators.( You know, we have that little alligator hunt every year. The one that brings in 2000 or so alligators?) The inevitable happened. A gator came by and clamped on his arm and tried to drag his ass under. Lucky for Mr. Happy there, he was near the buoys and nets that cordon off the locks from boaters. He was able to keep a hold of that and keep the gator from dragging him down for a death roll. Unluckily, he lost his arm in the battle at about 4 inches above the elbow. He did do something intelligent that I have always heard about. With his one good arm, he found the head of the beast and gouged it's eyes. Then, alligator let go and his friends pulled him to shore and kept him from bleeding to death.

As a child, I lived on a canal that directly accessed Lake Okeechobee. We knew there were gators in there. From the very beginning, my mom and dad warned me about the gators, snakes, and such. We had a retaining wall put in to keep gators from perching on our canal bank and sunning. I have never in my life wanted to go swimming at night in it. That's the gator's hunting time. That's when the lake ceases to be a family playground of boating fun, and becomes a swirling deathtrap for anything, (or anyone), that comes near it.
The trappers were able to find and capture the alligator that bit off this kids arm, but it was too chewed up to be able to be reattached. So now, at the ripe old age of 18, this kid has to learn how to function as a productive member of society again. I bet he and his friends had just graduated OHS too. How can anyone in this day and age not know their lake and gator safety??? I would drive out to Nubbin's Slough as a teen and park in the lot and go climb the rocks to observe the alligators. They might have seemed lethargic, dinosaurs from an era that forgot to bring them along into the past, but don't let the sleeping giants fool you. They can turn on a dime and rip you to shreds.

Good ole' Kasey found that out the hard way.

UPDATE: OK. I found this story after my first publishing of this blog installment. In it, the kid who got his arm torn off by the alligator blames the attack on the over population of gators in Lake Okeechobee, saying..."They're not protected creatures, they're nusiance animals." WTF??? The story also mentions that this kid, who is 18, had been drinking alcohol when he decided to make this "swim" in alligator infested waters. Oh yeah, do something stupid and blame everyone but yourself for what results! What a complete dumbass! Anyway, here's that story too.


UPDATE #2: OK, now this idiot is on TV talking about how he has hunted gators, knew they were there and still he decided to go swimming, and yadda yadda yadda.......ENOUGH ALREADY!

Quit making this idiot sound like a courageous survivor. He's just a lucky fool, and it's good for him the Lord looks out for fools, drunks, and children. He qualified for 2 out of 3 of those at the time he met good ole Al E. Gator. Here's the CNN news video snippet.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Mmmmmmm..... is there anything better than the smell of fresh bread baking? No? Yeah I feel that way too. I was experimenting here to see is I could make some home made bread. This was a farmhouse loaf that I augmented with rosemary and olive oil.

It probably could have baked a little longer for a more golden brown appearance, but it still tasted awesome. If it proves to be more cost effective to make my own bread vs. buying it in the store, I may just have to start making my own bread from now on.

The kids decided it was good, and I guess in the scope of things, that's the best endorsement I could get!

Monday Blues.

OK for now, this is going to be short. My nieces are coming over at 9 ans I have to get the house kid proofed. Where my kids know what to and not to touch, my BIL's kids are allowed to run free and do as they please, so I need to put anything that can be used to throw, hurt, or break, up out of the way.

One thing I have to mention, is George Carlin passed away yesterday! AAaaaaauuuggghhhhh! I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know who George Carlin was! Even my kids are familiar with George Carlin through Thomas the Tank Engine and more recently, Cars. He was the VW Bus with the hippie flare. I can't recall the name at the moment. He was most remembered for his stand up comedy, including the famous "7 Words" routine that eventually resulted in a Supreme Court case! I wasn't old enough to enjoy his stand up the first time around, but when I went to college I was able to listen to him and see DVD's of his performances. He was a man who did his own thing and everyone else could either enjoy it or get the hell out of the way, and I will miss him.

UPDATE: Well, the BIL decided to stay home. He apparently was going to go to Universal,(on the tix that HHH and I bought him and his wife), but was discouraged by the weather report of rain in the afternoon. I told him, "What do you expect? This is Florida!" It is humid in the mornings and rainy in the afternoons. Well, at least I don't have to watch the nieces. I don't mind watching them, but they do not have the best of manners. They like to break stuff just to see if you'll get angry, then say, "I'll tell my gramma if you punish me, and then you'll go to jail!" Yeah. Greeeeeeeat kids there. I can't wait till the oldest starts kindergarten next year. A teacher that'll just kick her out of class instead of dealing with a rude, insufferable child is just the wake up call the BIL and SIL need to realize they have a problem!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yard Sale.....Day 2!

OK, so here I am, day 2 and it is deader than a doornail right now. I am expecting more traffic after church gets out. It is very nice outside today. Yesterday's thunderstorms have given way to a beautiful morning. Boy did it rain yesterday! Whew, I could not believe how much we got. In between bands of thunderstorms, HHH grilled burgers on the front porch. He is so happy he has his grill back. I got it for him for last Father's Day, and it's been a year. It has held up well. Go Wall to Wall Mart for finally making something that didn't fall apart in the first month of ownership!
The girls have been helping me, perhaps too much. They get a little pushy, and most people don't like pushy. Most people don't want to buy a barbie for $5 either. Still, they are good at keeping an eye on the stuff so I don't have the same thing happen to me as what happened to a fellow blogger....who had theft at her yard sale!

