Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Had a GREAT day on Mothers Day. We did the parks, I had a Margarita, (medicinal, of course.), we almost got trapped on the Bilge Rat Barges, it was cool. Sunday dawned overcast and muggy, but turned out to be sunny and H-O-T! I came home with a little bit of a sunburn, but nothing too serious. I was, however, dismayed at the amount of parents with babies under the age of two who did not have hats on. Lily white, baby skin is not made for the harsh Florida sun. It just must have been the mommy in me, but I was shuddering every time I passed a poor sweaty baby in a stroller.

A highlight of the day was going back stage to meet the crew who does the Beetlejuice show. We usually have to go to the Guest Services Office at the front of the park, so while the kids and I are waiting outside, HHH goes in and gets our Express Passes, (The Park tends to look down on small, diabetic children passing out in a long, hot line.). He is taking FOREVER in there and when he finally comes out, HHH is winking at me and says we have to jog over to the Beetlejuice show really fast so we can catch it. We get over there and he hands a piece of paper to the attendant at the gate and we get shuffled off to the front right of the stage. While we're waiting the rest of the audience goes in and are seated, then we get waved over to the side door to the stage and got to go back and meet the characters. It was cool. Rebecca was excited! It wasn't her favorite Dracula, but she was still psyched about it. We got pictures and everything.

So, the day was great, I had fun, and I got lots of pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

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Happy Mommy's Day, dahling!