Saturday, May 10, 2008

We have survived the first day at Universal, and I am happy to report that the Simpson's Ride was very exciting! There was no Express Pass for it since it had just opened, so we did have to wait for about 35 minutes, but the flat screens were playing an entertaining mix of Simpson's clips and we were entertained while killing time.
We met the Madagasgar Penguins. I don't envy the people in those suits. It had to be 90 degrees easy, and there they are, in those BLACK costumes. That has to be the crappiest job in the park. Then we went to Mel's Diner and listened to the show there. Rebecca got one of the hula hoops that they hand out and did us proud! She did better than the girl in the show! Then it was on to the Beetlejuice show and Rebecca got to see her FAVORITE Dracula perform. She was all a twitter when he came down to the audience and touched her hand. Ahhhh... to be young and have a crush. I just wish it wasn't on the Prince of Darkness!
Believe it or not, even Elvis was at the Beetlejuice show! yep, we sat next to Elvis and Beetlejuice even got him to get up and do a little shake rattle and roll! It was cool. Actually it was a man who does a professional Elvis show who had come to the park with his wife for a little R and R. They were really nice. We talked about Elvis and how we used to live in Memphis and go to Elvis's Krispy Kreme. Funny how doughnuts can bring people together.......
That's all for now.......More tomorrow.


Putz said...

go rebecca, it is nice to have a boyfriend, my favorite books to read lately are vampire books by that girl from byu, stephanie something about a girl in high school who is in love with a vampire

kvegas911 said...

Oh, what fun! I wanna go too!!!! *pout*