Monday, April 21, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

So, I was tagged by for a cute meme. Here are the rules....
* Link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules in your blog.
* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
* Tell the other people you've tagged in their comments.

OK, not a problem. 1) I have a cleaning OCD. I gotta have everything cleaned to high, impossible standards. 2) Sausage makes me want to vomit. I got sick on it when I was pregnant with my son. He's six now, and I still want to hurl when I see it on pizza! 3) I am way to excited to watch cartoons with my kids. 4) I would rather eat a good loaf of exotic bread than a sugary dessert any day! (but I have Celiac's.) 5) I have a pirate collection that has nothing to do with Pirates of the Caribbean. I got married at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, and it wasn't cool to like pirates yet cause the movie wasn't out. 6) I can't ride roller coasters because of a fluid imbalance in my inner ear but they scare me anyway!

Ok, not so bad. I just want to say that I tag KVegas, Dad's who mock (russ), Pink Tomato, Putz, Lucrative Pain and I don't have a 6th. Crap. I gotta get more friends.


Christina LMT said...

Hey, Blonde and FABULOUS! I'll get on that a soon as I get home from work today. I wish I had cleaning OCD, by the way...
What makes me hurl (or want to) is eggs benedict, for exactly the same reason!
Go Vegas! The TI is pretty spectacular, especially since they've made it a little racier now.

Putz said...

i love mark twain, jonh denver, ghandi, because they are anti evil and anti war, 2. it took us four years to have our lst baby and went to infertility specialists for years for stupid tests, 3. when becky was born, my wife was rushed to the hospital and i followed in a car, and my altinator quit at the top of a hill, i coasted to a service station on the 4th of july when nothing was opened, and a guy was there as my car quit, i said do you have an altinator for a 66 chrysler and he said no i don't carry auto parts, oh wait a minute i do have one altinator, it is for a 66 chrysler...i didn't have money, oh let me put it on for you anyway, no charge....i made it to the hospital where my daughter becky was born 6 and a half weeks premature...4, i just lost 15 pounds and feel better at 172 than i have ever felt...5...when my dad died last week my very irreligiouls neice said the room got lighter and she felt someone in the room and said, they are here for you harold and he died...6..........................................i am reaaly a hunk

Putz said...

i miss read this tag wanted quirks....also 6 people right? know me(nicole)i'm braindead...i flagg dads again and blondefab and pink and vegas and nappy and nosurfgirl but THIS TIME on the 6 most pracyical suggesstions one could that right??

Rebekah said...

I cam over from kvegas. I grew up in FL too and I loved Earth Wind and Fire