Friday, April 4, 2008

I Can Be A Better Person.

That is a photo of my nephew, Kaleb. We are watching him tonight for my BIL. If it had been anyone else who asked me, I would've said no. What I don't understand is, why grandma and grandpa, (the idiots that threw us out) can't watch all 3 kids for them. They are just trying to go out and have some alone time! Sheesh! I don't think that the BIL and his wife have been in the good graces of the idiots lately either. I just get a bad feeling when I think about my BIL having to live under their rules, regulations, and crap. One of these days he's gonna snap and that won't be good for his marriage, family or anything! I guess I will just keep thinking good thoughts, sending good Karma his way, and hoping for the best. Meanwhile, Kaleb is stinky.... gotta run. I gotta be the better diaper changer.
UPDATE: I made home made chocolate chip cookies! What nephew wouldn't love to have home made cookies and a tall frosty glass of milk? I even made a pack to go home to my nieces. Yeah, I can be a better person.


pinktomato said...

once you mention homemade anything - it is your obligation to post the recipe!

mmmm hmmmmm!

Putz said...

that's what i l;ike about you and pinktomato, you are always upbeat and trying to do the right thing, i am sure things will play out your way

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm cookies ummmmmmm
Have you guys gotten your own place? I must have missed something somewhere. I swear your posts are more lighthearted!