Still, it has been a pretty good weekend. I can't complain after making over $100 yesterday. I hope today is just as good! Tonight, we are going to BBQ again, only this time I am BBQ-ing chicken with mac-n-cheese, and grilled veggies! Mmmmmmm....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yard Sale Satruday!!

So, here I am, selling my goods outside on a glorious day in June! It is HOT and MUGGY! Of course it is, you fool, it's summer in Florida! I've already made $92 bucks and am hoping to make more..... Not even half of my stuff is gone. So as the day goes, I'll keep adding on. Mostly, there has been elderly people and Latino's looking at my stuff, but that makes sense since those are the main inhabitants of Bowling Green. I'll have pictures later too! Till then......

UPDATE: Ok, I got to about noon before the bottom dropped out, and I came a HUGE thunderstorm! My edlest, Rebecca, and I started bringing in all the stuff on the tables at the first sign of lightning. Whereas I will stay out in a light sprinkle, I do not see the benefit of staying out in a thunderstorm! I'll try again tomorrow. I have a bout 3 churches within a block of our house, and I am sure they will have a few people stopping by after services. Adam stopped by and left the comment to try and sell cold drinks, but I had so many hagglers, I'd have had someone try to bargin me down from $.50 to $.10 for a coke! Ha ha ha! Like I said..... I'll go back out tomorrow. I am glad I got a jump on starting early. I had the most customers between 7:30 and 9:00am.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Banging One Out.

Alrighty then! I am going to bang out something really quick so I can get back to the unpacking. Here goes...

Even though a storage facility SAYS it is clean and vermin free, doesn't mean it actually is.

You never find what you are looking for until the last place you look.

It is almost impossible to fit a 3 bedroom house full of crap into a 2 bedroom house. Like fitting 10 lbs. of shit in a 5 lb. bag.

When the kids have lived without their toys for 4 months, getting them back is like Christmas all over again.

The worlds biggest bug will always be living in the smallest box you go to open.

Said bug will jump out at you and scare the living daylights out of you.

The family photos that you hang on the walls will make you happy and sad all at the same time.

You realize that even if you get everything in the house unpacked, there are still 20 more boxes on the front porch waiting for you.

It will always rain when you are moving. ALWAYS!

The people you ask to help you move will see your naughty items accidentally.

Some part of you body will be severely disfigured and/or mangled while moving the heavy furniture that has no real hand holds the move it with. (My heel now has a HUGE hole in it.)

I am procrastinating unpacking because I am tired. I have gotta get those boxes in the kitchen unpacked and go through what I want to sell at the yard sale I am planning. I have enough kitchen crap to choke Emeril with. The kids have waaaay too many stuffed animals too. Their grandfather wins stuffed animals from those crane machine thingys and sends them to the kids all the time. The man is some kind of crane machine savant. Anyway, the kids now have a CRAPLOAD of these stuffed toys and we have to pare down just to fit it all in the room. So now I have to go and get dressed and start going through our crap. HHH was here to help yesterday, but I am on my own with the kids today. To make matters even more fun, it is raining AGAIN outside and I can't throw the kids out there when they start to bother me. Bollocks!

Oh well, here's to having my stuff again and making a house into a home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I Know I'm Late!

Yeah I know this is super late, but we have been unpacking since 7am this morning. You may have noticed my absence from some of my regular blogs and twitter..... but I doubt it. That's OK, I know you all are busy.

It got worse than these pictures make it seem. There was more coming in as I was taking these, and the porch still has boxes all on it too. I'll blog more tomorrow, but for now.......I got more unpacking to do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Has Some Big Shoes To Fill.

Ahhhhh...... First, let me say thank you to all who wished HHH and I a happy anniversary. It was well appreciated. Secondly, it was a great day.

Now, being that it was a Monday, HHH had to go in for work for a few hours. It could not be helped, because even though we consider our anniversary a national holiday..... um, the rest of the world does not. (stupid world) So as he was earning a wage, I was cleaning up with the help of my mini minions. During this little cleaning foray, there was a knock at the kitchen door. It was one of the Redneck Construction Crew. He was asking if it would be OK if he could bring a boat through my yard since his was fenced in. I said no problem, and tried really hard not to crack up in front of him. I sooooo wanted to tell him that he and his friend were Internet sensations,(they have more hits on my flickr than my regular shots!), but I didn't. I just nodded to his "Thanks, ma'am.", and went back to cleaning.
HHH came home at 1:30 and we got ready to go out. The BIL said he was still OK to babysit for us, which I STILL think is a rip off seeing as how we got him,his eldest daughter,and his wife year long passes to Universal Studios! We even had to provide dinner for our kids, though we were dropping them off at 3:30pm. So we drop off the kids, give BIL $5 to go get a pizza for ours as he had mentioned he was getting that for his kids as well, and left to go over to the metropolis of Sebring, Florida to have dinner and see a movie.
We get over there and find the movie theater. It's a little place that has matinees. We wanted to go see a movie first and then go out to dinner. We went to see "You Don't Mess With The Zohan". Yeah, I know...... I read it over at Avitable's place.... everyone has been panning this and Adam Sandler, but I liked it! That's putting it mildly. I LAUGHED MY FRIGGIN ASS OFF AT IT!!!!!!! I would much rather watch a movie and laugh at a dorky sight gag than one where I have to put my University education to work just to understand the punchline. Must be my retarded sense of humor. Well, we are in the theater, and the lights go down, the projector starts, and ......

