Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cake Complete, And I've Been Pimped!

Ohhh fun! I got the cake for my neighbor done! Now I just have to figure out how to get it there. The thing is frickin HUGE! Nothing like a full sheet cake to make you hungry! I don't know what it is, but I would rather have a slice of yummy rosemary olive oil bread than a slice of cake. Weird huh?
Oh! I have been pimped! DutchBitch over at TheDutchFiles has pimped me out on her blog! Totally awesome gal who sounds really cool. If you get a chance, drop by at and see what she has going on. You'll laugh your ass off, I guarantee! Also.... she is having a photo contest called Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Enter many, many, MANY times! (I entered a hot, wet HHH!) It will make the DB happy!
Oh and one more thing before I go and try to deliver the cake......
Yesterday was my brother-in-law's birthday. (The one in Tennessee, not the one here in Wauchula.) I totally spaced on wishing him a happy birthday in the blog yesterday because of Juniors graduation and all. So, here we go man. Happy birthday to you. Hope you and the family had a good one and didn't get hammered by more storms up there.
Well, that's all I got for now. My brain is on cake overload. Creativity can really be a brain drain. Even worse for a blonde brain..........

Friday, May 30, 2008


My little man has passed his first hurdle and had gradated from Kindergarten! I am sooooo proud. If the pictures look a little blurry, sorry. It's hard to cry and take picture at the same time. It was such a nice ceremony. They had awards, songs, and really great presentations. The kids were so excited. I'm glad I moved along this morning and got HHH going early. The cafeteria really filled up!
Here's Junior getting his diploma from the assistant principal. He was so excited! I was so excited for him!

Here he is as one of the feature singers for "God Bless America" at the beginning of the program. I am so teary eyed even now, thinking how proud am of my little man. I love him so much, with all that we have been through, and everything we have had before with the diabetes, being homeless, and everything...... We still can prevail as a family!


This is a short one because I have to jump in the shower to get ready for my son's kindergarten graduation. Whoo-hoo! Little man is doing fine even after all the moving around and stuff. I'll have photos and such a little later in the day. Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Weekend.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is my son's graduation from Kindergarten, a time to celebrate to be sure because with the moving and time lost, we thought it would hurt him educationally, but my little man prevailed and we are going to watch him walk across the stage tomorrow at 9am! Expect many, MANY photos and video to ensue.

I have a cake order! Yep, the girl from next door is graduating from high school and has asked me to make the cake for her party afterwards. She came and made the order yesterday. Orange and blue flowering vines with a cap and diploma and such. If she had tried to get the cake from the local Wall to Wall Mart, for the amount of people she wants to feed, it would have cost her an arm and a leg! I am charging only materials, and small labor. What would have cost close to $100 is going to run her around $40. Saving 60% is a bonus in any book I say!

I have got to finish painting the bathroom! I know I said I was going to start it yesterday, but I changed my mind and cleaned the carpets instead. Ugh! They were nasty! The water was coming up BLACK! I had to do two or three passes on it in some places. It was most definitely not cleaned before we moved in. And the past tenant had 7 dogs??? EWWWW! The carpet looks much better now, but because it was in such bad shape, I spent the whole day on it and wasn't able to get to the painting. I vow to do that today! No really! I mean it. I did paint the hardware for the kitchen yesterday. I did it in a chrome color. Is chrome a color or a metal? Anyway, I painted them in the shed and I forgot that the shed wasn't ventilated very well. Whoo-hoo for paint fumes! Now I just have to get dressed and go out and check if they dried OK, and if so, reattach them to the cabinets and drawers. Then it will be kitchen complete! I will make this house habitable yet!

Now to change into my painters clothes. You know, the ones I already have all the paint on! Ha ha ha ha ha!

PS- People...... there is a new poll up. It has to do with your summer plans. You can vote multiple times, so quit being such lurkers and vote darn it!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting On My Last Everlovin' Nerve!!!

Ever notice how when you are waiting on something, it never happens??

Cable never happened.

I spent all day yesterday waiting on the cable guy. If you follow me on Twitter, you know what I am talking about. I even had Finn ask God to explain why the cable man usually doesn't show up. All to no avail, it seems.

At lunch time, when HHH came home and saw there was no cable box, he called the company to see what was the hold up. Wow! We found out that....




Needless to say, I was pissed off. No CNN, no Food Network, no A&E Network! So now I am wondering whether this was a scam of the calling company where they only get paid by how many appointments they set up and there was no follow through, or if some guy with a magnetic sign is eventually going to arrive at my door and ask for money and then unceremoniously take off with it. Either way I am still left with my rabbit ears on the TV right now. Annoying, yes. Totally without TV, no. We get all the local channels, so I'm OK. When and if out tax rebate ever comes in, we are gonna have satellite installed. We know that can be done. Right now though, with school getting out and bills to pay, we are a little tight, but isn't everyone now a days! :-)

So I am off to start painting the bathroom. HHH took out all the nails and screws from the wall. Time to get rollin'!!!!!! you can see, the poll wasn't very popular. I only had 2 votes. I guess gas prices are a touchy subject. We are all being squeezed, but hopefully we will survive.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Season Of Swirling Winds.

I had to move.

There was no doubt about it. Living in Memphis had it's ups and downs, but when it came to the weather, I had to move. It just wasn't the cold, or the damp, or the humid sticky summers that got to me........

It was the Spring, and the tornadoes that came with it.

Yeah, Memphis isn't really up there on the list of places that get hit often by cyclones. The most recent hit was back around April 25th this year. But where as we in Florida have hurricane classes, and safety booklets, up there there were tornado drills, pamphlets handed out in class, and charts that you could block out your house on and mark the places that were most structurally sound to take cover in. The kids even had a homework assignment where they had to write down the family "tornado" plan. It was a part of life, one I was just not comfortable with. I was a Florida girl. Memphis was as far North as I had ever lived! I was used to hurricane supplies, not tornado supplies, (although they looked similar, just more first aid supplies.). You can run from a hurricane. You can escape from a hurricane. Tornadoes just sweep you up and it's "put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good-bye".

We were always pro-active in the planning department when it came to tornadoes. When you have kids, especially ones with a chronic disease, it just comes as second nature. Lucky for us, HHH was always the maintenance man where we were living, so he had keys to pool houses and pump houses that were ALWAYS built better than the apartments we were living in. Pipes that went way underground and were very sturdy. Our plan was to run down there and hang on. If a tornado came in the night, we had plans to meet up at a designated point. It was all mapped out. I watched the weather with a passion. If there was a watch or warning, I kept up with it.

I couldn't take it anymore. One evening, a huge storm was bearing down on us. The warnings were imminent. "Take cover!", all the TV weathermen said. I had all the kids and HHH in the bedroom watching the TV and waiting for the inevitable when we would run for cover. It skipped us that night, but hit a suburb not too far from our house. The neighborhood was in shambles. There were apartments built in the same fashion as the ones we lived in that were just destroyed. I had a strange satisfaction in the back of my mind, a small voice that said, "Well, it was a good choice to have the family shelter in the pool house, we'd have gotten blown away if we'd stayed in the apartment.". Then, I started crying. HHH didn't understand why I was crying, I tried to explain, I wasn't crying because I was upset, I was crying because I was relieved. It wasn't us. Not this time.

My decision was made. We moved that next spring. Before the storms came.

Now a blogger friend is having to go and help pick up the pieces of her family's home and town. Miss Britt's ( ) home town was wiped off the map in one of the tornadoes that have struck the mid west. Parkersburg, Iowa. They showed it on GMA this morning. I weep for her. I want to help. I am unbelievably poor right now. I CAN do one thing right now, though.... I can get the word out. I may only get a piddly 80 to 100 hits a day, but if those 80 to 100 people tell at least 20 other people, and so on and so forth....well you get the picture. so here we go people.

Please, if you can, go and make a donation.

We can come together as one big blogger nation and fix this. Make it better.
UPDATE: Here is a story from our local news down here with updated info on Iowa and the tornadoes in Parkersburg.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stupid Idiots Ruining Memorial Day!!

Who frickin' does this????? What kind of demented idiot gets their jollies going to their local graveyard and destroying it?
I am so mad I could chew nails!
This was the scene at a local graveyard on Memorial Day. Yeah..... let's all tell our veterans and their families how much we appreciate their sacrifice by trashing the place where they are buried.
I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of smack these dumbasses smoked before going and doing this, but I tell you, I hope with every fiber of my being that they were stupid enough to leave finger prints, DNA, and other things around so that their swift capture and incarceration happens. At $5,000 a grave stone, they'll be working this off for quite a while. I say make 'em work from the morgue to the graveyard....seeing just how much their stupidity affected people. And they need to be made to personally apologize to each family, in person.
Frickin' jerks!

Memorial Monday!!

Ahhhh.... the Memorial Day weekend. A nice 3 day weekend for sure, but also a time to remember those who have fought and fallen so that we can enjoy said 3 day weekend. I just want to say....


Being married to a former Navy man, and having heard from my own family what serving your country means, I appreciate what you all have done for us.

Now on to the blog......

Yesterday was much better than Saturday! No migraine, no pain, and I was awake for almost the entire day! I was soooooo happy. I am not a person who gets migraines on a regular basis. Maybe 1 every 3 or 4 months. Nothing that requires medication or multiple doctors visits. When I get one though.....whooeee! I am down for the count! So yesterday went good. The kids were outside playing, nothing broke, or blew up, and I was able to relax. Just what one wants in a holiday weekend. The kids are all excited about school almost being over. This Friday id my son's kindergarten graduation! Augh! He is already out of kindergarten! I feel old. My baby is growing up! I will have lots of pictures for all of you to look at. My eldest daughter had her 5th grade banquet on last Friday. It was their way of bidding elementary school good bye before moving on to Junior High. Man! There's a phrase I haven't heard in a while. Junior High. I thought all the junior high's had changed their names to "Middle School". I guess this one decided to keep the old name.

So, you all have a nice Memorial Day. Remember what it's all about, and eat some BBQ for me! Tomorrow will be about the cable installation, if it occurs and all. Stay Tuned........

Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is going to be a short one. After I posted yesterday, I went and helped HHH with his pipe repair. Then I was hit with a HUGE migraine! It was awful. I was nauseous, light sensitive, and the only relief I got was sleeping. Hell, I slept most of the day! I was awake maybe 4 hours after 10:30am. Luckily this morning has brought no headache or nauseousness yet. I am relaxing for the day. Nothing big or exciting for this weekend. I know it is a holiday, but I just don't have anywhere to go, and the thought of being on the road with others who may have imbibed and decided to drive?? I like to live.

You all have a safe, happy holiday.

Remember why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

When It Rains.....

As Manuel on Well Done Fillet would say........... Fuckity-Fuck!

Sorry for the language folks. We have been having some plumbing problems here at the homestead. Namely, at 7:30 at night, one of the fresh water pipes leading under the house decided to bust! Yep! H2O everywhere. Then it starts to get dark. Then it starts to rain. Then it starts to lightning!!!!! Remember yesterday when I said I was putting out ant bait because the underside of the house was infested? Yep HHH has to now crawl under there and replace the pipe. And after all the rain and thunder subsides, my daughters come running into the living room babbling about "Momma, Daddy! There is a flashlight shining past our window and we hear people talking!!" I look out bak and sure enough there is someone there. My fool ass grabs the nearest thing which is a paint roller and run out back before HHH can get his pants on and start yelling "Who's there?!?". Sounds like a bad scary B movie. It turns out it was the neighbors trying to help with the problem, ......after they had about 1/2 a 12 pack of Natural Light in them. The one guy spoke only Spanish and he was the one who kept trying to talk to HHH, who speaks NO Spanish! We finally told them that we were going to fix it in the morning when there was LIGHT to see what we were doing.

When it rains....... It pours!

Friday, May 23, 2008

OMG! Finally!

I am done! It is finished! I am..........................tired!

The yellow just sets off the blue of the cabinets. I am so happy with how it turned out. I kept the trim up at the ceiling white because it was reflecting the yellow from the walls already, and I am too damn short to reach up there. Right now I am waiting for the corner cabinet to dry so I can close it. Now all that's left is to rehab the hardware and put it back on the doors and drawers!
I have mopped the floor since these pictures have been taken. It was still a little crappy from moving the fridge around. The place it was in was uneven and a leaning appliance that can fall over and crush me is not on my list of what I want in a kitchen layout.
I am just glad that it's done. I had fun, but towards the end I was getting tired and my back was starting to hurt through the pain killers. The pain was worth it though. Now I can create in a happier environment. :-)

The Repairman Cometh....

Finally! The refrigerator repair man has shown up. I thought we were going to be screwed. Yesterday, I had to call the place it was purchased from and the guy who sold it to us wasn't there, so I left a message about not wanting to lose $1000 worth of insulin and related products because of improper cooling and storage. About 3 hours later, the sales guy shows up at the house to look at it and gets it running in a half assed sort of way, and says he will send the repairman out tomorrow at 8 am. He said the repair man was supposed to show up that day, but for some reason got his wires crossed. (Ha ha....electrical repair joke!) So now I am trying to get across what's been happening with the fridge to a guy who speaks in broken English with a heavy Mediterranean accent! How fun!!!!!!

I am still painting. We rolled out the kitchen walls last night. I have noticed that when there is NOTHING on TV, I get more done around the house! All of my shows are done for the season. I don't know about you, but I feel cheated with my TV shows ending their seasons when during the strike we were having to already watch repeats. Suckity suck! I think the Networks should have extended the seasons to cover the shows we missed as a result of them being bastards to the writers! You know, as a good faith gesture to us loyal fans. Yeah, and when that happens, I'll have a bridge to sell you! I am really hopeful that this Tuesday we will be getting our cable installed! Whoop whoop! I will be able to watch CNN again. And the Food Network! And Discovery Channel! And WWE Monday Night Raw! The last one is for HHH and my daughter. I got one of those cold calls at dinner time, (the annoying, solicitor time), and the woman on the other end said that we were eligible for cable. I asked her to check again because we had been told when we moved in that we were not in a coverage area for the cable company, and she did and said, yes we were, so I set up an appointment for this next Tuesday to get cable installed! Whoo-hoo! I am gonna be happier than a kindergartner in a finger paint factory!

Oooohhhh! Glad I said paint. I kind of went off on a TV tangent! Well, I am going to finish trimming out the kitchen today. I need to do the last of the cabinets, (The annoyingly difficult ones in the corner!), the baseboards, and the kitchen door! HHH and I found that we have quite a bit of yellow left from the kitchen walls, so we decided to do the bathroom as well. It is a small bathroom, and it should be nice. A sunny yellow to get you going in the morning! I'll do the baseboards white in there. First things first though, I have to kill the ants that are trying to take over in there! It is ridiculous! The landlord gave us 2 big bags of AMDRO to put down in the yard, but it has to stop raining long enough for me to put it down! All this home improvement is making me feel awesome!

Repair Guy is going to let the fridge get cold again and come back to see what it is doing. I could tell him what it's doing. It's freezing up and not cooling! I'll keep everyone posted on what goes on and photo's of what the kitchen will look when it's done!

Stay Tuned.......

