Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Not Feeling It Today.

Man, do I feel crappy today. Unholy crappy. Someone just kicked me in the stomach and head with steel toed boots crappy! I gotta tell ya though, yesterday had me in tears, then laughter, then frustration.

Pink Tomato sent my children a care package. In the photo, they are wearing the outfits she sent to them. I was trying not to cry in front of the UPS man when he delivered the package and realized who it was from. Thanks Jodi! My kids were so thrilled and I was bowled over by your generous heart! I wish there were more people like you in the world. We would be in a better place if there were.

The laughter came when went to the kids school. I had to give the kids a shot, I needed to meet with the cafeteria staff, and I had to have a conference with my son's teacher. The first went OK, the second was a bit touchy. I had to tell the cafeteria ladies that my daughter, Morgan, would not go into anaphalactic shock if she got some wheat by accident, she would just be gassy. They seemed relieved, so I bid the adieu and went to Junior's teacher's room. She wanted to discuss his classroom antics. Oh this could not be good. Seems Junior is getting frustrated and giving up too easily on work in class, and when the teacher is giving a test where she says the sound of a letter and the kids have to write the letter down, he is calling out the answer out loud! Yeesh! Only my kid. I told the teacher we would welcome any extra work being sent home, and that Junior's father and I would have a discussion with him about giving away the test answers. Yep. Only my kid.

I gotta take it easy today. I feel drained, sleepy and sore, but then, I always feel that way during the monthly experience. If this is the precursor to menopause, menopause must be hell! Bleck!


pinktomato said...

I love the photo magazine overlay! Very cute! Hope you feel better. Gosh - allergies to wheat.

Do you ever get to eat cake?

Blondefabulous said...

There are some good gluten free cake mixes out there, but they are god awfully expensive! The post I did of the yule log was completely gluten free. Tasted pretty decent too!