Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally...... A Real Post!

Yeah, so this week hasn't been one of my greatest. I have had some sort of stomach bug for the entire time, and on and off, so has my kids. Junior was particularly sick, and missed two days of school. Funny thing was, he missed Monday and Wednesday. Yep, alternating days. Weird huh? I don't know.

The neighbors are tenting their house. When the kids got home yesterday, they kept saying, "Oooooo look mommy, a circus tent!". I had to explain to them that, no it wasn't the circus, just a hoard of termites. They weren't impressed after that. The guys that the neighbors hired to do it were loud too. They got there at 10 am and immediately turned on a radio full blast, took out the worlds most clattery and rickety ladder and did the tango on the roof putting the tent on. I was half expecting to hear a thud followed by an anguished scream, but no. I did not. (darn!)

In my quest to feel better, I decided to get some fresh air and go outside with the kids after school. We used Juniors bat and ball and practiced hitting a few. Lucky for me the ball is foam, because Junior kept hitting line drives right at me! No kidding, the kid is good. If I felt safe enough, I'd get him a real ball and bat and see what he could do. Rebecca did good as well, but she is older and has better hand eye coordination. Morgan, we had to work on. She had a good stance, and she held the bat really firmly, but she kept trying to swat at the ball like you swat a fly. I showed her the correct way to swing, and wouldn't ya know, the next pitch, she hit a high fly way into the next yard. (Remember now.....foam ball.) Boy was she excited! I started running out of steam though, and I had to go in and sit down. The kids were mad at me, but what can you do? HHH came home just then anyway and he started cutting the grass. He has been doing all the lawn and garden work for our landlord. This is no small task, as the landlord owns houses all over the county. It is paying enough so for now it is good.

We are hoping to get to Universal again this Saturday. Earth Wind & Fire are playing the last night of Mardi Gras, and I want to go see them. It'll be cool!

See.... I told you I'd get a real post in.


Putz said...

do you know what all this blogging is????do you remember when you used to pick a pen pal from somewhere in the world, and be excited to see the letter with the funny stamp, and then learn exciting things about that person and their family, well that all blogging is plus a way to get attention....huh???

Blondefabulous said...

I find blogging to be thereputic. It helps to talk about things and have people comment on it. Either they are supportive, or they call you on your bulls*#t. It helps me. Lord knows I can't afford a therapist!

Putz said...

i read see how much i do, don't you/

pinktomato said...

gotta love baseball season, junior can play t-ball - you should get him on a team there - would be good for you guys. we love it.

keep on bloggin'!