Friday, April 25, 2008


Ahhhhh.... Friday. Is there any better day in the week? It's the end of the work week for most. It's the end of the school week for the kids. Most festivals, parades, fairs, etc, start on a Friday. This has been a great week for me. I have been feeling better, haven't been as nauseous, and actually got in some nookie with HHH!(That's a good thing.) God bless HHH. He has been so patient and kind to put up with all the crap I have been going through. I married a man 6 years my junior because he had so much verve and energy. That was back when I was still doing good, not having the stomach issues I am having now. I was able to exercise regularly. I had energy. Now he has a wife who, on her good days, keeps the house clean, cooks, and makes time for a little you-know-what. Most wives do that every day anyway. Well, maybe not the cooking....... many women today have a career that can sometimes interfere with the making of the nightly dinner. Up until the economy got so bad, Americans were eating 32% of their caloric intake from restaurant or take-out food.* That's OK though. But a wife who stays home with the kids who can't get her crap together and get a meal on the table!?! Sounds kind of pathetic. I am going to get my crap together and get a meatloaf into the oven today. Meatloaf, herb roasted red potatoes, and baked summer squash. Yum! The veggie stand down the street has some really pretty cantaloupe as well. If I thought I could find a good deli, I'd buy one and cube it up to make prosciutto wrapped melon to serve as well. Well, maybe not. HHH isn't that snooty as to know what prosciutto is. What I really want to do is get some salmon and make him a nice grilled salmon. Sorry Russ, but I can't make the Bourbon salmon (I think it was Russ that gave me that recipe). My celiac's* won't let me have the Bourbon. (SUCKS)

This morning didn't start out as great as I would have liked. Someone turned down my alarm volume and I woke up at 6:46am and freaked. I got the kids up, waved the bus on since we weren't ready, and got HHH out of bed to take the kids to school. I hate not waking up on time. I usually get up before the alarm goes off and turn it off and go get the kids. Does that happen to anyone else? Do you get up before your alarms set time? I do this ALL the time. Drives me nuts. There I am, awake some 15 to 20 minutes before I have to be, all the while thinking, "Man! I'd love to be sleeping these extra few minutes!". Weird. Just really weird. So I get up and get everyone taken care of, & HHH gets them to the school. Whew. Thank goodness we get to sleep in for the next two days. I may go find some chicken repellent so the darn things will stay away from our house. Either or,.... Friday is here, and I am gonna enjoy it.



Putz said...

did you read about my grandbaby, blo fab?????nde????on my way to southern utah with my boy for biking for the weekend...i am not that excited, but what you will do for fam.....

Anonymous said...

You can have Bourbon if you are a Celiac. Distillation removes the gluten protein.

Christina LMT said... I remember them.
Tomorrow is my Wednesday, and I'm totally booked, which is fantastic for my wallet, but bad for my back. Nothing's perfect! Have a great weekend, and don't be so hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Bourbon salmon...OMG...ommmmmmmm
*drools a little*