Sunday, April 6, 2008

Vaccinations Suck!

Here it is, Sunday morning, and I am running around all fussy and worried. My son went and had some booster shots done on Friday. I believe I wrote about it in my blog that day. Well, he was only there to get 2 shots, but Dr. Apu, in his infinite wisdom, decided to add on Hepatitis A to the list. Junior has never had Hep A Vacc before. Now I have a kid with a fat leg who is having an allergic reaction to the injection! ARUGH! The information in the sheet they gave HHH said that you should get a Hep A injection if you are traveling outside the country, dealing with infected individuals, or working in a medical or hospital environment. Nothing that would indicate that my son would need this kind of injection! Well, HHH let them give it to Junior anyway, and now his left leg is twice the size of the right one, and it is red, blotchy, and hot to the touch. You can see the injection hole still! Of course this is happening on Sunday when the office is not open, and I can't call and ask what to do! Good ol' Internet! I have been looking it up on line to see what we can do, and most medical sites,(Mayo Clinic, Harvard, NYU....) have said to apply a cold compress, get some hydrocortisone cream for the itchy redness, and keep an eye on him. If the rash gets bigger, he refuses food, (Ha!), or has trouble breathing, call 911 or get to the hospital. I am closely watching.....

I just want to know why the Dr decided to give my kid Hep A Vacc? He didn't fit any of the vaccination profiles, and unless there is an outbreak of Hep A over here that we have not been made aware of, he should not have had to have that particular vaccination. You can bet we won't be following up on it with the required booster in 6 months! Junior is still alert, happy, and playful, but I just don't like it. I am not a happy Mommy.

So I will be spending today inside with my son, applying cold compresses, rubbing on hydro cream, and giving the loving care my munchkin is used to. Plus we'll play Polar Bowler till he naps!

Vaccinations suck.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Poor Mommy! *pout*