Monday, May 19, 2008

Lightning Is Frightning!

Especially if you are a 4lb. Yorkie!

About 5am this morning, we got a thunderstorm. It was mostly all lightning and no rain. Not what we need down here where there are wildfires galore already! I was sleeping the sleep of the dead. I was knee deep in a dream about going to a check cashing place to get money for a ransom. Suddenly, I feel this plop on the back of my legs and I realize I am in a dream. The weight on my legs starts crawling up and as I awake, I realize it's Toby. I still hadn't had the rain and lightning register in my mind yet, but it should have because in my dream, I was fighting my way through a downpour to get to the kidnappers with the ransom money! I shoo the dog off the bed and think, "What's he doing here?". In the last few months, Toby has forsaken my bed for that of my daughter, Rebecca's. She doesn't move when she is asleep. She finds a comfy position and it's lights out for her. Toby has found this to be better than my bed, where his tiny 4lb frame faces the possibility of squishing if I or HHH rolls over. So I am wondering this and suddenly, the room is illuminated! Brightly! Then came the clap of monstrous thunder. Now I know why the dog is clamoring to get in bed with me. I guess Toby thought I would be a better defense against what ever was making the loud booming noise. So I get up, use the restroom, and whistle softly for Mr. ScaredyPants. He jumps in the bed with me and we are off snoozing again, at least until the alarm went off and I woke up to the manic strains of the Stones singing, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction.".

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring.