Saturday, May 24, 2008

When It Rains.....

As Manuel on Well Done Fillet would say........... Fuckity-Fuck!

Sorry for the language folks. We have been having some plumbing problems here at the homestead. Namely, at 7:30 at night, one of the fresh water pipes leading under the house decided to bust! Yep! H2O everywhere. Then it starts to get dark. Then it starts to rain. Then it starts to lightning!!!!! Remember yesterday when I said I was putting out ant bait because the underside of the house was infested? Yep HHH has to now crawl under there and replace the pipe. And after all the rain and thunder subsides, my daughters come running into the living room babbling about "Momma, Daddy! There is a flashlight shining past our window and we hear people talking!!" I look out bak and sure enough there is someone there. My fool ass grabs the nearest thing which is a paint roller and run out back before HHH can get his pants on and start yelling "Who's there?!?". Sounds like a bad scary B movie. It turns out it was the neighbors trying to help with the problem, ......after they had about 1/2 a 12 pack of Natural Light in them. The one guy spoke only Spanish and he was the one who kept trying to talk to HHH, who speaks NO Spanish! We finally told them that we were going to fix it in the morning when there was LIGHT to see what we were doing.

When it rains....... It pours!

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Putz said...

oh my, life in bowling green....i am so glad you are still there...i thought you had gone the last time...and i hope things get better