I AM WATCHING COMMERCIALS FOR CARS, THE NATIONAL GUARD, AND OTHER CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I counted 4 commercials before the PREVIEWS even started! What the frick is that?? And then, just to make the movie even more enjoyable, the picture was slightly crooked, and someone was doing roof construction during the first half of it! I still laughed hard enough to disturb the other patrons of the movie! Now I want some Fizzy Bubbbula, and I want it now!
After the movie, we headed over to a local eatery. It's a chain place that has revamped it's image, so we thought we'd give it a shot. It was pretty dead for 6:30 on a Monday so we were seated quickly and our waiter shuffled over for our drink order. I got a nice pinot grigio and HHH ordered a coke. We ordered a spinach artichoke dip, and two featured entrees, Then we sat and just talked. It is so rare that we get to talk, no TV's, no kids, no interruptions. We talked about the last 8 years together and how things would have been wildly different for both of us had we not met and gotten together. The whole while we were kind of wondering where our appetizer was, but the conversation was so good, we didn't really miss it. So, we see some movement out of the corner of our eyes, and it's our dinner showing up. Hmmm..... what happened to the spin-art dip? We ask the guy bringing the dinners out to check on where it had gotten to and we dug into our entrees. I got the grilled chicken portobella, HHH got the Shrimp pasta. It was good. I could tell the mushrooms weren't portobella mushrooms, but it was cooked well, tasted great, and was presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. As we were enjoying our yummy goodies our waiter came over and apologized for our appetizer never getting rung in. He owned the mistake, which I found refreshing since a lot of times people like to play pass the buck when something like that happens. He offered his apologies and we said not to worry that since it was our wedding anniversary, we enjoyed the time talking to each other. He congratulated us and said he would send out a free dessert as a way of saying he was sorry for the appetizer mix up. It was a chocolate cake with ice cream. Mmmmm... nummy! Finally, we figured up an 18% gratuity and left to go back to the BIL's to pick up the kids. BIL called while we were driving and we decided to meet at Wall to Wall Mart. The BIL's whole family was there and I find it absolutely HILARIOUS that the SIL still will not look me in the eye after all that crap that happened back in March. Such a hypocrite. I am nice, I am a better person. I still exchange pleasantries and purchase her kids ice cream. I take her daughters to the bathroom so she can think for a moment with out all the "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!" she gets on a daily basis. So we get a cart, shop around a bit and my kids are hollaring that they are hungry. I think this is unusual since HHH gave the BIL $$$ to buy them their own pizza. HHH goes to the deli and buys them a chicken strips meal and as we are getting in the truck and they are diving in to it I ask them if they ate pizza like HHH and I planned, they said yes, all of the kids did. I say, "You mean, you guys had a pizza and their kids had a pizza, right?". "No mom, Uncle M only bought 1 pizza for all six of us kids." WTF?? He used the money that we gave him for pizza for our kids and never bought a pizza for his own kids, and made them all share! What a cheap ass! I was not very happy. No wonder my kids were hungry when we got back. {sigh} Next year, all they get for their anniversary is a card and a McDonalds Arch Card for $5.

So I had a good time. HHH had a good time. We got to spend some quality time together and after the kids went to bed....... we had a VERY good time! Sorry this was so long, but it was a good day. Once more, thank you for all the good wishes and such. It was touching.

I still say Zohan was funny!

Monday, June 16, 2008

On This Day, 4 Years Ago.....

HHH and I were married in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Treasure Island Casino and Resort. He was so handsome, in his dark tux. I had a beautiful dress that was copied after the one in the movie "Vegas Vacation". It was wonderful and worth the long wait. Let me tell you why we had waited....

We had planned to get married many times before. HHH had asked me to marry him over 4 years before. Some how, some way,..... something always ruined every other time we had planned to get married. We had picked one date, a church, a wedding party, only to have my then almost Ex decide he was going to drag his feet and delay our divorce, (that had already dragged on for 3 years!), and make us have to cancel everything. Then there was the time a year later that we had planned a smaller wedding, just us in the wedding party, no church, just a courthouse wedding, but as we were going to the county clerks office to get the license, our car breaks down in the middle of frickin' NOWHERE, and we miss getting what we needed to get married. Then the final straw was when we planned to get married on Valentine's Day, but came to find out that HHH's brother, (the infamous BIL on here), heard we were going to get married then and decided it would be a good time for him and his now wife to get married as well. Call me selfish, but I did not want to share my wedding anniversary with two pregnant teenagers, (he was 16, she was 15). I gave up after that. There was a flurry of me tossing out all the wedding books, planners, dress photos, everything! I returned all my wedding stuff I had saved, I put away all the wedding themed DVD's we had, and I was just sick at heart every time I saw a David's Bridal commercial. Eventually, I let it go and we just got on with our lives. We moved to Memphis to be with HHH's mom, and started a life up there. While we were there, I started working for the Gourmet grocery and restaurant where I cut my cheffing teeth. The people were wonderful. HHH and I were doing well. It felt right and one night, while we were surfing the web, HHH started looking at Las Vegas and the possibility of going there to get married. It had been another year and a half since the last failed attempt and I was still kind of apprehensive, but the web sites looked so beautiful, the packages looked so easy, the prices were so ......CHEAP! OMG! I was amazed that these people were going to do everything from take us in a limo to the courthouse to get our marriage license, to getting me a pre-wedding massage to soothe my nerves, and at such a reasonable price! All I had to do was get a dress and get to Vegas! So we saved planned and sent in our deposits and got our plane tickets. I even talked HHH into taking his mother with us and getting her her own suite. We spent a week in Vegas. We arrived on a Monday, got married on a Wednesday, and just had fun till we left on Friday. The wedding was beautiful. I had orchids in a long, trailing bouquet. Orchids! There was no way I could have afforded orchids if I had tried to plan the wedding on my own! I had my own wedding planner and we got to pick music to be played.(Processional : First, Last, Everything by Barry White, Recessional: Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley) We had professional video, we had professional photography, we had a tower suite with champagne and breakfast in bed the next morning after the wedding!!!!!! IT! WAS! AMAZING! It was the most fun I had ever had! And we were married! MARRIED! No more screw ups, no more having to share the date...... ha ha ha ha we were married. I was a June bride. We even had it broadcast over the Internet so our friends and family in Memphis could see it. And they did! The whole store I worked for watched it on the bosses computer in the managers office..... hope no one was trying to shop then!