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cabinets.... Almost Done!

Here are the cabinets so far. I am really trying to rehab this kitchen to look like something more than a prison commissary. The light blue is very uplifting.

I am going to combine it with light yellow walls, sunny and bright!
This is what they used to look like. BLECK!!! Can we say "Stuck in the 70's"?
I knew you could.

Still Painting.....

Well, I am starting on the kitchen. I got a jump on it last night, doing the bottom cabinets and having HHH take off all the hardware so it was easier to paint. I think that we are going to have to get different hardware because the old stuff looks ratty. Time to go to Lowes again, or maybe I can get some chroming spray and rehab the stuff that we have already. Things that still work shouldn't be thrown out just cause it's ugly. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

The new fridge we got is on the fritz already. You remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the old one blew up? Literally BLEW UP! At 12am the old fridge had some sort of short circuit and we were awakened by a loud BOOM and a huge flash of light! Well, anyway,....I am currently waiting for the repair man to show up. The guy we got the fridge from said he would send someone out today. We had to go get some ice and we coolered up all the perishables, (lost the milk, Parmesan, and mozzarella though.). I hope the guy comes soon. I have all the kids medications to keep cold and if I can't get it fixed, we may be in trouble.

And on a final note, have you seen the commercials for the "LifeLock" guy? You know, the one where the guy hands out his social security number to all and sundry saying no one can take him for identity theft and you can buy his service to keep from having your identity stolen? Well, he is being sued by several customers that are saying his service didn't work! And to top it all off...... he has had his identity stolen at least ONCE! Yep it didn't even work for him, so why would anyone think it would work for them???? I just thought that was funny as hell!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painted Up Like A $2 Whore.

Not really, but that title should get a little traffic, right?

This post is late today. I have been painting. HHH and I decided that the living room and kitchen need some personality, so it was off to Lowe's we went yesterday. I think it looks good. I had to prime the baseboards and let them dry out before painting them a "Snowbank" white. They were a shit brown, not a color I would have chosen, but I don't own the place. When we moved in, it hadn't been repainted, so the landlord was OK with us making it look good. We picked a color that resembles frappaccino for the walls. Yes, I know. I have coffee on the brain. It looks like a frappaccino with whipped topping! Yummy! For the kitchen, I went with a sunny yellow with a light blue for the trim and cabinets. The cabinets are sooooooo ugly, but they are sturdy and work well, so I don't actually want to go to the rouble to replace tham, especially since we are renting. Paint is about as far as I go to make a place look better. That, and landscaping. Planting and pruning makes me feel less stressed, more calm and happy! In a way I am kind of painted up. I tend to get the paint on the wall and myself. Just call me Spot!

Just a quick little observation. Yesterday I wrote about how my Hot Hunky Hubby put my back out while we were..... ahem..... otherwise occupied and I thought a post about sex would have everyone clamoring to comment and put in their two cents. Nope! I had about 31 hits. Now the day before where I wrote about my dog being a chickenshit, and my anniversary with HHH.......I got 134 hits??!!?? Weird, but it restores my faith in humanity's morals. We may just be a society that isn't bent up on sex. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I gotta get this paint off......

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

O. U. C. H. !!!!!

OK. I admit it. I am not as young as I used to be. Bones are creaking. Fine lines are sneaking in on my face. I don't have the energy I used to.

I threw my back out whilst in the throes of passion with HHH.

Embarrassing. You betcha! It actually started last Tuesday. We were.......ahem....... engaged in our favorite couples activity. HHH, being the younger of us, was in excellent form. (God I love him!!!!) I thought I was keeping up rather well. Then came the twinge. That little tingle that tells you something is wrong. I, like a big fat idiot who was enjoying the sex, ignored it. We carried on, and afterwards, I felt a little stiff. I shrugged it off and headed for a hot shower to appease the nagging pain in my lower back.

I felt a little stiffer the next day. Heck I was stiff ever since! (HHH was stiff MANY times between last Tuesday and yesterday! Wink, wink!) I wasn't going to let my back dictate what I did, though. Noooooooooooooo! I was gonna boink with my hubby to my hearts content if I wanted. Unfortunately for me, that nagging, annoying twinge just got worse as the days wore on. (HHH and I didn't help it either.) Last night was the straw that broke the camels back, or rather the sex that broke my back! Funny how you never notice pain until after you get done with your nookie! I was just great when HHH and I were in the middle of things, but whoa! After we were finished, and we had caught our breaths, OUCH!!!!!! I couldn't move, I almost couldn't speak! I had to have HHH help me up and to the bathroom! He fixed the bed from where we tore it up, and I laid back down. I took several pills for pain and sleeping, and told HHH he would be the one getting the kids up in the morning! Hey, if you break the wife, ya gotta pay the piper!

So now I am laying here, propped up in bed, sipping a vitamin water,(that was voted worst healthy drink in America. Eh, screw off health nuts!). I am going to be here for a while. I informed HHH that we were going to have to take a few days off from the bedroom Olympics, and he seemed OK with that. It will give me more time to heal up. I can remember a time when this never happened. Now, age has crept up on me and I am falling apart. I guess if ya gotta go, during sex would be one of my choices in ways to do it. At least I'd go out with a smile on my face!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Eight Years And Still Rolling.

