Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I Learned This Weekend.

Universal was a blast this weekend. The kids had fun, Mommy and Daddy had fun, and we all got to do most of the things we wanted in the park. I did learn some new things while we were there. For instance.....

1) MY ELDEST DAUGHTER IS NOTICING BOYS! When did this start to happen??? She is only 11! I found out this little tidbit when we were watching the Beetlejuice show over in the San Francisco area. As we were walking out of the show when it was over, she says in a disappointing voice..."That wasn't the Dracula they had yesterday. He was much cuter." AAAACCCCCKKKKK!! I don't need this!! Bad enough I had to buy a bra for her this year, now I have to deal with boys too?? Nope. No dating. Nada. Zip. None. I can't take it.

2) I AM FINALLY ADMITTING MY COFFEE CRAVING. This has been coming for a long time. Now I am not to the point where I can drink hot coffee, but I am addicted to frappaccino's. Once we were inside City Walk, I made a bee line for the Starbucks and got my instant gratification. Living where we do, there is no coffee haven anywhere near us. I think Sebring and Orlando are the closest cities with a Bux in them. Yes I made fun of the people who would go there and stand in line to pay outrageous sums of money for a cup of Joe, but now I understand it. I crave it. I am considering buying a blender, a coffee maker, and some Bux in a bag and making my own frapps. O when did I fall into this pit??

3) I NEED TO GET INTO BETTER SHAPE. Two days of walking constantly through the parks has shown me that I need to be a more fit person. I was getting out of breath and my feet hurt after only a little while. Now, because of the kids diabetes, we get the fast passes for free from customer service. (Little kid dropping dead waiting in line is bad for PR.) This means we aren't waiting in line for the 30 to 60 minutes the sign at the front of the ride says. We wait maybe 2 to 5 minutes. Yeah, sucks to be everyone else, right? So it's not the standing in line that is killing me, it's the walking to and from the rides. I need to try to be a little more fit and get a little more exercise in.

4) I AM ADDICTED TO THE CHICKEN FINGERS AT IOA. Yes this is in complete contrast to #3, I know that. But something in those things is awesome! I'd rather have those or the fried chicken Caesar salad over everything they serve.

5) GOING TO THESE PLACES MAKES ME FEEL OLD. I went to Universal when it first opened. I remember our schools going there for field trips and such. I remember all the trouble they used to have with the rides. jaws not working, King Kong conking out mid ride and having to take the exit cleverly hidden in a building facade, etc..... Now they are changing things to keep up with the times, but it just makes me feel O-L-D. The newest thing to be mothballed is the old Back To The Future ride. It has now become the new Simpsons ride. Same concept, but they have decorated the outside different, and changed the cars and the movie you watch inside. It isn't open yet, but they already have the gift shop open for it. Go figure. I rode BTTF on it's opening weekend. It was so cool. Now it's gone. I feel old.

So there ya have it. Things that I learned while at the parks over the weekend. Some good, some not so good, but all together it was fun.

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