Friday, May 9, 2008

More Pictures From The Internet Black Out.

The book fair. Junior with his class project.
Myself with the kids at their day of book fair. It was split into two days. Thursday was K,1,&2, and Friday was 3,4,&5.
Here's Rebecca with her class project. They did Oceans and Rebecca contributed with a poster on the Blue Footed Booby.
Here we are posing for a photo. This was all at the Bowling Green E.S. The photo's were in front of the new mural they had painted.
And my rose bush again. I like to think that this was a sign that we were supposed to end up at this house.


pinktomato said...

it was your sign! when those wither, trim the branches and you will get the motherlode in next blooming!

Putz said...

yea, i like you in bowling green, rebecca seem so cool in fron't of her poster