I didn't write this earlier, because I was trying to loll around the thoughts in my head. I was trying to find some deep seated wisdom as to why this relationship has met the tests presented and passed the standards of time that was so obviously failed by my relationships in the past. I have slept on it. I have ruminated on it. I have waxed poetic about it. Nothing has surfaced. I guess I'll just wing it.....

The 15th of this month was the 8 year relationship anniversary for HHH and myself. 8 years, 4 of them wedded to each other. For me, it was amazing. I have been with the same human being for 8 years. I was always a 3 year max kind of girl. If I had a serious relationship, after 3 years the magic died and I was off to find another person. This was OK when I was just dating, but when I was married it made things complicated. Enter my stupidity and a divorce. (It didn't help that after we married, right at the 3 year mark my Ex told me, "You ask for sex too often. I can only handle maybe once a month!". No lie!!) So all my life I have lived by the 3 and died by the 3. Then HHH came along.

I was a restaurant manager at the time and going through my messy, complicated divorce. He was a young, eager, freshly discharged Navy boy who was too good looking for his own safety! He applied for a job at my restaurant and the powers that be made him the best candidate. He was polite and had a great smile. I can remember thinking to myself...."Hmmmm. I've never had a guy with tattoo's before!". Naughty, yes I know, but it was one of those thoughts that come out of no where. So we are working along, and we just clicked. You feel these things deep down. So we started dating, and lo and behold we stuck together through my divorce, his on again/off again relationship with his Ex, even a time when he left me and moved to another city to be with his Ex. That was horrible. But I left it at what it was, and waited and sure enough, he realized how great it was with us and he came back. He also asked me to marry him. That began our engagement. (2-3 years) Through it all, we have persevered. Taking everything as it came and trying to make it better. I learned about him, he learned about me. We learned about each other. I am in a place, right now, where I am at peace with our relationship and the direction it is currently taking. HHH is the one I wake to every morning, and the muse I cook to at night. He has taken my new illnesses in stride, and I have supported him in his job searches as of late. We have gotten through some of the hardest issues to hit couples now a days..... Job loss, Homelessness, Sickness, Money problems. We have come through it all, with a few bumps and bruises, but don't we all have those right now?

8 years.

I love you, honey!!!!!!!!!

Lightning Is Frightning!

Especially if you are a 4lb. Yorkie!

About 5am this morning, we got a thunderstorm. It was mostly all lightning and no rain. Not what we need down here where there are wildfires galore already! I was sleeping the sleep of the dead. I was knee deep in a dream about going to a check cashing place to get money for a ransom. Suddenly, I feel this plop on the back of my legs and I realize I am in a dream. The weight on my legs starts crawling up and as I awake, I realize it's Toby. I still hadn't had the rain and lightning register in my mind yet, but it should have because in my dream, I was fighting my way through a downpour to get to the kidnappers with the ransom money! I shoo the dog off the bed and think, "What's he doing here?". In the last few months, Toby has forsaken my bed for that of my daughter, Rebecca's. She doesn't move when she is asleep. She finds a comfy position and it's lights out for her. Toby has found this to be better than my bed, where his tiny 4lb frame faces the possibility of squishing if I or HHH rolls over. So I am wondering this and suddenly, the room is illuminated! Brightly! Then came the clap of monstrous thunder. Now I know why the dog is clamoring to get in bed with me. I guess Toby thought I would be a better defense against what ever was making the loud booming noise. So I get up, use the restroom, and whistle softly for Mr. ScaredyPants. He jumps in the bed with me and we are off snoozing again, at least until the alarm went off and I woke up to the manic strains of the Stones singing, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction.".

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monkey Business.

It seems there is a lot of monkey business going on here in Florida. I speak not only of the troupe of monkeys that escaped in Polk county several weeks back, but of the recent problem yesterday at Busch Gardens, where an Orangutan escaped the "NEW" Jungala exhibit.

The exhibit had to be shut down and evacuated. The trainers and keepers were able to entice the animal with treats and goodies into it's night enclosure and no harm ever came to man or beast, but Good Lord people! What is it going to take before someone wises up to just how intelligent the animal world is?? The tiger in San Francisco, the Polk Co. monkeys, and now this orangutan, arguably one of the smartest primates on Earth besides Man. I just wonder if it's escape was a product of the exhibit not being properly inspected. Did no one even think of any worst case scenarios as pertaining to animal escapes? The Jungala exhibit opened on time at Busch Gardens, and while that sounds good for Busch Garden's bottom line, perhaps the safety of the guests and animals wasn't considered as much as it should have been. As we speak, the family of the San Francisco tiger victim is preparing a law suit against the city for the death of their son. I fear if the animal in the orangutan escape hadn't been such a calm, cool customer, there could have been a similar outcome.

I am all for conservation and for keeping the animals of the world accessible so we can learn about them and in turn, ourselves, but if it isn't done in a safe way, what the hell is it all for?!?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eastward,....... HO!!!!