So here we are, four years in and we have survived lots of drama, lots of hard times, and had lots of fun! We're still here, even though all the numerology, horrorscopes, and Chinese compatibility charts say we are basically incompatible. So here's to you honey. I love you so very much and I can't wait to see you after work tonight! {wink wink} Here's to many more years together.

And to everyone who said we wouldn't make it....................................


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It's Sunday. Father's Day. The day we celebrate all our father's and father figures. I started out the morning making a huge breakfast for HHH to enjoy in bed. Bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns... you get the picture. The kids all came out and wished him a happy father's day. I wished him a happy father's day. HHH's father called and wished him a happy father's day. It has been a happy father's day all around so far, why do I feel so crappy? Why do I feel like I'm not doing enough to make it a great day? I got to go to Universal for mother's day..... we rode rides and had a blast. We didn't get to do anything close to that today. We aren't even going to get to go and see the movie HHH wanted to see(Iron Man) because the only theater showing it is in Bradenton. He has settled for going to go see Kung Fu Panda and I just KNOW he doesn't want to go see that.
I guess I just feel crappy because even though HHH says he is having a nice day.....I can't do crap to really make it a nice day. We had to pay storage on our furniture so I couldn't get him a nice gift, can't afford to take him out to the movie he wants to see, basically I can't do crap for him. It just sucks. Yeah yeah, I know, "It's the thought that counts.", but really people. I gotta say that I need to be able to do something for him. He never gives me any ideas for gifts to get him, never asks for anything, what's a girl to do??

I guess I'll just smile and keep asking him if I can do anything for him.... and then just nod when he tells me no again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Decided To Be A Jerk.

Man! Yesterday was not being kind to me. It was Friday the 13th, and I felt every bit of it. It started with a knock at the door. The Bug Doctor was here to measure the house for termite tenting. I say OK, and go to get dressed. Then I hear the garbage truck coming down the road, aaaaannnnndddd I look out by the mail box and see..... HHH forgot to put out the trash cans! Great! I throw on something over my jammies, slip on my sandals and rush out the door to drag the cans out to the mail box before the truck passes my house! Then, the kids being full of energy in the morning, but not wanting to do their chores. Hmph. Ok, throw the little buggers outside and relax. That works for about two hours...... then a thunderstorm rolls in for the ENTIRE afternoon! Ugh. So now I have the runts stuck in the house, full of energy, with nothing to do. Double ugh. I start to feel another sinus migraine coming on. Triple ugh!!!! I run to the medicine cabinet to get some sinus medication, hoping to head it off before it starts. No good. I begin to feel like someone has taken an aluminum baseball bat and teed off on my right temple, neck and shoulder! It hurts so bad, I almost throw up my chicken parm twice. Then, to top it all off, THE STUPID FRICKIN' PHONE WON'T STOP RINGING!!!!!!!!! AAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I am in severe pain and have people trying to sell me newspaper subscriptions, satellite service, bill collectors for the woman who used to live here, etc etc etc.......???? Why me?

Ugh! I just can't say it enough. UGH! And of course, through all of that, the dog was cowering at my side. Poor Toby is deathly scared of thunder and hides under the covers when it approaches. He shakes more than a chocolate malt at a Tastee Freeze! Luckily the storm passed with out the hail and high winds that were predicted, but the RV park across the street lost a tree or two to the lightning. Once the rain had let up a bit, I saw that one of our garbage cans that I rushed out to the road was now occupying the middle of the road. Once more I throw on my shoes and jog out to get my trash can before it is flattened by a grove truck. Just as I am walking back in the door, the world whites out for a second....then two....... then BOOM!!!!! Huge lightning strike takes out another tree across the street. I decide that should another of my trash cans decide to occupy the road can just darn well stay there! I'll buy another one!!

Speaking of buying another one, we went to Wall to Wall Mart after the HHH came home. We needed more fresh fruit and milk for the homestead, and I was going to look for a different brand of sinus medication that may work better than the crap I was taking earlier in the day. A little fresh air helped a lot. We got home, I took my new meds, and I drifted off in to dream land sans migraine. Ahhh.... bliss!

So now to see what today brings......

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neener Neener Neener! That's What You Get For Being A Dumbass!

Ha ha ha, you jerkwad POS! They caught this kid and a few of his friends for desecrating that cemetery right before Memorial Day. Here's the story....
You may remember how I blogged about my disbelief that someone could do something like that right before a major holiday! I was disgusted and dismayed as an American and a human being that a person could care so little for the feelings of the families who lovingly decorated and cared for their loved ones final resting place. I was so hoping that they would catch the scum that did this horrible thing and make them pay. Now, hopefully this kid and his little friends will pay, but I bet it will be the parents who bear the brunt of the cost for replacing 27 tombstones. It amounts to a 3rd degree felony. Perhaps this is rightly so, since many are asking why the parents didn't know their kids where abouts in the wee hours of the morning. Either way, I hope those kids get the book thrown at them. Maybe a few hundred hours of community service cleaning up cemeteries around town will change their tune..... I doubt it though.

