Monday, April 7, 2008

The Monday Cluster F*#k.

There is a reason why Monday isn't a favorite day of the week. It is the start of the work week. It is the start of the school week. It is usually when anything "new" starts, like jury duty, a work project, or something equally distasteful. Garfield hates Monday's. Nuff said. Here's how mine has gone so far....

I got up at 6 am because my stomach was rumbling with dissatisfaction at something I ate the night before. I did my daily jog to the bathroom, and after I was done, went and got the kids up and getting ready for school. They were none too thrilled at having to be up at 6:15 am. Last week was the schools Spring Break and they had been sleeping in. Not this week though! Time to get up and get out of Mommy's hair! I look over at the Internet box and see all the lights lit up, so I get the computer started playing cartoons while I draw up insulin's, and make breakfasts. Lately, when it rains, the phone and Internet go on the fritz. As I am doing this, I am feeling my stomach rumbling again. Great! Just what I need. I look at the time and see that it is 5 minutes till the bus is scheduled to arrive. OK hold my breath and think other thoughts, trying to stem the inevitable tide. 6:50am comes and bus. I can't wait any longer, and I RUN to the bathroom. It's 6:55am......BUS! The kids are running to the door, I am checking the back packs from the bathroom......aaaannnnddd...... the bus drives away. Thanks a lot! It didn't even stop for 30 seconds! WTF??? So I get done with my business, get dressed, and start the walk to the school. Jeeze, I am a little pissed, but I take deep breaths and say to myself, "I needed to talk to the nurse anyway about Juniors reaction to the Hep A Vacc, so this was not the end of the world. We get to the school, I send the girl on their way, and I go to the office with Junior. While we are there, I express my distaste with the bus leaving the kids after less than 30 seconds wait and am informed that the kids are supposed to be out at the road when the bus is to arrive. OK. That would have been good to know BEFORE today! It is really dark in the mornings here, plus it had monsoon ed last night, so it was wet and nasty outside, and I usually keep the kids in the kitchen until the bus arrives, and then send them out. It just seems safer. I get to the school nurses office, she looks over Junior's leg and says she is going to keep an eye on it for me during the day. I leave and walk all the way home, fuming that no one could have told me before today to have the kids on the porch, for the bus. I get home, have to run for the bathroom YET again, (wtf did I eat that is irritating my Celiac's??) and then collapse next to HHH in bed to relax.

As we are relaxing in bed, the power shuts off and I hear someone out back messing with something. I shoot up out of bed, open the back door, and see the electrical man turning off the power. Seems the people that helped us get the house were supposed to have the electrical switched over into our name, somehow didn't get it done. So we have been living on some other lady's power since the 20th of last month! We told the man it was a mix up, showed him the kids insulin as to our reason why we could not have the power turned off immediately, and asked him for the number of someone to talk to about finding out what happened. HHH called the people that helped us get the house and they didn't know what happened either. Hopefully we can get it straightened out today and the electrical company can back track the charges to the 20th for us to have a correct bill.

Now I am just waiting to see what else is going to happen. I hate Monday. Just sucks big whoo hoo!


Putz said...

it is so storming here, lousy monday, snow wind cold

Putz said...

sorry miami, i mean mempphis