Hopefully today we will be getting a load of furniture from our storage unit over in Stuart. HHH has the truck and trailer from his work and some gas money, and we are going to hopeful get everything between this weekend and next. I tell ya, you never know just how much you can live without until you have to. I am quite confident that in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster, we would be able to survive on just a little bit. All we'd need is ice to keep the kids meds cold and a source to cook food with and we'd be in business.

Last night's dinner of Shrimp Scampi turned out well. HHH didn't get home till late and I waited on him to eat. He has been putting in the hours at his new job. Apparently his boss is moving into a new house and has had HHH and a few of the other employee's helping with the transport of stuff. I thought it was funny when HHH told me his bosses daughter asked if he was married! HHH said his bosses wife answered the question for him rather quickly, but I bet it made him feel good. See, HHH turns 30 this year. he has been grousing about "getting old" and "feelin' his age" and crap like that. I just look at him like he's crazy and say, "Well, if you're old, then what am I?!?". I'm going to be turning 36 in July. He's still in his 20's and he thinks HE'S old??? Kiss my grits, sugar.You ain't old!

If we get some of our furniture, I'll take photos and post them. For now, I am going to relax and take it easy. I actually got to sleep in this morning and it felt great!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Hate Stupid People!!!

Humph! I am angry, fed up, and disgusted, all wrapped into one package. People have to learn how to care for their animals and stop throwing them out on the streets to drop litter after litter with no health care or nutrition. I was looking out my windows toward the rear yard and I saw the mother cat who dropped the litter of kittens in the brush. She was casually sauntering through the yard, stopped to crap in a hole, then went off into the underbrush behind the neighbors. Then I see it. One of the kittens is laying in the sun in the back yard. I look at it, and it doesn't look good. "Uh-oh..." I think to myself, "This doesn't look right." So, I go outside and take a look and sure enough, it isn't doing well at all. I get close enough to get a good look at him, and he sluggishly rolls over and attempts to hiss at me, but is to weak to even seem threatening. He was covered in fleas and ants, and was skinny and lethargic. I felt bad. I picked him up and took him to our shed. It was empty since the finches have flown the coop. I laid him down in a cozy corner on a fluffed sheet, and proceeded to call animal control. I was wondering if the little guy was even going to make it until the AC guy got here. Luckily he did, and the AC guy said that it looked like his bowels were blocked and that if they could get the blockage cleared, they could put it on IV fluids and nurse it back to health. That sounded good.

Funny thing that happened while I was waiting on the AC guy to show up. I was outside throwing out the garbage and I saw a blue van drive by. I saw the driver practically break their neck turning to look at me and while I am flattered, I really didn't think much of it. I went back inside and started cleaning up the kitchen and heard a knock a the door. It was the van people. Turns out they are Jehovah's Witnesses and wanted to know if I had time to talk. I politely answered no that I was busy cleaning and waiting on the AC guy to show up. I was n ice, took the pamphlets, and didn't even toss them in the trash until after the van had left. It made me think, are these folks actually just randomly driving around neighborhoods, looking for folks who are home, and then stopping by to try and push their religion? Seems to me the home invaders do the same thing! I hope these people are careful who's door they knock on.

Oh and another funny thing that happened last night, totally unrelated to the aforementioned subjects, I was cooking dinned last night, and as I was dishing up the green beans, I saw something that looked weird. Turns out, there were flowers in my green beans! We are talking frozen, from Wally World green beans! I found about half a dozen before the night was through. Much too weird. I hope the scampi and veggies turn out OK.

What's The Name Of The Game? I WIN!!!!!!


I win!

Yesterday, I wrote about my discussion with HHH about..... canned frosting. {shudder} Yeck! Canned frosting tastes like the plastic can it is stored in. Why he would have a craving for it, I just don't know, but it only took the threat of the bakery closing to get him to see the light! He got his Devil's Food Cake with Milk Chocolate icing and I got the satisfaction of showing him that the canned stuff is in no way better than my yummy, home made goodness.

Milk Chocolate Buttercream Icing:

1C. butter unsalted

1 2lb bag powdered sugar

1 tsp. PURE vanilla extract

1/2 C. milk chocolate chips

2 TBS. milk

Warm the butter to room temperature. In a mixer, beat the butter until fully softened. Add powdered sugar a little at a time, fully combining each time before more is added. When the icing reaches a stiffer consistency, add the vanilla. In a small sauce pan, melt the chocolate chips on LOW heat, scraping the bottom and sides so as not to burn the chocolate. (You can use a double boiler if you aren't going to be watching it, just don't get water in the chocolate, It'll seize!) Slowly add the chocolate to the icing. Mix well, scraping the sides of the bowl. Add the milk and beat until icing becomes a spreadable consistency. Ice a fully cooled, 8", layer cake.

Sounds yummy, right? It was, or so HHH told me. I haven't had any yet. I may have a tiny piece after dinner tonight. Oooooo..... I wonder if it will go with shrimp scampi and oven roasted veggies?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lovin' From The Can.

I am a baker. A good one too. I can bake multi tiered wedding cakes, I have made hundreds of cupcakes for a little girl for Make-a Wish, I bake birthday cakes any kid would die for,..... and last night, HHH told me he wanted a cake. Let me set the scene. We were watching TV, relaxing, and a cake commercial comes on.

