Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lovin' From The Can.

I am a baker. A good one too. I can bake multi tiered wedding cakes, I have made hundreds of cupcakes for a little girl for Make-a Wish, I bake birthday cakes any kid would die for,..... and last night, HHH told me he wanted a cake. Let me set the scene. We were watching TV, relaxing, and a cake commercial comes on.

"Mmmmmmmm...." HHH says, salivating uncontrollably.

"What is it Honey?" I ask.

HHH- " Caaaaaaaake!"

Me- "Do you want a cake Honey?"

HHH- "Oh yeah! Chocolate cake."

Me- "I can make you a cake Honey, I'll just get the stuff for it tomorrow. Chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing ok?"

HHH- " No, how about Devil's Food cake with milk chocolate icing?"

Me- :"No problem. I can melt milk chocolate, add it to the buttercream icing and Ta-Da.... milk chocolate icing. Then I can....."

HHH- "Uh..... actually, I was just thinking that we could buy a can of frosting."

Me- "WHAT!!!!????"

I haven't bought frosting in a can for years. Once I learned how to make my own from scratch, can frosting became a joke to me. A can of processed bleck that never had the right consistency, never had the right taste, always melted to fast for any proper decorating. I was offended that HHH would prefer a can of plastic aftertasteing gunk to my fresh, home made goodness!! I was offended! I was incensed!! I was starting to think that my baking skills were being taken for granted!!! We have no need for a bakery shop. I can do all of it. Cake, cookies, pie...all from scratch..... no bakery required. But, like all things, familiarity breeds contempt, and I am apparently not immune to this concept. I was just shocked that HHH would sit there and tell me he wanted canned frosting with a straight face!

I may have to close the bakery for a while till my family remembers I don't just pull cake out of thin air......


Russ said...

Any of the aforementioned cakes sounds good to me. Do you deliver?

Finn said...

Cut him off... let him eat the frosting right out of the can. He'll be back. Oh yes he will. ;)

Blondefabulous said...

Russ- I have made cake for profit before, but I am afraid that the shipping would be the proverbial "fly in the frosting", so to speak.

Finn- I am going to! The last fresh baked goody I made was a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I hope he liked 'em! ;-)

Putz said...

i have got to tell a story, how about that, the putz has a story....i tlod my wife i needed a cake jus 5 days ago, and she said i don"T HAVE CAKE MIX NOR I'M I GOING AFTER IT...SO I SAYS I'LL GO GET IT, I CAME BACK WITH A YELLOW CAKE MIX THINKING OF THE BERRIES AND COOL WHIP IN THE FRIDGE, AND ALSO A CHOCOLATE CAKE mix....she opened the package and said, oh no, i'm not wasting my time on a yellow cake mix, and then after looking further said i'll make you a german chocolate cake, never once asking why or was my cake for goodness sake...a birthday

Christina LMT said...

I'D appreciate your cakes! You can bake for ME anytime...;)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha that's like telling me to buy a jar of Ragu......eeewww....NOT!!!