Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monkey Business.

It seems there is a lot of monkey business going on here in Florida. I speak not only of the troupe of monkeys that escaped in Polk county several weeks back, but of the recent problem yesterday at Busch Gardens, where an Orangutan escaped the "NEW" Jungala exhibit.

The exhibit had to be shut down and evacuated. The trainers and keepers were able to entice the animal with treats and goodies into it's night enclosure and no harm ever came to man or beast, but Good Lord people! What is it going to take before someone wises up to just how intelligent the animal world is?? The tiger in San Francisco, the Polk Co. monkeys, and now this orangutan, arguably one of the smartest primates on Earth besides Man. I just wonder if it's escape was a product of the exhibit not being properly inspected. Did no one even think of any worst case scenarios as pertaining to animal escapes? The Jungala exhibit opened on time at Busch Gardens, and while that sounds good for Busch Garden's bottom line, perhaps the safety of the guests and animals wasn't considered as much as it should have been. As we speak, the family of the San Francisco tiger victim is preparing a law suit against the city for the death of their son. I fear if the animal in the orangutan escape hadn't been such a calm, cool customer, there could have been a similar outcome.

I am all for conservation and for keeping the animals of the world accessible so we can learn about them and in turn, ourselves, but if it isn't done in a safe way, what the hell is it all for?!?

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