"Mmmmmmmm...." HHH says, salivating uncontrollably.

"What is it Honey?" I ask.

HHH- " Caaaaaaaake!"

Me- "Do you want a cake Honey?"

HHH- "Oh yeah! Chocolate cake."

Me- "I can make you a cake Honey, I'll just get the stuff for it tomorrow. Chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing ok?"

HHH- " No, how about Devil's Food cake with milk chocolate icing?"

Me- :"No problem. I can melt milk chocolate, add it to the buttercream icing and Ta-Da.... milk chocolate icing. Then I can....."

HHH- "Uh..... actually, I was just thinking that we could buy a can of frosting."

Me- "WHAT!!!!????"

I haven't bought frosting in a can for years. Once I learned how to make my own from scratch, can frosting became a joke to me. A can of processed bleck that never had the right consistency, never had the right taste, always melted to fast for any proper decorating. I was offended that HHH would prefer a can of plastic aftertasteing gunk to my fresh, home made goodness!! I was offended! I was incensed!! I was starting to think that my baking skills were being taken for granted!!! We have no need for a bakery shop. I can do all of it. Cake, cookies, pie...all from scratch..... no bakery required. But, like all things, familiarity breeds contempt, and I am apparently not immune to this concept. I was just shocked that HHH would sit there and tell me he wanted canned frosting with a straight face!

I may have to close the bakery for a while till my family remembers I don't just pull cake out of thin air......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

While You Were Out.....

Hello all. As you can see, we are once more up and running on the Internet! I am happier than a tornadee in a trailer park. Now if the yokels around here can just keep from screwing things up, I'll be great! Over the weekend, I was blogging from the hotel we had been staying at. I felt like a junky getting a fix as I logged on! Anyway, Here are a few things you may have missed while I was in the black hole.....

Karma. She can be a bitch. She has a way of coming back and smacking you on the ass with a spike studded paddle if you piss her off. I just knew she had my back! I love Karma! Over the last week, I found out that the son of the people that threw my family out on the street had gotten a family friend pregnant. Yep. Their 18 year old son, who I had suspected was the whole reason behind us being thrown out in the first place, got a 22 year old girl pregnant. Just the thought of that self righteous woman telling me as she put us out, "My children are angels and you and yours need to leave.", makes me laugh now! Seems the kid was telling his parents that he was "uncomfortable" with us staying there, and he "needed his privacy" and all. Well, we see why he wanted privacy....... and the kicker was, it wasn't even his girlfriend!! So now these hateful people have two kids who have gotten pregnant before they have even gotten out of high school. Yep. I'm the bad parent, whatever!

HHH is now permanently working for our landlord. The man has several properties around the county and HHH is going to keep them maintained properly. I'm excited.

Everything around here is having babies!!! ('cept me!) The other day I found another bird's nest, and a passel of kittens! I guess that comes with living out in the boonies, but it's getting old. No one keeps their animals penned up. No one seems to be looking after their animals. I feel bad for the critters, but I know if I feed them, then that will be just asking for trouble! Lately I have been chasing off the chickens, but to no avail. I want to seed the front yard with grass seed, but I need to get the kind that had fertilizer on the seed, and I am afraid that the chickens will come over and eat it and die! I also want to put down some bug killer, but I have the same problem. The chickens may be annoying, but I don't want them stewed just yet!

My kids had a literacy fair at school. I think I wrote on that already, but it was fun. Each class did projects, and there was a book sale. I was a little dismayed that the snacks they offered did not accommodate my diabetics, but, all in all, it was good. The school was taking pictures of the parents with their kids in front of their new mural. What I didn't understand was why they were holding it during work hours. The fair was from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. That's prime work hours for most parents. It didn't look like there was a big turn out either and I wondered if more people would have come if it had been from 5:30pm to 8:30pm? I'll just file that question under the same category with, "Why did they not make Good Friday a holiday this year?".

And that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure things will come to me during the day. I need to write things down when I think of them. I will think of something great to blog about, then promptly forget about it in a minute or two. Must be the old age coming.........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Had a GREAT day on Mothers Day. We did the parks, I had a Margarita, (medicinal, of course.), we almost got trapped on the Bilge Rat Barges, it was cool. Sunday dawned overcast and muggy, but turned out to be sunny and H-O-T! I came home with a little bit of a sunburn, but nothing too serious. I was, however, dismayed at the amount of parents with babies under the age of two who did not have hats on. Lily white, baby skin is not made for the harsh Florida sun. It just must have been the mommy in me, but I was shuddering every time I passed a poor sweaty baby in a stroller.

A highlight of the day was going back stage to meet the crew who does the Beetlejuice show. We usually have to go to the Guest Services Office at the front of the park, so while the kids and I are waiting outside, HHH goes in and gets our Express Passes, (The Park tends to look down on small, diabetic children passing out in a long, hot line.). He is taking FOREVER in there and when he finally comes out, HHH is winking at me and says we have to jog over to the Beetlejuice show really fast so we can catch it. We get over there and he hands a piece of paper to the attendant at the gate and we get shuffled off to the front right of the stage. While we're waiting the rest of the audience goes in and are seated, then we get waved over to the side door to the stage and got to go back and meet the characters. It was cool. Rebecca was excited! It wasn't her favorite Dracula, but she was still psyched about it. We got pictures and everything.

