Monday, May 26, 2008

Stupid Idiots Ruining Memorial Day!!

Who frickin' does this????? What kind of demented idiot gets their jollies going to their local graveyard and destroying it?
I am so mad I could chew nails!
This was the scene at a local graveyard on Memorial Day. Yeah..... let's all tell our veterans and their families how much we appreciate their sacrifice by trashing the place where they are buried.
I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of smack these dumbasses smoked before going and doing this, but I tell you, I hope with every fiber of my being that they were stupid enough to leave finger prints, DNA, and other things around so that their swift capture and incarceration happens. At $5,000 a grave stone, they'll be working this off for quite a while. I say make 'em work from the morgue to the graveyard....seeing just how much their stupidity affected people. And they need to be made to personally apologize to each family, in person.
Frickin' jerks!


Anonymous said...

There is a special place in hell for them. How dare they! Jail's too good. The family should have a say in what happens to them if they are caught.

Blondefabulous said...

There were at least 13 headstones damaged!Fruckin' idiots!

IRISHKAT said...

Dude, they need a serious ass kicking!!

Froggywoogie said...

This happens everywhere, in every countries. These idiots must think they have something to proof to themselves by degrading graves during the night. That's so brave isn't? Not sure how they'd feel if it happens to one of their late family members. Stupid ignorant living trash bags