Saturday, April 19, 2008

Old School Is The Best School!

Oh man! Sorry this is so late in posting, but we just got out of the parks and was Earth Wind & Fire ever great! We started out at the park early, ((am!), and did both of them and then around 5pm, we went into the concert area and staked out our spot in the front of the stage. It was awesome! EW&F are still going strong,even 30 years after they first started. They opened with "Boogie Wonderland" and rolled through a lot of their hits! Halfway into "Shining Star", and older lady collapsed in the crowd next to us. It was weird because we had just seen her not 5 minutes before that dancing up a storm. I guess she danced herself silly. her friends got her over to the Med staff pretty quick, but I swear I saw her mouth, "No I want to stay and watch the concert.". No lie! We left about half way in because the kids were getting really tired. Plus they were not really into the music as much as I was. My daughter, Rebecca, said...."Oh, that's the Happy Feet song!" when they were playing "Shining Star". I feel sooooooooo old. I got a good shot of the band, even though they had a sign that said no photography. yeah, that was really going to happen. EVERYONE had a camera phone, camera, etc taking pictures.
After we got out of there, we hit up the Krispy Kreme that was right down the road from the hotel. It was AWESOME! I haven't had good doughnuts since we left Memphis. We got our Krispy Kreme doughnut's from the same place that used to make Elvis's personal doughnut orders when we lived up there. Now that we've had that and I had a Frappaccino and Cranberry muffin, I am set for at least a month. Maybe less, I don't know. Either way, I'll be posting more photo's later. I gotta rest my feet.

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Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like my kinda good time! Earth Wind and Fire and Krispy Kreme-2 great things! Glad you had a great time! About time you and the fam got to go out and play!