Friday, April 18, 2008

We Have Finches!

HHH and I made a discovery. The finches we have been seeing flitting about the house have nested in the out building. HHH found this out when he was putting a few things in there and had an angry mama finch come bursting out from one of the shelves. I was just breathing a sigh of relief because when I saw the conglomeration of twigs and grass and leaves, I thought maybe a nest of squirrels had moved in, and they can be mean when they are defending a nest. So, now I will keep an eye on the nest to see if there are any eggs and babies!


Putz said...

i love finches

pinktomato said...

oh soooo sweet!! you could probably get a big variety if you put some bird houses out...and dont forget the hummingbird feeders! i gets lots of beautiful birds here!

Sreenivasa Venkatarama said...

Mmmm... Finches. I hear they're good panfried in some butter with garlic.