Summer Rains....

Wow. Yesterday was a doozy when it comes to our South Florida summer rainstorms. For the first hour before the slow moving behemoth of a storm finally passed over us, we received severe lightning. Not just a pop here and a pop there, but loud, tree splitting cracks of lightning that echoed into the distance. My Yorkie shook in sheer, palpable fear from it! Morgan held him throughout most of it. I was cooking dinner and keeping an eye to the window to track where the storm was headed. I had been looking at the Weather Channel online, but the track of the radar, and what I was watching just didn't jive. I figured it would be better to keep a lookout.

We got a small chest freezer and another A/C yesterday as well. The freezer was a necessity since even though the fridge has been looked at and repaired, it still doesn't freeze anything solid. Now I can freeze what I need to and just use the whole fridge as a fridge. The A/C will make it easier to cool the whole house without straining the main A/C unit.

Then, As the storm was going over, I got the worst headache! It felt like my sinuses just all stopped up at once! I was off balance, nauseous, and in major pain. I thought it was because of not having eaten in quite a while, but it was bad even after I ate.... so I figured it had to be the weather. I have noticed that when the sky darkens, I get these headaches. Time to stock up on the sinus and allergy medicine I guess, but this never used to happen before.

The Poll is now closed. I had asked what everyone was doing with their stimulus check and I left it open for multiple answers. "Bills" got the most votes with 5, followed by "Vacation" with 4. Then it was a dead heat between "Savings" and "Stuff" with 1 vote each. One thing that really surprised me was no one marked "Gas" as a choice! I figured with gas predicted at going as high as $5 a gallon, it would surely eat up a percentage of the checks, but no. No one chose that. Weird.

Not much else going on today. I am making plans for what I am going to make for Father's Day on Sunday, and we are trying to decide what to do on Monday for our wedding anniversary. I still don't know what to get him as a gift. He's not a gifty kind of person, which make it extremely difficult to get him anything! Maybe I'll put it to a vote.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nirvana Is Getting A Little Crowded!


I am beginning to dislike our house. Not because of the house itself, but for what I find with the dawning of each new day.
This is the view out of my kitchen window. Yep, tubby redneck construction. The neighbors to the right of us keep burning god knows what in the burn pit behind their house, and are trying to reconstruct this old shed.
Nothing tastier than a chubby redneck with no shirt and a farmers tan nailing boards up above his head so his butt crack is showing.
Sorry, I had to vomit for a moment. OK, all better. So, I'm trying to make dinner last night and the window by the stove directly faces Laurel and Hardy here. I kept losing my appetite. Ugh.... then, after dinner we found...


Yep. Seems the termites have been chewing on this house too. They were coming from the sill in front of the living room window. not a lot, but you know, for every one you see, there are thousands you don't see. HHH was asking what we could do to kill them and I said the house would have to be tented. He doesn't think the land lord will go for that though. I don't see why not since it is his investment he'd be saving from the termite smorgasbord. So we have the ants in the bathroom, and termites in the living room, and neighbors who should really keep their shirts on while doing possibly illegal construction.


I miss the big city. I miss Starbucks, restaurants, shopping, people, entertainment, medical care, etc.... I grew up in a small town, and even though I was glad to return for a while, I found I had gotten used to having goods and services at my fingertips. I liked only having to drive 5 minutes to get to the mall, not an hour and a half! It is inconvenient to have to drive to the next town for a Whopper! No ice cream shops, no nail salons, no Pilate's studio, nothing!! There is 1 Dollar General and a Mexican Tienda/grocery and that's it. The one stop light we have here only flashes. The side walk ends before you get to our house.....


I miss the city.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have You....



There isn't much time left. It gets to be midnight there much faster than here!! Click the link on the right, go enter a photo NOW, win some great swag!!!! Tomorrow will be too late!

I'd have put this blog up sooner, but I have felt like crap all morning. I just woke up about half an hour ago. When I am nauseous, I have to sleep it off. It's the only thing that keeps me from puking. My son was cute and snuggled in bed with me while I was sleeping. I had weird dreams though, because as I was sleeping, he had the TV turned to SpongeBob and Dora and Diego. Much too strange.

Yesterday was harsh. It started raining early in the afternoon, then around 5:00pm, we had a huge squall blow in and pummel the house! We had hail, winds up to 45 mph, and severe lightning! I got video of it and of the hail coming down.... and of Toby trying to run out into it! I couldn't figure it out. Why would my little dog, who is scared of thunder and lightning, run out into the storm?? Weird. It lasted about 30 minutes and finally blew over. We didn't sustain any damage, but I did notice a few branches on the oak tree outside that need to be cut so they don't get blown down taking the electric line leading to the house with it. The Weather Channel says it may happen again today, so we are going to go out and play early so the kids don't start bouncing off the walls like yesterday.

Here's the video, but I have to warn you, I curse at the dog in it..... I was a little upset that he tried to run out in the storm.

So, aside from that, yesterday was uneventful. I did finally get a preliminary date for the kids Doctor appointment. Hopefully this one won't get cancelled as well. I have got to get them in and soon.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

What The Heck Am I Blogging About?

