Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dinner Is Served!

I made a wonderful meatloaf tonight. I minced up carrot, celery, and an onion and sauteed it all in butter then added it to the meat along with a sprinkling of sea salt, ground pepper, and an egg. I left out the bread crumbs intentionally because of celiac girl and myself. I served it up with mashed potatoes, and a summer squash bake. (butter, salt, & pepper.) Everyone ate it up pretty quick, with HHH and Morgan going back for seconds! HHH made the dessert tonight. Banana Pudding! Yum! I gotta go. Time for dessert!


pinktomato said...

oh youre killing me - i'm on a diet and this makes me so so so HUNGRY!!!

Putz said...

my wife is famous for her meatloaf, when ever we went to friends, i would alwqys say " you ought to taste my wife's meatlof", it takes a real knack to make it taste good