So, the day was great, I had fun, and I got lots of pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Night Cruise In Old Town.

We went down to Old Town after dinner tonight. It was the Saturday Night Cruise and man, were those cars niiiiiiiiiice! My favorites are below....
The classic Firebird Convertible. I love this car! I have some fond memories from my childhood about this car. Being fire engine red was nice. Back when I was a kid, they were all a forest green.

Oh, and then there is the classic Vette. I love a beautiful classic corvette. This one was pretty pretty, shiny shiny.
And then there was Herbie! I can remember watching the original Herbie movies on the wonderful world of Disney hour when I was a kid. I was thinking to myself...."Where's the Lindsey Lohan look alike..... probably off getting a vodka jello syringe." yes they actually had a shop selling these huge syringes filled with a vodka/jello mix that you just shoot into your mouth. Wild, right?? Anyway, I tried to get a photo of the replica of the General Lee. Yep, someone had a real General Lee! It was so cool. There had to be at least 150 cars at the cruise tonight, and they were all awesome.

We have survived the first day at Universal, and I am happy to report that the Simpson's Ride was very exciting! There was no Express Pass for it since it had just opened, so we did have to wait for about 35 minutes, but the flat screens were playing an entertaining mix of Simpson's clips and we were entertained while killing time.
We met the Madagasgar Penguins. I don't envy the people in those suits. It had to be 90 degrees easy, and there they are, in those BLACK costumes. That has to be the crappiest job in the park. Then we went to Mel's Diner and listened to the show there. Rebecca got one of the hula hoops that they hand out and did us proud! She did better than the girl in the show! Then it was on to the Beetlejuice show and Rebecca got to see her FAVORITE Dracula perform. She was all a twitter when he came down to the audience and touched her hand. Ahhhh... to be young and have a crush. I just wish it wasn't on the Prince of Darkness!
Believe it or not, even Elvis was at the Beetlejuice show! yep, we sat next to Elvis and Beetlejuice even got him to get up and do a little shake rattle and roll! It was cool. Actually it was a man who does a professional Elvis show who had come to the park with his wife for a little R and R. They were really nice. We talked about Elvis and how we used to live in Memphis and go to Elvis's Krispy Kreme. Funny how doughnuts can bring people together.......
That's all for now.......More tomorrow.

Well, we are off today to go see the new Simpson's ride at Universal Studios. This is all part of my Mother's Day Extravaganza. Yesterday, when the kids got home from school, I received a multitude of gifts of the school made variety (my favorite!). Junior's gift was a poem and a picture of him holding flowers. I cried, yes I am a big baby! Morgan made a picture frame/magnet, and Rebecca made a great card. I loved what she wrote on the inside..."It's not the greatest gift in the world Mom, but at least it's a gift." I laughed at that one!
Oh there has been so much to blog about in the last week I have been without Internet! I will try to catch up with it when they finally get my service up and running again. It seems living out in BFE makes us low on the priority level for service and repairs, so I am hoping that the 13this still a viable date for it being repaired. Some of my news is juicy....( Something happened to the people who threw us out!), some just mundane...(we found more babies around our house... no not chickens, something else.) So I will try to get that in around Tuesday or Wednesday..... Stay tuned!

Friday, May 9, 2008

More Pictures From The Internet Black Out.

The book fair. Junior with his class project.
Myself with the kids at their day of book fair. It was split into two days. Thursday was K,1,&2, and Friday was 3,4,&5.
Here's Rebecca with her class project. They did Oceans and Rebecca contributed with a poster on the Blue Footed Booby.
Here we are posing for a photo. This was all at the Bowling Green E.S. The photo's were in front of the new mural they had painted.
And my rose bush again. I like to think that this was a sign that we were supposed to end up at this house.

Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

No, I have not fallen off of the face of the Earth....Some yeehaw dumbass redneck decided to plow a field clearly marked as having contained an underground communications cable and voila'....... not Internet for me till the 13th!! Oh joy! Oh crap!!! I am so pissed. Just because we live in the middle of nowhere, we are at the mercy of the company who fixes stuff like this. Hmph..... Here are some things you missed....I found out one of the plants out front of our house was a yellow rose. My favorite! It bloomed just in time for Mother's Day!
The baby finches were growing like weeds! There were three of them. They were fat and sassy!
And then they flew the coop just this past Thursday! The mama finch coaxed them out of the nest and out the door of the shed. They flew to a big bush in the neighbors yard where mama is currently teaching them how to forage on their own. The circle of life is complete and my kids got to see it. Seems they appreciate it more when they can see it.
The rose again. There were three blooms and they were awesome!
Morgan at the literacy fair! The school had a book fair and small display for each class. Junior and Rebecca had projects to... I'll get those on there as soon as can.

We are currently back in Orlando for a Mother's Day weekend extravaganza! The Simpson's ride opened this past weekend and we are all psyched to go see what the Universal crew has done with the old back to the future ride. More later.....