Monday has arrived, and we were supposed to be traveling to the CMS office for a doctor's appointment as we speak, instead, I am waiting for a phone call to come that will explain why our appointment was cancelled and when they are going to get us a new one. This just smacks of the Doctor in Stuart who quit right before my kids were suppose to get their appointment so they could start school. Why can't these people get their crap straight? Don't they realize that these are children who need a doctors care? If I don't hear from the care coordinator by 11:30am, I am going to start lighting up their switchboard.

Other than that, I don't have much on the schedule for today. HHH and I had cleared the whole day because of these appointments. They usually take at least 3 hours for each child. Add 6 hours in a doctor's office to and hour and a half of travel each way and the day is done. As it is, I have to call Dr. Apu and tell him what is going on, and ask him if he'll renew Morgan's scripts that went out of date. He will not be happy. Neither will the school nurse, Beth. She was adamant that we get to this appointment so that we could get paperwork for the next school year filled out and filled so the kids could start on time and ready to go. I'm not seeing that as being a good phone call.

{sigh} I have to get up and start getting the kids rolling on the house cleaning. I give them the weekends off, but during the week, we are going to keep to the daily schedule of cleaning up in the morning, then playing in the afternoon.

I need a swing set.....
UPDATE: Finally got a hold of the coordinator at CMS. Seems the doctor had to cancel the clinic because of an out of town emergency. They could have at least set a new appointment date for us and mailed that, but as it is, I am going to have the coordinator call me back in about 30 minutes and see when the new appointment is going to be. It better be before August 8th when school starts!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It Was A Dark & Crappy Night....

Sheesh! I was having the worst evening yesterday. First, we had to go to the store and pick up a few things, after fighting the Saturday evening traffic (which was more than you'd think in this little podunk town), we get back and I have Rebecca check the mail box. There was one letter in it. A letter from the CMS in Lakeland. The CMS that we have an appointment to go to and get the kids checked out by the endocrinologist. The letter says the appointment has been cancelled, and please do not show up. No reason why, no new appointment date, nothing!! I am pissed off. HHH had asked for that day off already from work, I had gotten all the appropriate forms from the school nurse and new forms for the coming year. My daughter's prescriptions are out of date and I needed to have them renewed at this appointment. I left a "choice" message for the care coordinator as to how unhappy I was with this decision and how URGENT it is that I need a new appointment for my kids! From there, it went down hill.

I waited for the Belmont to go down. I, like many others, was rooting for Big Brown to win the triple crown. There hasn't been a triple crown winner since my husband was born! 29 years! I was really rootin' for him. Then the race began and it looked like Big Brown was gonna win it.... but in the last turn something looked wrong. The jockey pulled BB up and out of the way of the other horses, and BB finished dead last. I started thinking that maybe something was wrong like with 8 Belles at the Preakness and maybe the jockey didn't want that outcome to happen to BB. I was sad that it went down like that, but better a live loser than a dead winner. Maybe next year....

Then, in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep, the power kept going off. I know this because the A/C makes a beeping noise when it loses power. So, for the next 3 to 3 1/2 hours, I was listening to the electricity flip on and off.

beep. beep. BEEP! BEEP!

It sucked. I got no sleep. I felt like crap. Finally, sometime around 4:30am or 5am, it came back on for good. I relaxed back into the sweet oblivion of slumber, only to hear the kids start to stir around 8 am. {sigh} Time to just tune it out and let HHH take care of it.

I slept on for a while. It felt good to sleep in. Then I felt a big thump in the bed. I shot up out from the covers and blinked several times. HHH was perched on the side of the bed with breakfast in hand, OJ at the ready, smiling from ear to ear. He said I always make breakfast for him, it was my turn to enjoy it. It was sooooo sweet! He really is a great hubby!

So now, we went and got the laundry done, HHH has put up a mini blind in the kitchen, and I am going to get ready to make BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, and baked beans for dinner I am gonna be lighting up the telephone tomorrow if I don't hear back from the care coordinator at CMS. I am also going to call Dr. Apu and see if he can put some pressure on them too. I also have to ask him if he can write new scripts for Morgan for her stuff.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday....In The Park... Every Day's The .....

Ahhhh.... here it is, Saturday morning, and the kids are enjoying TV that's not fuzzy with static! I don't think I've seen them happier, 'cept maybe when I was making the caramel French toast yesterday morning.

It's not going to be all TV and laziness this summer though. Noooooooo! I have a plan that I put into motion yesterday and it seems to have worked well. In the morning, after we have had breakfast and taken care of insulin application, the house gets a thorough cleaning. That includes jobs appropriate for each child, like vacuuming for the eldest, down to garbage duty for the boy. I take care of the mopping and anything involving chemicals, but anything else goes. After the house is clean, it's lunch time and after that, it's outside into the sunshine and fresh air for 5 hours of imagination and play. I think we can keep that up for 2 months right?

Monday is a trip to the endocrinologist's office. We're off to Lakeland to hit up CMS and get them to examine the kids. The school nurse has even given us next year's school plans to get filled out! I am hoping that they'll change up Junior's insulin regimen and put him on the Lantus like his sister. It has really evened her out and I am hoping that's what it'll do to him too. I'm sure we'll get the usual "Correct diet and exercise" spiel, which is what we have been doing at home, but the school is more reactive, not proactive. That means they don't give insulin in anticipation of a meal, they give it a few hours after, and when you do that, of course the sugar level is going to be higher two hours later when you check. I understand, though, that a school nurse can only do as much as a schools policy says they can. Still..... it'd be nice if they were more proactive.


Time to get out of bed, I suppose, and get started on the day. I don't wanna though.... I want to stay in bed and relax. Maybe I'll get up later.... around lunch time. It's mac and cheese with little hot dog slices day! Whoo hoo!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mmmmmm...... Caramel French Toast!

