Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Together Everyone Acomplishes More.

I saw this yesterday on CNN and I felt it was something I had to blog about. Seems one day, this guy came home to find that his apartment had been broken into. Some one had jimmied the lock on the window, and slid right in and stole his laptop, X-Box, flat screen TV, and ipod. I think a cell phone was involved too. Any way, the guy did the right thing and called police, made a report, and was told the cops would, "Get back to him." Yeah, we all know the story. The police are looking for murderers, child molesters, and rapists because that is the highest on the list of priorities, and rightly so, but then they have little time left to search for a thief. The victim's coworkers get together and buy him a new X-box, but the victim is not satisfied.... he starts his own investigation, googling the neighborhood and finding all the pawn shops with in a 5 mile radius, and as luck would have it, on told him a guy came in tying to pawn/sell a laptop computer. The shop even had the guy on video! The victim takes this information to the police where he is told, "We'll get right on it." Uh-huh. Yeah.

Now it gets interesting. The victim plugs in the new X-box his coworkers gifted to him, and he sees a message on the voice mail. It is the guy using his last X-box! The dude has the balls to tell the victim that he has his X-box and if the victim wants it back he has to buy it off of this scum! WTF!!!!! The victim is livid. Very livid. He posts what has been happening on his blog and in a matter of hours, gets hundreds of hits from outraged bloggers giving him the scum's screen names, myspace names, email, etc. The scum also gets barraged with hundreds of hate comments, nasty emails, etc from said outraged bloggers. It wasn't long before the guy, (who turns out not to be the thief, but bought the X-box off of the thief.), leaves the game console on the victims door step. The original thief hears about what happened to the dumb ass who taunted the victim, and a few days later, the laptop appears on the victim's door step too! Ha! Score one for us in the bloggosphere!

I was amazed that we could all pull together and do something like that. It was awesome. The police have one suspect in custody so far, and are looking for another, but I bet without the victim doing his investigation, and the bloggers going all out to get these idiots, the victim would be just another guy on the bottom of the waiting list of a criminal investigator.

Go Bloggers!!!!!


Mike said...

Don't mess with the blogosphere. I have 'a friend' that digs up crazy scary stuff with some toughtfully crafted Google queries, and a few minutes' access to Lexus-Nexus.

Cell phone numbers, kids names, pictures of your house. From the inside.

All this stuff is out there. it's just a matter of knowing where, and how to search.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately not uncommon in some large agencies.