Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, we are off today to go see the new Simpson's ride at Universal Studios. This is all part of my Mother's Day Extravaganza. Yesterday, when the kids got home from school, I received a multitude of gifts of the school made variety (my favorite!). Junior's gift was a poem and a picture of him holding flowers. I cried, yes I am a big baby! Morgan made a picture frame/magnet, and Rebecca made a great card. I loved what she wrote on the inside..."It's not the greatest gift in the world Mom, but at least it's a gift." I laughed at that one!
Oh there has been so much to blog about in the last week I have been without Internet! I will try to catch up with it when they finally get my service up and running again. It seems living out in BFE makes us low on the priority level for service and repairs, so I am hoping that the 13this still a viable date for it being repaired. Some of my news is juicy....( Something happened to the people who threw us out!), some just mundane...(we found more babies around our house... no not chickens, something else.) So I will try to get that in around Tuesday or Wednesday..... Stay tuned!

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