To celebrate my little winners first day of summer vacation, I have made a yummy treat! Oven Baked Caramel French Toast!
Yes, that is home made caramel sauce poured over it! I was sounding like Homer Simpson while this was cooking. "Mmmmmm.... french toast! drool, smack, slurp, drool. The kids got extra insulin just so they could partake in the yummyness!

I partook in it too!
Now to figure out what to make for dinner...
Chicken Parmesan, perhaps?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Winners....

OK, we have all heard about Morgan and he awesome day at the school field day resulting in the winning of some ribbons and her good grades resulting in her being on the honor roll, now how 'bout the other two.....

Here's Junior with his 3rd place ribbon for the team relay! He's a very good runner. Very fast, not too graceful at times, but a fast little kid!
Then there's Rebecca. She got a first place ribbon in the team relay, and a sixth placing the 50 yard sprint. She also has a ribbon for perfect attendance for the 9 weeks and a ribbon for the honor roll. We also got her FCAT results back and as expected, she was in the top 90th percentile despite the fact of our homelessness, moving twice, and switching schools. I have always stressed learning and hard work and it looks like it is paying off. (Happy fist pump in the air at Jasper of Dad's who mock...)
I got great kids who rock hard!!!!

I Feel Like Crap.....

Not flaming elephant crap, but pretty close. I woke up sicker than a dog this morning. A better analogy would be I woke up sicker than the cat after eating a few lizards. He was always horffing those up when he had access to them. Either way, it ain't gonna be a great day today. I was supposed to walk back up to the school today and pick up the kids medications and such from the nurses office, but that's going to have to wait until HHH comes home on his lunch break. I will be puking up a lung if I try that today. It's going to be in the upper 90's today here with no chance of rain. I'd probably keel over before I even got a quarter mile in.
As you can see from the photo, I have another winner in the family. My kids kick major fanny!!!! This is Morgan, and she won several ribbons for Field Day. She got a Second in the team relay, a Fifth in the frog jump, and a Sixth in the40 yard dash! She's also wearing a ribbon for being on the honor roll! Whoo-hoo! My kid RAWKS!!!!!! I am waiting to see what the other ones bring home today. Junior says he won a ribbon too. I'll post that picture later today when I get it.
This is gonna be a short one. I feel awful. I need soup.......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yesterday Was The Day That Was.

Well, yesterday was ....... interesting.

I say interesting because fat burning sack of elephant shit isn't quite as genteel as I would like to sound. Let me regale you with the events of yesterday.

I fought the ants and caulked the bathroom. I used a whole tube of standard grade bathroom caulk. I was feeling like I had won when I suddenly see them streaming out from under the sink. The little bastards had just changed directions and started coming in on the pipes leading under the sink! I caulked that one too! Ha ha! I will win I say. When I got up this morning, I didn't have a huge graveyard on the floor, so I must have done something right.

I was a little disappointed that the neighbors I made the cake for Saturday didn't hurry to pay me yesterday. They were a little strapped for cash when she was asking about making the cake for her and I said that it wasn't a problem if she paid me on Tuesday. I usually get at least the materials money up front when I do a cake, but I let it slide this time since they are nice people and we are neighbors. Well, I eventually had to send HHH over there to collect for me. It was 7pm by the time they paid up. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but since I didn't get any up front money, I had to take part of my weekly grocery budget and use it to buy what I needed for the cake, subsequently, we had nothing for dinner last night until I got paid. I kind of made me a little annoyed. We go grocery shopping today, but I had to feed my kids last night, ya know?

The nurse would not stop calling me yesterday!!!! Junior had woken up at a blood sugar level of 59, which is a low number for his sugar level, but he was coherent and talking so I just gave him his breakfast and started dressing him. I didn't want to give him his full load of insulin and have him possibly crash on the bus to school so I only gave him a partial dose. Well, at lunch he had skyrocketed, and the calls began. She called me about the initially high reading she got, then she called me to say she was going to give him insulin and send him to lunch, then she called me to say I should call the doctor and ask if Junior needed to be taken to the emergency room, then she called me to say SHE had called the doctor and that he was waiting for my call. UGH! I thought to myself, "When he gets home, I'll have him drink a bottle of water and go outside to play for two hours." Junior gets home and I call the doctor since the nurse had set him up for my call already and what do you think he tells me to do?? Give Junior some water and send him outside to play and check him in two hours and call back to tell the office Juniors sugar number. Ha ha! I was right! Junior ended up coming in in an hour and a half, checked his blood sugar, and it was 130. Right where it should be.

The story of just why Junior came in was a good one too. Our neighborhood is very rural. Not a lot out here, so I feel comfortable letting the kids go out and play alone. It means I can get crap done, like dinner, with a minimum of interruptions. Yesterday, the girls had come in to do something and Junior was outside still playing on the Dr. Apu's orders. My Mom senses start to tingle, letting me know something is up. Suddenly I hear a loud crying sound. it gets louder as it approaches the door. It's Junior. He has somehow hurt himself. I keep asking "What did you do?" over the screaming, but all I get is, "I was walking in the front yard and fell and hurt my butt!" I think about the physics of it all. How does one hurt their butt if they are walking with a forward momentum? You would fall on your face, not your butt. Then I inspect the damage. Sure enough, he has a nice gouge taken out of his left lower back, and a big, scraped spot right where the sun don't shine. There is no way he got that from just "falling down". I put two and two together and figure out he had been swinging on a tree in the yard and fell out of it. This was a forbidden tree. Why, you ask? Because it has a stump underneath it with some sharp roots sticking up. I forbade anyone climbing up that particular tree because I could just see someone falling out and impaling themselves on one of the sharp roots. Well, Junior didn't impale himself, but he knows now why I said not to climb there! Funny how my big, grown up man, my kindergarten graduate, suddenly became mommy's little boy who needed his boo-boo's washed and band-aids put on and cuddling love to make it all better. I didn't kiss the butt boo-boo though.

