Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Wussing Out.

OK......I was going to leave the last two posts on here as my Thursday and Friday selections, but I can't wuss out like that. I need to post something. Yesterday was oh so much fun in as such as I had crippling vertigo all day. ALL DAY! I couldn't get up without falling over, which made running to the bathroom interesting. Seems the imbalance of fluid in my right middle ear is giving me a hard time. Either that, or my other problems have ganged up on me and are attacking my brain. I think I am gonna go for the first answer. It sounds safer. HHH went and filled out an application for maintenance across the street from our house. Seems the retirement RV park needs someone to keep up the shuffle board courts and square dance facility. Ha! I guess that's it. I don't know. Do old people still play shuffle board? I have seen all those Ameritrade commercials and they show the older people flying planes, building homeless people shelter, and racing cars and such. Still, I guess they need their toilets snaked, and their grass mowed too. Here's hoping he gets it, the commute would be great!

I put the last two entries on here last night as I was waiting for my Midol to kick in. I wasn't sure if I would be able to post in the morning, what with the dizziness and all. I wondered if I would be chasing down the keys as they spun around me, (Come HERE you damn h key!). So I went to a favorite site called "Blogthings". It's great if you have a few minutes to kill and are bored online. Hundreds of quizzes to take to find out everything from "Are you too emo?" to "What nut are you?". I did the dog one, and the generation one. They seemed to be right on the money, but I have taken other quizzes before and they have been wrong. Still, for entertainment value, It seems to be OK. Go try it.

Ugh! I am getting dizzy again. I have heard of being a dizzy blond, but this is ridiculous!

Have a nice, spin-free day!


Chocl8t said...

I had a problem with vertigo about 2yrs ago. Not fun!! My heart goes out to you. I had to suffer through it b/c one of the side effects of the medication prescribed by the doc was...DIZZINESS! WTH!?!!

Feel better soon!!

blondefabulous said...

Ty Choc! It is something I have had to learn to live with because I have had an imbalance of fluid in my inner ear due to a perforated drum. I had killer ear infections as a child, and it poped my ear drum and eroded a few things. I have to have a visual point of reference to keep my up and down straight. If I ever got stopped and asked to do that "close your eyes, lean your head back, and touch your nse" test for DUI, I'd fail it stone cold sober!