Monday, May 19, 2008

Eight Years And Still Rolling.

I didn't write this earlier, because I was trying to loll around the thoughts in my head. I was trying to find some deep seated wisdom as to why this relationship has met the tests presented and passed the standards of time that was so obviously failed by my relationships in the past. I have slept on it. I have ruminated on it. I have waxed poetic about it. Nothing has surfaced. I guess I'll just wing it.....

The 15th of this month was the 8 year relationship anniversary for HHH and myself. 8 years, 4 of them wedded to each other. For me, it was amazing. I have been with the same human being for 8 years. I was always a 3 year max kind of girl. If I had a serious relationship, after 3 years the magic died and I was off to find another person. This was OK when I was just dating, but when I was married it made things complicated. Enter my stupidity and a divorce. (It didn't help that after we married, right at the 3 year mark my Ex told me, "You ask for sex too often. I can only handle maybe once a month!". No lie!!) So all my life I have lived by the 3 and died by the 3. Then HHH came along.

I was a restaurant manager at the time and going through my messy, complicated divorce. He was a young, eager, freshly discharged Navy boy who was too good looking for his own safety! He applied for a job at my restaurant and the powers that be made him the best candidate. He was polite and had a great smile. I can remember thinking to myself...."Hmmmm. I've never had a guy with tattoo's before!". Naughty, yes I know, but it was one of those thoughts that come out of no where. So we are working along, and we just clicked. You feel these things deep down. So we started dating, and lo and behold we stuck together through my divorce, his on again/off again relationship with his Ex, even a time when he left me and moved to another city to be with his Ex. That was horrible. But I left it at what it was, and waited and sure enough, he realized how great it was with us and he came back. He also asked me to marry him. That began our engagement. (2-3 years) Through it all, we have persevered. Taking everything as it came and trying to make it better. I learned about him, he learned about me. We learned about each other. I am in a place, right now, where I am at peace with our relationship and the direction it is currently taking. HHH is the one I wake to every morning, and the muse I cook to at night. He has taken my new illnesses in stride, and I have supported him in his job searches as of late. We have gotten through some of the hardest issues to hit couples now a days..... Job loss, Homelessness, Sickness, Money problems. We have come through it all, with a few bumps and bruises, but don't we all have those right now?

8 years.

I love you, honey!!!!!!!!!


Putz said...

that click you talkabout is called my daughter used to say so many men, so many opportunities,,so little married 2 boys and one big boy...she has enough men

Christina LMT said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful story, I'm very happy for you!
I hope you celebrated...thoroughly! ;)