The poll is closed now. I had asked everyone what they were going to do for summer. I got the most votes for "Work". Then "Vacation and Travel" and "Stay-cation" came in second. "Summer and Sport Camps", "Home Improvement", and "Nothing" all tied for last place. I figured "Working" would win out in this economy. We're all behind the 8 ball right now what with gas being so high, food prices going up, and bills still rolling in. Next bit of cash I get, I am going to plant some container gardens with herbs, tomatoes, and bell peppers. I am NOT paying $2.99 a piece for a bell pepper!

So, that was yesterday. Didn't it look like I had fun??? No??? Well, yeah, it was OK as far as days go, I just hope today is better!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Ants Came Marching One By One.....

Ugh! Summer has it's draw backs. I can take the heat. I can take the humidity. The violent summer thunderstorms are just fine. I am a Florida girl, born and raised. As George Lopez would say......Ah got dis! One thing I never got was the bugs. {shiver} I am not a buggy sort of person. I take it upon myself to exterminate every one I see, unless it is outside.... then they are on their own turf and more power to'em. Right now...I got ants.

And not just any ants. I have those damn Crazy Rasbery Ants. You've seen them on CNN and other various news outlets. They eat fire ants, and run around like nuts! Hell, they are nuts! They also don't bite, but they are taking over my bathroom. The one I just painted! They are driving me nuts! It seems my bathroom is the way to nirvana for these little guys, because they come up here and die by the thousands! Hundreds of thousands! When I get up in the morning, I have to vacuum up the entire floor. Yuck. I just caulked the whole thing, including the bolts at the bottom of the toilet. I count my blessings that they aren't the biting kind seeing as how I am allergic. I still don't want them thinking my bathroom is the promised land though.

We're still enjoying the satellite TV we had installed this past Sunday. The kids, however, don't understand about how when it rains really hard, the TV will go out because the satellite loses signal. Since we had TV for the kids to watch, HHH and I snuck off to ......ahem...... be alone. Sure enough, a thunderstorm blows in as they are wont to do in the summer and the latest episode of SpongeBob goes pfttt from the screen. So what does my 6 year old son, my kindergarten graduate, do??


"Mom? Dad? The TV's out."

"Yes, son. We heard the sound cut off."

"What do we do now?"

"Wait for it to come back on."

"When will that be?"

"We don't know son."

"Oh. OK then."

Yeah. That was awkward. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. Funny how we haven't had any rain in months, but when we put up a satellite to get TV, suddenly the summer rainy season starts in full swing! Can we say Irony??

The poll is almost closed. Today is the last day to vote. All you lurkers get going and vote for me. I wanna know what you are doing for the summer.

I gotta go see if nirvana needs vacuuming again...........

Monday, June 2, 2008


Whew! It was a long time coming, but we finally got some rain last night. And not just a sprinkle, nooooo. We got a full blown thunderstorm loud enough to send the dog cowering into my bed! When I looked out the door this morning, it was soaked outside! Whoo-hoo! My putting off of watering the orange tree and rose bush paid off. Now maybe it won't be as dusty and dirty out there. I had been keeping the kids inside because the dust was just awful! I usually make them go outside and play for at least 2 or more hours a day after school, but they were coming back inside SO filthy! Now with this rain, maybe the dust and dirt will stay on the ground!

I got some feed back on the cake I made for last Saturday. HHH had gone over there while the Dish guy was installing the dish on top of the house and he said they told him that the cake was awesome! I am very happy to hear that. I have to deliver the bill either today or tomorrow. It cost me $34 for supplies, and I am only charging $16 for labor. $50 for a cake that will feed 125 people is pretty good. A cake shop usually charges by the person, and it is usually $1.25 to $1.75 a person! That's anywhere from $156.25 to $218.75 for the cake I did! Before tax! Talk about a discount!! The Mom of the girl I made it for is going to pay me on Tuesday. No worries.

On a different tangent, Did you see the fire at Universal Studios Hollywood??? OMG! The things that they said had gotten destroyed, like the NY Brownstone set, the town square for Back To The Future, and the King Kong ride were things that I had gone on when I had visited out there. It was weird! I can remember riding the escalators down to the bottom level of the park,( It was built into the California hillsides.), and waiting in line for that ride. Now it's gone. There was even some live footage being shown on where you could see all these people rushing around with these film canister cases, running to try and save them from the fire. No one is saying what started it yet, just that it started in a building where there was some filming going on. Sounds like either an electrical short, or Pyro gone horribly wrong! Either way....... they are out an entire portion of their back lot. This morning, the news said that arson investigators are sifting through the rubble and trying to find out what really happened. Hope they can find out.

Don't forget to go over to and enter the photo contest Dutchy has going on over there. She has graciously chosen to pimp me on her blog for the week, and I am going to return the favor by pimping her contest! There are fabulous prizes! There are international judges! There are only 8 more days to enter!!! Get off your ass and send in some photos!

Ahhhh...... CNN. I am so happy. I did find it funny that just when we get some form of TV put into the house, a huge storm comes and knocks out the satellite reception. Ha! Irony, ain't it a bitch!