Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Weekend.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is my son's graduation from Kindergarten, a time to celebrate to be sure because with the moving and time lost, we thought it would hurt him educationally, but my little man prevailed and we are going to watch him walk across the stage tomorrow at 9am! Expect many, MANY photos and video to ensue.

I have a cake order! Yep, the girl from next door is graduating from high school and has asked me to make the cake for her party afterwards. She came and made the order yesterday. Orange and blue flowering vines with a cap and diploma and such. If she had tried to get the cake from the local Wall to Wall Mart, for the amount of people she wants to feed, it would have cost her an arm and a leg! I am charging only materials, and small labor. What would have cost close to $100 is going to run her around $40. Saving 60% is a bonus in any book I say!

I have got to finish painting the bathroom! I know I said I was going to start it yesterday, but I changed my mind and cleaned the carpets instead. Ugh! They were nasty! The water was coming up BLACK! I had to do two or three passes on it in some places. It was most definitely not cleaned before we moved in. And the past tenant had 7 dogs??? EWWWW! The carpet looks much better now, but because it was in such bad shape, I spent the whole day on it and wasn't able to get to the painting. I vow to do that today! No really! I mean it. I did paint the hardware for the kitchen yesterday. I did it in a chrome color. Is chrome a color or a metal? Anyway, I painted them in the shed and I forgot that the shed wasn't ventilated very well. Whoo-hoo for paint fumes! Now I just have to get dressed and go out and check if they dried OK, and if so, reattach them to the cabinets and drawers. Then it will be kitchen complete! I will make this house habitable yet!

Now to change into my painters clothes. You know, the ones I already have all the paint on! Ha ha ha ha ha!

PS- People...... there is a new poll up. It has to do with your summer plans. You can vote multiple times, so quit being such lurkers and vote darn it!!!!!!


Putz said...

on putz, he talks about voice in the night and lucrative pain and pennys from heathen

Blondefabulous said...


david mcmahon said...

I'm a Dad of three - so I hope the graduation is sensational!

IRISHKAT said...

You have been doing WAY too much house work/ renovations - stop making the rest of us look bad!! Congrats to the Kindergarten graduate!!!