Thursday, May 22, 2008

Still Painting.....

Well, I am starting on the kitchen. I got a jump on it last night, doing the bottom cabinets and having HHH take off all the hardware so it was easier to paint. I think that we are going to have to get different hardware because the old stuff looks ratty. Time to go to Lowes again, or maybe I can get some chroming spray and rehab the stuff that we have already. Things that still work shouldn't be thrown out just cause it's ugly. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

The new fridge we got is on the fritz already. You remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the old one blew up? Literally BLEW UP! At 12am the old fridge had some sort of short circuit and we were awakened by a loud BOOM and a huge flash of light! Well, anyway,....I am currently waiting for the repair man to show up. The guy we got the fridge from said he would send someone out today. We had to go get some ice and we coolered up all the perishables, (lost the milk, Parmesan, and mozzarella though.). I hope the guy comes soon. I have all the kids medications to keep cold and if I can't get it fixed, we may be in trouble.

And on a final note, have you seen the commercials for the "LifeLock" guy? You know, the one where the guy hands out his social security number to all and sundry saying no one can take him for identity theft and you can buy his service to keep from having your identity stolen? Well, he is being sued by several customers that are saying his service didn't work! And to top it all off...... he has had his identity stolen at least ONCE! Yep it didn't even work for him, so why would anyone think it would work for them???? I just thought that was funny as hell!

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